Monday, August 31, 2009

This ain't Astroturf!

Indeed this ain't AstroTurf! This here is the real thing. Down to earth-natural-grass plus a few weeds.

Recently Queen Nancy-as in Nancy Pelosi- pontificated that the townhall and teaparty protests were astroturf. But individuals and groups, from all over the nation. are forming what is a true grass roots movement.

If you doubt that this movement isn't composed of -and primarily driven by- ordinary folk check out . Sure there are some influential people and organizations involved but the participants. commentators, and activists are every day American men and women.

I myself am a part of the grassroots protest movement that is growing across the country. Although I'm not an "official" Tea Party person I am a member of the Fair Tax movement. A group that has similar goals and is driven by the same anger at the present regime in Washington as the folks in the tea party and townhall protests.

I and my fellow protesters have not been paid to protest, become active, canvass, write letters etc. etc. We are American taxpayers and citizens who have reached the boiling point and cannot be silent any longer. many of us feel that the gang in control of congress and their gang leader Barack Hussein Obama are changing America into a country we don't recognise.

Instead of being the land of the free it appears we are being transformed into the United Soviet Socialist States of America. Get your hammer and sickle here!

Well if this bunch doesn't change their ways the American people are going to cut them down politically- with the sickle of public opinion-and smash them with the Hammer of the ballot.

No the anti-big government protest movement -whether it be Tea Party, Fair Tax, or any other manifestation- ain't astroturf!
Obama, Pelosi,Reid and all the other communistic Democrats in Congress and the Administration would do well to wake up and listen to the people. Ignore the people at YOUR POLITICAL PERIL. Excuse me for shouting but generally if theses idiots think they might not get re-elected they tend to change their tune.

P.S. To Obama Reid and Pelosi, don't try jivin the people because this time we will see through it and hold you accountable

Friday, August 28, 2009

An All out Assault on Freedom

The Constitution of The United States of America,without a doubt, the most important political document in the history of mankind.

This awesome document places restrictions on the power of government, and guarantees the rights of the people. The founding premise of the Constitution is that the government is designed to serve the people.

However in recent days it seems the government sees "We the people" as the enemy. This is proven by how many of our law makers have called average citizens, with legitimate concerns, such names as ,Nazi's, extremists,angry mobs, right wing mobs and the list goes on.

I think this is because they see the citizenry of this country as an impediment to their blind lust for power and absolute control over the most personal aspects of every day American lives.

What proof do I have for this claim. Well first consider the proposed "Cap and Trade" legislation. I have read key portions of this bill,and to be frank, it scares the hell out of me. This abomination will have government agents in every town and village in this nation, tasked with the job of inspecting and evaluating each and every homeowners energy consumption.

While they are in your home, what else will they be taking inventory of. What kind of books are on the table or bookshelf. Good liberal books,or omg, rightwing extremist trash. Who knows?

Then there is the health care package that has raised such ire in the land. Outraged citizens from both right, left, and center have protested this garbage, and for their trouble they have been labeled everything but"enemies of the state". On second thought they probably have I just missed it.

Then there was Obama's call for people to turn in anti-government agitators to the now infamous Now just another dead link...maybe.

But today comes news that Congress wants to give the President sweeping, and unprecedented power, to shut down the Internet, individual networks, as well as ,private computer systems. Hell maybe even YOUR Computer!!

Taken individually, the intrusions into personal freedom each of these represents is alarming. But taken as a whole they appear to constitute an all out assault on freedom.

This last threat, Obama's ability to shut down, and silence, free speech on the Internet is especially disturbing. The first amendment guarantees freedom of religion, speech,to peaceably assemble, as well as petition the government.

The Internet facilitates, and enables all these Constitutionally protected activities. To give the President carte blanch to suspend these activities, for any reason, or no reason at all, quite frankly is dangerous.

Would we allow the President or government t shut down or control newspapers or magazines. Hell no!!.

Why then should this be allowed when it comes to the Internet? Listen up friends, this isn't a left or right thing. This sort of nonsense strikes at the very heart of our freedom, freedom of speech, and cannot be allowed to stand.

If this goes through, whats next, perhaps one day I, a "right wing extremist" will find I am unable to log onto this blog. Then later that night comes a knock on the door.

Can't happen here? People in Germany and Russia may have thought so at one time. But we know better now don't we?

Folks Freedom is under attack!!!

Thursday, August 27, 2009

Foreclosures once again hit all time high

The American Dream! Home ownership. Unfortunately the American Dream-for many families- is becoming a nightmare.

According to Reuters:" U.S. home loans failed at a record pace in July despite ongoing federal and state programs to avoid foreclosures, which have severely strained housing and the economy."

Record numbers of home foreclosures? What happened to the billions, and billions, that Congress appropriated and then borrowed from China to help people and lenders renegotiate home loans?

We were told by the Obama administration that we had to do something, apparently anything, to stop the foreclosure crisis. However here we are-eight months into the Obama administrations first year and according to Reuters-not only are foreclosures at all time highs-up 7 percent for July-but upwards to 32 percent from the same time last year.

Well I guess the Bushulus, the Porkulus, and all the other pork barrel spending boondoggles of the last several months have been a waste of time. People bought homes in many cases that they couldn't afford, others have been slammed by the recession and are now fighting for their lives.
Americans were told that help was on the way. Seems help got lost somewhere along the way along with billions and billions of dollars.

This may sound harsh but it comes from someone who barely managed to escape foreclosure just as the first mortgage meltdown occurred. In fact if I had waited just a couple of months before catching up my payments I would have been eligible for a "loan"modification. (See yesterdays story)

This may sound harsh, but I think if the government had stayed out of all this downturn stuff, and allowed the free market to work, we would already be out of the crisis. Government cannot solve our problems. In fact as Ronald Reagan said "Government is the problem".

Things would have been pain full. But in the long run, I think we would have got back on track sooner. As it sit stands now we have so mortgaged -our own as well as - our children's future so much that the next foreclosure sale may well be America itself.

Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Government Insurance Nobody is Talking About

Picture by Terry Kelly Sedalia Mo
The Missouri State Capitol.

Workers Compensation Insurance. The idea of W.C.I. is to provide a safety net for workers who become injured on the job. It is a program that was started with good intentions, but has strayed far from it's original purpose.

The original idea behind Workman's comp was to pay medical bills for injured workers, and provide them with monetary compensation if they were unable to work.

Sounds good on the surface-and if done right it would be- problem is it doesn't work as originally intended. What it does in many cases is to cause workers to go broke waiting for the state to decide if you are really injured and entitled to compensation.

Once upon a time in America
if you worked in a factory store hospital etc. etc. for someone else you were on your own if injured. In most cases you would likely lose your job and as a result you and your family would be thrown into poverty.

Enter the government. Labor unions and workers in general started agitating for legal protections and W.C.I. came into being as a consequence.

At one time this baloney may have worked, but today, unless your injury is minor, workers comp can be a real nightmare.

I speak from experience. About 5 years ago my wife was dong her job in the nursing home she worked in when she saw a 6 foot tall patient begin to stumble and fall. Not thinking of herself she grabbed him and tried to stop his fall, but to no avail. Alas both my wife and the man in question went down.

That evening my wife noticed a pain in her abdomen but figured it was just a strained muscle. Unfortunately the pain worsened and after going to the doctor we learned she had a hernia.

This is when the nightmare begins. As a result of an injury that clearly happened on the job-although we could never get the doctor to say definitively- my wife underwent surgery for the injury.

The normal recordable incident report was made and we started the process of making a compensation claim. In the meantime my wife was out of work for several weeks. However before she could return to work complications developed, and long story short, my Wife had to have two more operations.

Meanwhile Workers Comp. began contesting the claim. We had to get a lawyer, and before it was said and done, we went totally bankrupt, my wife spent over eighteen months out of work, and we nearly lost our home.

In light of the health care debate raging across our nation, this is a very informative piece of information. As bad as this was ,I can't help but wonder, what if this had been universal health care and we had to fight like this for treatment of some life threatening medical condition. One could die before it was resolved.

In our nightmare with workers comp the state never did pay our medical bills, they were wiped out in the bankruptcy. As for compensation my wife received 8,000 dollars after lawyers fees. Considerably less than she would have made on the job.

This is a system that needs to be privatized. As it stands now the state looks out for themselves and the employer. Under a private insurance plan the insurance company would have to compete for worker dollars and would have to provide decent coverage or go broke.

The state run system doesn't really care about the worker and will only become worse.
Time to be set free from well intentioned, but dysfunctional, government programs. God help us if Obama care becomes a reality!!!

Monday, August 24, 2009

Semper Fi! A Marine goes toe to toe with U.S. Rep Brian Baird

I love this video. I first heard this on the Sean Hannity Show as I was driving home from work. My heart filled with pride as I listened to this young Marine take Rep. Baird a Democrat from Washington State to task for not upholding the Constitution. He is exactly right. The Liberals in Congress have been trampling the Constitution underfoot.

Where is it written in the Constitution that the Congress has authority to force any kind of health care, or , health care insurance upon private individuals. Where is the authority for a government take over of financial institutions,and car companies. Not to mention practically destroying what remnants of states rights that are left.

This Marine realizes, as do many Americans, that they, Washington, have overstepped their bounds. These are some of the most perilous times for freedom and democracy in the history of our country since the Revolutionary War period, or the Civil War era.

We the people must stand together to force these civil servants to once again serve the interests of the people, rather than trying to accumulate absolute power to themselves.

As the father of a Marine, and Operation Iraqi Freedom veteran, I was damn proud of this man and pray God he will run for public office. America needs A Few Good Men.

"The only thing necessary for evil to triumph is for good men to do nothing" Edmond Burke 18th century political philosopher.

Thursday, August 20, 2009

Why Can't We Drill Here,Drill Now!

Well, well so our government, presided over by -"The Anointed One"- Barack himself,has chosen to guarantee 2Billion dollars to Brazil to drill for oil. (source Fox News)

Hold on a minute. I can't quite figure this one out. We've been told by his gloriousness that we must switch from oil to electric,solar,and wind power, as well as other alternative sources of energy.

Polosi and Reid are foaming at the mouth to literally outlaw carbon and tax everything carbon related including the breath we exhale, and this regime wants to loan money to Brazil?!!

If this isn't the highest pinnacle of hypocrisy I don't know what is. This nation sets upon, and is surrounded by, some of the largest reserves of oil, coal, coal shale, and natural gas in the world. And yet most of it has been put off limits by the liberal socialistic communo-fascist democrats.

What energy hasn't been put off limits,the libs are burning the midnight oil,no pun intended, trying to figure how to lock up! As a result this country is dangerously dependent upon sources of energy that we have absolutely no control over. Our oil comes from people who hate us and are sworn to our destruction. Wind? Well only God Almighty controls that. Solar,only a fraction of what we can access can actually be turned in to usable energy. As for bio fuels? Those are at the mercy of market conditions, energy supplies and the weather.

Our prez promised to bring us energy Independence. What in the world are we going to do go back to mules and tallow candles? Hell we can't even do that because mules produce methane(a greenhouse gas) and tallow, well it(gasp)produces carbon.

Just more of Obama's lies, and, smoke, and mirrors. What ever happened to drill here drill now? If ever there was a time to drill, dig, grow, capture and utilize ALL OF OUR SOURCES OF ENERGY it's now!

Don't let up, demand Freedom . Freedom from arrogant politicians, freedom from stupid regulations and freedom from socialism.

Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Barney Frank. Just Another Arrogant Democrat

Well here we have another example of liberal arrogance. This comes from CNN and the woman on the video evidently is not to happy. She likens some part of ObamaCare to Nazism. This video begins a little after this woman has begun speaking and all you hear at first is this lady asking Frank, as in frankfurter, think about that for a moment, why he supports a Nazi policy.

He then belittles her and takes her to task for having a picture of Obama "defaced" to look like Adolph Hitler. Ya know this kind of burns me. It's alright for these left wing lunatics to call the real people of this country-the people who get up every day and make this nation work- Nazis but it is some form of bigotry or arrogance if the throw it back at them.

For eight years theses lunies compared Bush to Hitler,Obama woops I mean Osama Ben Ladin and all manner of chimpanzee. And the media and lugnuts like Frank made them out to be "Heroes" of labor if you will.

Now Frank says this lady questioning the far far left policies of this Nazi, Communo-Fascist President, is a tribute to the first amendment. Indeed it is Mr. Frank,and I have no doubt you ,and Pelosi, and that limpwristed wimp Reid, would love to shut her, and anyone who disagrees with you up.

Listen up Dems for years you folks have done this and it was just fine. Now people who are a little more conservative than you do it and "OMG it's a crime against humanity. Well in the words of an old song from the sixties "The Times They Are A Changin.

Barney. Better get ready for change You won't like!!

Monday, August 17, 2009

Obamacare May Be BadBut Cap and Trade May Be Infinitely Worse

Well it seems the public outcry from voters on health care reform-otherwise known as Obama care- may be showing a chink in the armor of the Democrats- and especially of the Glorious one!

I've been saying for a while now that on this health care monstrosity -if people will keep up the pressure-that we're going to win this one.

However we can't allow the debate over health care to overshadow an equally important piece of legislation that has already passed the house. I'm speaking of the so called "Cap and Trade" bill-or as right wing mobsters such as myself call it-"Cap and Tax" and tax and tax ad nauseum.

Of course I'm referring to the "AMERICAN CLEAN ENERGY AND SECURITY ACT OF 2009".

More like the we -as in Democrat Socialist Party of America-want to put the final nails in the coffin of the American economy act of never should happen.

This thing is like Godzilla roaming the streets of Tokyo destroying everything in it's path. Everything this monster touches will be either destroyed or damaged beyond help.

For homeowners -or that matter anyone who pays an electric bill-this piece of legislation will raise electric prices exponentially. Even Obama admitted this bill would cause a precipitous rise in electrical costs. families may be forced to choose between food or electricity.

I belong to a rural electric cooperative that has warned that this bill could cause brownouts or even outages for it's consumers. The electrical coop I belong to is a member of Touchstone Energy. Touchstone is a Cooperative of cooperatives. They recently scrapped plans for new construction of coal fired plants that would have handled present, and forcasted, increase in demand.

Not only did this cost jobs and revenue to the government, but it also makes all of us more vunerable to wild swings in energy prices.

Then there is the manufacturing and retail side of the equation the Cap and Trade Godzilla will run what little amount of manufacturing we have left in this country off shore and destroy countless small businesses as well as retail store perhaps even chains. America- if this thing becomes law- will never be the same.

We must keep up the pressure on Health care but we must also focus as much rage, anger,and pressure on Congress on Cap and Tax as we have Obama care.



Sunday, August 16, 2009

A Different kind Of Wealth Redistribution

My how things in education have changed since this picture was taken. This school pictured here was located in Blackbird Delaware and dates from the early 1900's.

At that time schools were pretty simple,reading, writing, and arithmetic. There were no fancy computers, kids learned American history rather than "Social" studies, and there was no new math just plain old arithmetic.

And yet children from schools like this were better educated,in many instances, and better able to compose written essays and reports, than many collage graduates today.

But this article isn't about academics it's about socialism in the classroom. Perhaps socialism, or redistribution if you will, crept in when American history was thrown out, and social studies came in.

America was built upon a healthy respect for individual responsibility, as well as ,respect for personal and private property. And yet today in many public schools these principles are woefully absent.

When I went to school back in the sixties and seventies, children were given lists of supplies such as rulers,types of pencils, notebooks etc. appropriate for their grade level. Parents were advised on what quantities of these supplies would be necessary for the beginning of the school year.

Once Mom and the kids had their supplies. The kids took them to school and were expected to be responsible for stowing these supplies in their desks and keeping track of what was theirs.
In this manner children were taught a valuable lesson about personal property and responsibility.

Now there were some things that were brought and shared in common,such as big boxes of tissues. Each child would bring one big box for the class, and also had some of the little pocket packs in their desks.

But like I said my how things have changed. this week I went with my youngest to get him enrolled in school I was promptly handed a list of supplies that would be required for the beginning of the school year. And what an extensive list it was.

The header at the top of the page read "General Supplies".and requested: one pack of note book paper.
3 packs of pencils 20 per pack.
1 big eraser(latex free)or a box of pencil top erasers.
5 containers of Clorox or baby wipes.
1 pack of "skinny" glue sticks or double stick tape.
1 or more rolls of scotch tape.
1 pack of at least 12 colored pencils.
1-2 hand held pencil sharpeners.
1 roll of paper towels.
At the bottom of the list it said "These items will be collected in the gym on the first three days of school and divided between the core teachers".

There it was plain and simple"from each according to their ability to each according to their need". I know why they started doing things like this, it's so those students whose parents are poorer won't "feel bad" if they can't get as many or as nice supplies as a wealthier student.

In my day each kid had their own small list of stuff and had to take care of it. My parents didn't have as much money as the parents of some of my friends, and sometimes I had to get the cheaper items, or maybe my notebooks etc weren't as fancy,but kids like me did just fine.
We learned that if you wanted more or better things you had to improve yourself or work harder to get more money.

Today kids in situations like this learn that if one doesn't have as much as another to look to the authority at hand to collect from the whole and redistribute it to the individual. This results in an artificial sense of equality.

It's no wonder we find our selves in the mess we are as a nation. A whole lot of people have been trained to believe that inequalities in wealth can be solved by the government seizing from the haves to give to the have nots.

Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Claire we don't trust Washington!

I almost felt sorry for Claire as she asked this question. She sounded so plaintive, and even appeared on the verge of tears. But I didn't. She signed up for this! Claire the answer to your question is of course we don't trust you, but don't feel bad, we don't trust anyone in Washington.

To quote a famous "Old School Democrat", Claire if you can't stand the Heat get out of the kitchen!

Once again a national Democrat, when faced with REAL opposition, as well as criticism, plays the role of victim! Well Claire come 2010 you and your fellow Democrats are all going to be victims.

The voters are going to kick you folks out on your keesters. That's right keesters!

Now a word to my Republican and Libertarian friends. If you guys don't take absolutely full advantage of this to put the Liberal Democratic, Socialist Party of America to rest, then God Save America.


Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Obama's Townhall Meeting

Well the "messiah" has spoken! And yet again he has proven why we should not take his words at face value. What I watched today-and unfortunately I was unable to watch all of it- was political theater at it's highest. (if you don't read all see video at bottom of page) Urgent poll results from NewsMaxx i got this just after original post go to

In what was billed as a speech before a randomly selected audience, with no pre-screening of the questions, Obama once again assured us the Obama care is not socialized medicine. He also said our present insurance would survive. Give Me a Break!

Just last night blogs all over the place,mine included, were telling the story of how nothing much changes with private pay until 5 years after the beginning of this turkey. What the President cleverly omitted was that after that deadline the relationship between the government,insurers, employers,and workers would change radically.

The most obvious thing about this so-called Town hall metting- was the total lack of any, and I mean,any semblance of protest in the audience. However their appeared to be quite a large crowd of detractors outside of the auditorium.

Obama may think he has the public bamboozled, but any one with a brain can see this man wants nothing less than the obliteration of the free market, replaced by something more fascist than any thing else.

To prove my point Mr. Obama began his address by saying that the current system is broken and that we "must build a New Economy". He went on to say the new economy must work for all the people, and not just for some groups of people. Oh yes once again the old class warfare line.

I don't know about you but in spite of,did you get that, in spite of government meddling the current system has served us quite well. It has given us the highest standard of living in history. It has given us more wealth, goods, and services than the mind can imagine. The problem is people are only now beginning to realise just how good we have had, and albeit to a lesser extent, still do have it!

Yes the old system has really made life in the good ol U'S.of A a living hell(tongue in cheek).
I mentioned earlier there seemed to be know sign of protest but for such a presumed balanced or less than preaching to the choir crowd there sure was a lot of mass chanting of "Yes We Can".

But what really was almost farcical was Obama saying that the situation in Canada was "scary" even to him.
Ha! Ha1 Ha1. Then he proceeded to assure America that the House plan would never turn America into another Canada, Britain or France. How stupid can he think we are?!

this is just another slippery slope once Washington gets it foot in the door it will be all down hill from here.

But in what was perhaps the gem of the entire performance was Obama's answer to the WhiteHouse "enemies list I have included thee video of this exchange and let the video say the rest . Keep fighting and don't give up. Freedom will prevail!

Monday, August 10, 2009

What? A Health Care Commissar!

"Under Lenins Banner We Were, We Will, Be Victorious!

This seems to be the new motto of today's Democrats as well As our President,Vladimir,oops,I mean Barack Hussein Obama. I can't believe the breathtaking number of new bills programs, and government crap, the Liberals in Congress keep bombarding the American People with. I once read that many blogs die rather quickly because their creators ran out of things to talk about.

Not this blogger. I can't even begin to write about all the nonesense and balony this motley crew in Washington keep churning out.

Now according to an article at entitled 'Obama's "Reality Check " website needs one of it's own' We soon may be getting a new "Health Commisioner" to head up a new health care commision mandated by Obama care.

Yes it seems our president- Vladimir-oops I mean- Barack Hussien Obama and his fellow comrades on Capitol hill want to not only want to force employers to "insure their employees or face a fine".They also have aspirations of setting a "Federal Standard of what constitutes an approved health care plan".

We were promised by Vladimir-I mean-Barack that we could keep our healthcare if it suited us. Think again according to standbyliberty.com "a five-year grace period all Erisa [Employee Retirement Income Security Act] insurance offerings will have to win government approval—both by the Department of Labor and a new ‘health choices commissioner’ who will set federal standards for what is an acceptable health plan".

The article also quotes Associated Press ABC news that -"Obama's Rhetoric shouldn't be taken literally- which is it Comrade President can we or can we not keep our present insurance if we like it?
Apparently once again the government has decided that they know better what people and companies need ,want, and should do, better than we the people-whom they evidently hold in high contempt-do.

Actually all the Glorious Comrades in Washington including Barack(Vladimir illich)Obama need a "Reality"check.

Keep protesting. Don't give up the fight and as always cry "Freedom"!

Saturday, August 8, 2009

An open letter to Nancy Pelosi

Today I wrote an e-mail to Nancy Pelosi taking her to task for referring to right wing protesters as "Violent,angry out of control, carrying swastikas etc, etc. I posted it at

I urge any one who reads this post, and is sick and tired of out of control politicians labeling any one who disagrees with them as Nazis,angry blah, blah, blah to do the same. What follows is my letter to Ms. Pelosi. ,

Dear Ms. Pelosi. I am one of the so called angry, violent extremist wild eyed anti health care protesters. I have never been unruly, violent or tried to attack anyone while protesting. No on in any group I have been with has . However we have been sometimes loud and vocal. That is our right as Americans.

When it was your side organizing anti-Bush protest ,that was “patriotic”. When your side likened Bush and Cheney to Nazis and war criminals they were held up as hero's. But when concerned citizens many from all parties get mad at what you and your fellow extremist left wing crack jobs are doing you describe us Like I just described you!.
You only want “civil debate” when it benefits you.

Ms. Pelosi You Are a Tyrant!.

Wednesday, August 5, 2009

The Beginning of an American Horror Story?

Dateline Washington August,4 2009, the Whitehouse:

'Opponents of health insurance reform may find the truth a little inconvenient, but as our second president famously said, "facts are stubborn things."Scary chain emails and videos are starting to percolate on the internet, breathlessly claiming, for example, to "uncover" the truth about the President’s health insurance reform positions...'

A short time ago I did a two part series on censorship of freedom of speech in Canada . Little did I think I would be posting this title so soon. But After seeing this post on the Whitehouse web sight I felt compelled to sit down and write this post.

Actually I got MAD! What in the world is this none sense? Its nothing short of crazy! But it doesn't stop there this insane post goes on to say...

People this is chilling. This smacks so hard of potential censorship that it is scary! Hell this is beyond scary it is terrifying!

This CRAP comes on the heels of liberals like Dan Rather calling for a Whitehouse office, commission, or whatever to "Save journalism".

As the teenagers say o.m.g GIVE ME A BREAK! Excuse me for shouting but this has me totally twisted off! Who do these clowns in Washington think they are? Democrats in recent days referred to the TeaParty movement as-well as other opposition movements as "A Mob", "Angry mob", " unwilling to have a reasoned debate", and the list goes on and on.

This sort of stuff is why I started blogging. Well after reading this I shot the Whitehouse, through their address the following missive.

'Hey check out I run it and I have a lot of stuff their that criticizes health care congress an the president,. Last I checked the first amendment was still in force Try taking care of what’s important rather than being paranoid of the citizens of this country. Eugene O’Neill a.k.a. the freedomlover.' There it is. I turned my self in to the WhiteHouse. I don't care what they like or don't like. Freedom of speech is a cornerstone of this democracy. If these fools think the opposition is bad now. If they keep this up they are going to spark a REAL REVOLUTION.

Evidently Obama, Pelosi and Reid. never studied American history.

Folks if ever their was a time to cry FREEDOM!!!! Its now

Gene O'Neill the Freedomlover.

Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Common Sense in Washington?

Fianally! It looks as though someone in Washington has come to their senses and is proposing some common sense legislation on health care. Sen John Thune.

Heres what Mr thune has to say   “Our goal should be more choices and lower costs for individuals, families and small businesses".  source: http:// Healthcarefreedomblog.

Lets break this statement down. Mr. Thune starts this quote by saying we should give individuals more freedom of choice as well as lower health care costs. I like this. The foundation of his argument starts with the individual, and not with the government. Some how a great number of folks in Washington seem to think  that the power, freedom and cost, of healthcare should be controlled by the government.

They think the almighty state knows better than the -"common rabble and masses"- how to solve our problems! Nonsense as Ronald Reagan said "Government Is the problem'

Individuals - and not he government- should, in my opinion, have total and complete control of these issues, not some bureacrat! The great patriots of this country knew the people haad a hell of a lot more common sense than any government. Individual citizens are infinitly better able to make healthcare choices and decisions  than the federal government!

He moves on to talk about "families". Clearly Mr. Thune realises that families are the foundation -and backbone- of our society not government. The nuclear familie is the bedrock of any civilization. Any thing, and I mean any thing, that undermines the family, undermines society, and ultimately our freedom.

Sen. Thune wants to reduce costs for business. This is good. If business's are able to save money on healthcare costs,then they are better able, to afford things like capital improvements to expand, and grow their business, as well as increase worker wages and other benefits, and in the final analysis to make money.

I know,I know, someone out there is saying"those evil busines owners just want fatter profits". Well lets face it folks private business exists to make money. I always ask people like that, "would you work for free", this usually shuts them up. Everyone and every business works to make money.

To learn more about this common sense plan visit the website listed above.
Why does Washington always take something that really isn't broken, just in need of a tune up, and destroy it?

 John Thunes plan finally brings  a dose of intelligence and sense to Washington!

Saturday, August 1, 2009

Its an American Thing!

The Fair Tax. You might be wondering who's behind this? Is it the crazy left wing liberals? Maybe it's the wild eyed extremists on the right? My favorite by the way since I am one:). Or is it those loony libertarians?

Well with apologies to every one I just offended, the answer is non of the above! That's right none of the above. This transcends party. Fairtaxer's don't fit any predetermined mold. We come from all walks of life, rich, poor, upper class, middle class.

Some Own their own business, others work in factories, or in the medical field. No it's pretty hard to pigeonhole fair tax folk. Like the tea party protesters we represent a broad cross section of America, liberal, conservative, libertarian and everything in between.

That is what the fair tax is all about. It's an American thing, and , not about politics at all. It's about taking back control of our government, and returning power back to the people-and not the pols-where it belongs.

It's about keeping more of what is ours and not "spread the wealth" If you are sick and tired of the politicians in Washington burning YOUR money then the Fair Tax is for you.

If your tired of the attitude amongst our so called representatives that our substance is theirs not ours. Then the Fair Tax is for you.

If you just want to see this country return to the principles of freedom, liberty, and individual initiative upon which it was founded, then by all means go to today and sign up, volunteer, or contribute, so that our children will have a chance to live as free men and women!

Oh by the way it's time to demand: Freedom!