Monday, August 31, 2009

This ain't Astroturf!

Indeed this ain't AstroTurf! This here is the real thing. Down to earth-natural-grass plus a few weeds.

Recently Queen Nancy-as in Nancy Pelosi- pontificated that the townhall and teaparty protests were astroturf. But individuals and groups, from all over the nation. are forming what is a true grass roots movement.

If you doubt that this movement isn't composed of -and primarily driven by- ordinary folk check out . Sure there are some influential people and organizations involved but the participants. commentators, and activists are every day American men and women.

I myself am a part of the grassroots protest movement that is growing across the country. Although I'm not an "official" Tea Party person I am a member of the Fair Tax movement. A group that has similar goals and is driven by the same anger at the present regime in Washington as the folks in the tea party and townhall protests.

I and my fellow protesters have not been paid to protest, become active, canvass, write letters etc. etc. We are American taxpayers and citizens who have reached the boiling point and cannot be silent any longer. many of us feel that the gang in control of congress and their gang leader Barack Hussein Obama are changing America into a country we don't recognise.

Instead of being the land of the free it appears we are being transformed into the United Soviet Socialist States of America. Get your hammer and sickle here!

Well if this bunch doesn't change their ways the American people are going to cut them down politically- with the sickle of public opinion-and smash them with the Hammer of the ballot.

No the anti-big government protest movement -whether it be Tea Party, Fair Tax, or any other manifestation- ain't astroturf!
Obama, Pelosi,Reid and all the other communistic Democrats in Congress and the Administration would do well to wake up and listen to the people. Ignore the people at YOUR POLITICAL PERIL. Excuse me for shouting but generally if theses idiots think they might not get re-elected they tend to change their tune.

P.S. To Obama Reid and Pelosi, don't try jivin the people because this time we will see through it and hold you accountable
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