Friday, September 18, 2009

Beating the Left at their own game

Nancy Pelosi created quite a stir with her comments about the tone of recent political discourse. She feigned controlled outrage over what liberals love to call "hate speech"

But what she was actually doing was throwing "red meat" to her base on the far left. During a report on Fox News Live desk Fri.Sept 18,2009 the commentator points out that the same day Nancy seemed so emotional her office sent out a letter asking supporters to contribute money "so no amount of Republican shouting" could stop what she is trying to accomplish in Congress.

I suspect that her outrage was really caused by the fact that earlier the Congress had pulled funding for Acorn. I believe she was outraged because free speech in a free society had caused the government to make a dramatic change in policy.

Pelosi and company had no problem with strident and militant protest by the left under George Bush. But-I believe-the true source of their frustration is that the right has taken a page from the lefts play book and is beating the tar out of them.

By their own admission the people who organized the March on Washington had indeed used formerly liberal tactics taken mainly from Saul Alinsky's "Rules for Radicals".

The libs have long had experience with outspoken protest and radical and oft times extreme language. I can remember the protests of the sixties and early seventies and let me tell you even if the right is using left wing strategies their rhetoric is quite tame compared to some of the rhetoric in vogue at that time.

The S.D.S openly called for the overthrow of the "establishment",and, the Weathermen perpetrated actual terrorist acts against this country.

Now Ms. Pelosi is all bent out of shape because ordinary conservative citizens have expressed their views in often loud and boisterous ways. the difference though is conservatives have-as of yet-not employed violence. In fact this summers protests have been remarkably peaceful especially when contrasted with the protests when Bush was president

For years activists on the left have consistently made conservatives out to be Nazis and potential tyrants. Remember not so long ago some of the same lefties that have their panties in a wad now were claiming that the family values movement wanted to establish a theocracy.

No I suspect the reason the left and Pelosi have suddenly become so "patriotic" and outraged that we would dare question and stand up to this regime-as well as threatening to bring regime change-is that for once the right is beating them at their own game.