Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Obama tells us to "Up our game" but I say Washington needs to up theirs!!

Well it seems our President Barack  Hussien Obama seems to think that we need to "up our game"!

Well, I say, Washington needs to up its game!! We the people have the drive, the foresight,and innovation to get the job done.

What we need is for clowns like Obama, Reid,and Pelosi to get out of the way and let the creative genius and force of the American people have it's way.

We need Washington to quit thinking they can control the economy with taxes,=regulations,and, sigh,Obama care, and get out of the way and let America work like this nation was intended to work.

What we need is for Washington to up it's game and allow our oil companies to drill in Anwar,in the Gulf,and off both coasts. We need these clowns to cut spending and corporate-as well as-individual taxes!

In short it is time for our Government to go back to providing a stable and safe place for people to work and business to flourish rather than try to micro manage every aspect of our national life!

The Old Soviet union tried that nonsense and all they did was destroy their nation and fail miserably!!