Thursday, March 29, 2012

Pravda compares America of 2012 to Russia of 1917

Pravda! Pravda of all news sources ends up being the one that notices that Obama's America is on crash dive into full blown communism!

In a recent article  entitled ...

"Comparative analysis of Russia's demise in 1917 and of the USA's now"  

The author presents a very compelling argument that the U.S.A. is on a similar path of the one followed by Russia when the Communist took over in 1917!

Come to think of it who should be better qualified to make this case than Pravda. After all they were the primary mouthpiece of the Russian Communist Party for more than sixty years.

When Obama was running for President in 2008 I suspected that he was at the very least a socialist because of his comments on wealth redistribution-as well as his comments about certain unfortunate restrictions placed in the Constitution by the Founding Fathers- not to mention his chummy relationship with sixties radical Bill Ayers a man who described himself as the father of the weather underground a self-described communist revolutionary group. Now however I am beginning to be convince that the man may well be an actual communist himself!

Not only am I beginning to be convince that he is a communist but it's starting to become clear that the Democratic Party has morphed into the real Communist party of the United States of America. Why else does Nancy Pelosi appear in Congress in a red dress so often it could be described as her uniform!

Yes folks it's actually quite obvious that the whole gang of Obama, Reid,and Pelosi are raging Communists. it's time for this bunch to go!

We stand at a crossroads in the country. We have reached a time of crisis so severe that if the wrong choices are made in this election the very future of the Republic-and indeed freedom itself-may well be at risk.

So dear reader I urge you with all my heart to think long and hard about all the candidates. Look at their policies, platforms,and past performance and decide which one you think will best protect the Republic and your individual freedom and vote accordingly.

Though it may well be too late for him to win my personal pick is Rick Santorum and in my mind it damn sure aint Barack Hussein Obama!