Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Unconscionable Sermon on an American Street


This video is an absolute outrage! As I listened to this idiot spout his trash I became angrier and angrier! Then it occurred to me that if this fellow had been a Christian -preaching the love of God and the gospel of Jesus Christ- he probably would have been shut down by the police!

I know that we have freedom of speech in this country -and as the name of this blog implies- I am a great supporter of freedom but there is a limit to that freedom. What we see here is tantamount,no it is, allowing an agent of our enemy to spout his propaganda on OUR streets in the MIDDLE of a WAR!!!

Good God could you imagine a member of the Gestapo being allowed to rail against Jews ,Americans, and anyone else he hated on an American street during WWII!

If this had been a Christian speaking against sin he would have been charged with "hate speech". Yet this muslim extremist is on our streets advocating violence against "infidels and hypocrites"!

Well folks who do you think he's talking about? He's talking about anyone and everyone who calls themselves an American. We have a real problem and PC is blinding us to what it is. We have an enemy living among us that wants nothing less than our annihilation, and some members of this enemy force are American and they put loyalty to Islam ahead of love, and, loyalty to country!!

Because of political correctness our military and police authorities turned a blind eye to the Islamic terrorist Hassan that took 13 lives, and wounded several others, at Fort Hood!!

Because of political correctness we try to continue believing that guys like the one in this video do not represent legitimate Islam. Hell these guys ARE THE TRUE BELIEVERS!!!! Just read the KORAN it calls repeatedly for the most vicious forms of violence against any and all who "disbelieve Islam and refuse to bow before the "Prophet"!!!!

America WAKE UP!! If we don't get over this fear of offending people who want to destroy us we are all going to wind up either dead or in slavery to Islam!!!