Friday, November 20, 2009

Congress having second thoughts on Timothy Geithner

Tim Geithener,how in the world did this tax evading character ever get approved by Congress to begin with, now it seems folks from both side of the isle are having second thoughts about their poorly considered decision to approve a dishonest man to the Treasury!

The number of Obama appointees or proposed appointments that failed to pay their taxes is staggering. In an article from free republic intitled "Unprecedented levels of tax evasion in the Obama administration" one fenix Guy names at least 13 and from what I understand the number of people just at treasury alone who are having to catch up on their taxes keeps growing.

If I remember right even Obama himself had to catchup some back taxes when he entered the run for the White House! No wonder liberals are such lovers of taxes, they NEVER pay them!!!

I shutter to think what the IRS would do to little o'l me if I didn't pay 36,000 dollars in taxes!!!And to think Congress put this cheat in charge of the nations finances. God help us all.

If Congress would quit rushing to get things done,and give a little more thoughtful consideration to the subject at hand they wouldn't have to regret decisions like this one!

Congress, slow down on Health care reform, cap and trade, and all the other nonsense your rushing like a snowball headed for hell to get done or your going to have worse things to regret than confirming this Bozo.