Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Thirty eight black Republicans running for national office the most under reported story of the 2010 political season

In what is without a doubt the most under reported story of the 2010 political season it seems that there are no less than 38 black Republicans running for national office. That's right 38-three for Congress thirty five for the House-how is it that the "Old Media" has missed this? Then again how is it that the "New Media" hasn't picked up on this?

This blogger has to admit he missed it himself. If not for the Laura Ingraham Show-and her guest today Michael Steele-this blogger would have been clueless! In fact Steele made a statement in June concerning the historic amount of black Americans running for office this year on the federal,state,and local level...(click here for the full list).

This is amazing! The Republican party historically was the party of black Americans until the 30's when somehow the party of slavery-the Democrats-managed somehow to win them over to their side. What followed is a sad story of liberal philosophy and theories almost singlehandedly destroying the fabric of the American black social community. In fact through the endless entitlement mentality of the Democrats black Americans-as well as a multitude of other races-have been enslaved by dependency on the all-mighty government!

Hoorah! for these great Americans of color who have rejected the victim mentality of the Marxist Progressives-regressives actually- and have taken a stand for freedom,individual liberty,and the founding principles of this nation!

These are truly historic times that we are living in. It is clear that the people of this nation have had enough and after-the only poll that counts in- November the political discourse in Washington is quite likely going to change radically. We have the chance to have a whole new class of citizen legislators going to Washington and when they arrive-the professional political elite of- both parties are going to have a rude awakening as  these new representatives of the people make their mark!

The American people are a long suffering people-however-they will not tolerate abuses endlessly. The pols in Washington have awakened a sleeping giant and they are going to learn a valuable lesson in democracy from none other than "We the people"

Yes "We the people" red,black,yellow,white,what have you are rising up and taking OUR government back!

Long live freedom, long live democracy and long live the United States of America!!

Update: Check out this excellent article at "theblogprof"