Thursday, December 30, 2010

Global warming:Scientific theory Global warming religion,0,4241649.photogallery
As we witness one of the harshest winters in memory,and,we have been told by the media,some scientists,and politicians that catastrophic global warming is a forgone conclusion it seems another monkey wrench has been thrown into the gears of the global warming/climate change juggernaut.

What may you ask is this monkey wrench? Dust! That's right dust! Yes according to a site known as Daily Tech   it seems the computer models which the global warming crowd pin so many of their hopes for world destruction on are seriously flawed.

Yes it seems dust may have more of an effect on climate than carbon. Now we have all been told that carbon is going to cause runaway heating of the atmosphere and we all are going to die as the oceans rise and continents turn into deserts,or, whatever chicken little gibberish is in vogue at the minute with the climate change crowd!

In a post in a blog post from Daily Tech entitled "Dust study raises questions concerning warming models"
the author Jason Mick asserts the following...

"Some of the Earth's tiniest naturally occurring particles may have just bred a big mess for climatologists.  New findings reveal that models scientists have long used to estimate the causes and effects of global warming may be dramatically flawed due to errors in one of their most important inputs..."
Yes it seems flawed data has been used to calculate the amount of damage human beings may or may not be doing to the environment! In fact he goes on to state that what recent warming has occurred-and there is no doubt that during the eighties and nineties the earth did warm-may have had more to do with solar activity combined with dust in the atmosphere than with carbon emissions.

 "This is a critical finding because it shows that the Earth's climate may be much more sensitive to solar radiation than previous models have indicated, which in turn casts doubt on anthropogenic warming theory -- the idea that human carbon dioxide emissions bear the primary warming"
Here we are already enacting regulations,and,considering passing laws to limit "global warming" that may well cause severe damage to our economy,and,it's all based on so called science that may or may not be correct!

It seems to me that before we call on this nation's industries-as well as individuals- to radically alter the way they operate-and how we live- we would do well to take a more sober and level headed approach to the question of climate change.

Clearly "climate change" is a cyclical phenomenon. In fact we have a name for it-weather-its that simple the weather of the planet is always changing. Sometimes hot sometimes cold.

Consider this report from England....


In this article the reader learns that this is the coldest winter in England since weather record began in 1659!
Whats more the chilliest English winter was in 1683 and 84 when the Thames froze solid for two whole months.

Whats even more interesting is that the cold spell of the 1600's was preceded by a period from 1000 1500 A.D. that was known as the  Medieval warm period”. 

Dust in the wind,carbon in the atmosphere,fluctuations of solar activity all a part of climate change in other words weather!

The religion of global warming is finished!

Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Enough with global warming already,0,4241649.photogallery

Once again we find ourselves in the proverbial deep freeze with record cold temperatures and plenty of snow. Heck places saw a white Christmas for the first time in history,and,what is the response of the liberal whacked out media? Well of course it's global warming!

If the weather gets hot it's global warming. If the weather gets cold it's global warming. What the hay if the weather does nothing its global frickin warming!

Enough with the global warming already!! This has got to be the biggest fraud-perpetrated upon the entire world-in the history of man! What really gets me in a lather about this is that we have had former E.P.A experts say that data and information that disagrees with global warming dogma are being suppressed.

We have had "damning e-mails" proving the key scientific supporters of global warming theory distorted ,and or,falsified data about global warming,as well as,plenty of scientific evidence that seems to prove that global warming is a cyclical event rather than a man made phenomonon,and,yet we continue to be told that the current rash of terrible winter weather world wide is global warming!

Consider these quotes from the New York Times....

For a more detailed explanation, we must turn our attention to the snow in Siberia...
... As global temperatures have warmed and as Arctic sea ice has melted over the past two and a half decades, more moisture has become available to fall as snow over the continents. So the snow cover across Siberia in the fall has steadily increased...
 ...Most forecasts have failed to predict these colder winters, however, because the primary drivers in their models are the oceans, which have been warming even as winters have grown chillier. They have ignored the snow in Siberia...
... It’s all a snow job by nature. The reality is, we’re freezing not in spite of climate changebut because of it.
Here it is! We have record cold and it's because the world is getting hotter? Is it just me or does it seem as though highly educated people who should be able to apply some common sense to this subject are getting stupid?

The fact is that temperatures have not increased at all for at least 15 years. The level of the oceans has not increased,and in fact the north pole is larger now than it was in 2006!(see images below).

Note the purple line shows where the "median"line is for the north polar ice cap! the picture on top is from Dec.6,2010 the one on the bottom is from Sept.26,2006. Yet we are still being told the north pole is melting and that we have to prepare for rising oceans etc.etc.blah blah blah!

Is it so hard to make a simple observation from life that all things run in cycles! Night turns to day,winter to spring,youth into age,life into death,high tide low tide,and on,and,on,and on.

To make my point check out this article about Greenland a place that is not now green at all but white.
I call it "When Greenland wa green". It comes from and documents how the Vikings once settled there and were able to grow abundant crops,but,in time it became to cold to grow their crops and eventually they left. Here is a quote from that article...

The next migration came from the east, following "Erik the Red" Thorwaldsson's exploration of the southern coast of Greenland between 982 and 985 AD. In 986, he led a group of Viking families from Iceland, and settled at Brattahlid, traditionally known as Qassiarsuk (route map). The climate at this time was very warm, much wamer than it is today, and crops were able to do well. It seems likely that the name "Greenland" was given to the country, not just as wishful thinkful, but because it was a climatic fact at that time
It's all about cycles ,and,it's high time that the common sense majority of people push back against the senseless minority that is trying to push their global warming religion down our throat and say "Enough with global warming already!!!

Tuesday, December 21, 2010

My horrible experiance at Facebook

As the picture at the left would imply I don't care for being walked on, abused,or taken advantage of. It also is a symbol of danger to those who would "tread on me"!
Yet that-it seems-is what has happened to me. I have been trad upon by some unknown scumbag who -it seems-has taken over my facebook account.

This situation has gotten me so pi--ed that I can't stand it!! I am currently in the process of trying to get this thing turned around,but, I have also learned a few things.

  1. We are all becoming way to dependent upon this new social medium called :facebook"!
  2. I have always tried to keep personal info at fb to a minimum,but,I see a lot of very smart people putting a lot of stuff out there. Be careful!
  3. Face book makes it kind of hard to get back control of your account-although my own ignorance of the process has made things worse-educate yourself about the process before it happens!!!
  4. Scum who hack into other peoples online stuff should be treated as terrorists!! The authorities should start looking at this sort of stuff accordingly.
As to the last thing on that list Julian Assange is no damn hero the bastard is a terrorist scum and deserves to be shot!! That's about how I feel toward the ass---e who has f'd up my facebook

Well just getting that off my chest helps. To any of my friends from facebook who may be wondering where I have gone I hope to be back soon!

Back to the symbol of danger to those who would tread on others. I doubt I will ever know who compromised my facebook,but,if I ever do heaven help me if  I could beat the individual with a truncheon I would!!

Friday, December 17, 2010

A new gang of four set to help Dems pass DADT in the Senate

As the senate looks to-possibly-vote on a repeal of Don't ask don't tell it seems a new "Gang of Four" Republicans are poised to side with Senate Democrats and vote for a repeal of DADT!

Notable among them is Senator Scott Brown of Massachusetts the one time golden boy of the tea partier and hero to conservatives everywhere for claiming the "Kennedy chair" for the American people!
Here is Scott Brown in his own words...
“I pledged to keep an open mind about the present policy on Don’t Ask Don’t Tell. Having reviewed the Pentagon report, having spoken to active and retired military service members, and having discussed the matter privately with Defense Secretary Gates and others, I accept the findings of the report and support repeal based on the Secretary’s recommendations that repeal will be implemented only when the battle effectiveness of the forces is assured and proper preparations have been completed.”
 Another of this new gang is Rhino-Republican Olympia Snowe- according to Politico -Snowe's spokesman John Gentzel has said that the Senator from Maine will vote for repeal after the Omnibus spending bill is resolved. Well with that out of the way for now it looks like the Dems will move forward on seeking to repeal DADT so one would guess Ms. Snowe will get her chance to vote for repeal.

Along with Brown and Snowe,it also appears as though,Lisa Murkowski and Susan Collins are prepared to jump ship and go along with Harry Reid in passing this pet project of the Democratic party.

It is my opinion that what people do in their own private time is their own business. However I don't like the idea of social engineering our military. Every one seems to have an opinion on homosexuals serving in the military,but,it seems that the opinion of the single most important group in this debate-those serving in combat brigades-is being ignored. Here is what the Commandant of the Marine Corps had to say about repealing DADT...
"When your life hangs on the line," said Gen. James F. Amos, the commandant of the Marine Corps, "you don't want anything distracting. . . . Mistakes and inattention or distractions cost Marines' lives."
or consider this quote from a recent DOD report on DADT...
"Nearly 60% of respondents in the Marine Corps
and in Army combat arms said they believed there would be a negative impact on their unit’s
effectiveness in this context; among Marine combat arms the number was 67%."
this quote was found in section 6 page 74 of the report under the heading  Army, Marine Corps, and Combat Arms.

Bottom line here is that homosexuals already are serving in the military,but,if the guys who are doing the fighting don't like it I think it behooves us to respect their opinion and reject this repeal!!

Wednesday, December 15, 2010

6,488 Earmarks!

The Drudge report in a post titled "The Last Feast" is reporting that the new "Omnibus spending bill" currently before Congress holds an astonishing 6,488 earmarks!!!

Yes you read that right-6,488 earmarks-what the hay is going on here? Did the morons on Capitol Hill not get the message over the past year that- We the People- are sick and tired of these bills laden with pork?

According to this report the Omnibus appropriations bill allows for ...

  • $277,000 for potato pest management in Wisconsin 
  • 522,000 for cranberry and blueberry disease and breeding in New Jersey
  • $208,000 beaver management in North Carolina
  • $165,000 for maple syrup research in Vermont
  • $100,000 for the Edgar Allen Poe Cottage Visitor’s Center in New York 
  • $300,000 for the Polynesian Voyaging Society in Hawaii 
  • $400,000 for solar parking canopies and plug-in electric stations in Kansas
  and that is just a partial list.

All these things on this list may be projects that have merit,but,not at tax payer expense! Seems to me that potatoe pest management can be financed by pesticide companies and the potato industry.

Maple syrup[ research belongs to those who have an interest in maple syrup not the tax payers. As for the "Polynesian Voyagers Society" they should be getting their support either from memberships, donors, or private fund raisers not the American people at the point of the I.R.S. gun!!

Obviously the clowns on the Hill haven't got the message. I'm calling on any and all who read this post to e-mail their Senators and Representatives and demand that this nonsense be stopped now.

I'm beginning to think that maybe the only thing that will get their attention is a mob of angry taxpayers with torches and pitchforks storming the Capitol like a scene of the villagers going after Frankenstein's castle in the old movies.
One Senator who seems to be getting wise is John McCain he had this to say about this outrage against the citizens of this country...

“One thing is abundantly clear to me – that the majority has not learned the lessons of last month’s election. The American people could not have been more clear. They are tired of wasteful spending. They are tired of big government. They are tired of sweetheart deals for special interests. They are tired of business as usual in Washington. And they are tired of massive bills – just like this one - put together behind closed doors, and rammed through the Congress at the last moment so that no one has the opportunity to read them and no one really knows what kind of waste is in them."
Yes we are!!  The people are sick and tired of 2,000 page bills,stuffed with pork,laden with lard, and squealing like suckling pigs!!  They are tired of politicians passing bills so they can "find out whats in them" rather than reading,as well as, debating them before they are passed.

We the People need to keep this in mind, remember that this is the parting gift the Democrats are trying to force on this nation, and throw even more of their liberal,socialistic,a##'s out the next time we have a chance!!!

Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Vote for Democracy: A new kind of public opinion poll

I stumbled upon this site purely by accident,but,from what I can tell it is so new it hasn't even been indexed by Google yet!

The name of the site is "Vote for Democracy". The stated purpose of the site is...
",Vote for Democracy is an online resource for the public to register their opinions on issues of the day and the political strength of the politicans we expect to carry out those policies"
When I first visited Vote for Democracy the user was required to "register" to vote,but as of this writing,the requirement to register had been waived in order to "increase user participation".

There was also a much longer "about us" section that told that the creator of the site had voted for Obama but was disillusioned with Obama's performance so far. However the author stated that he desired an open bi-partisan participation,and, promised that all polling would be fair. There was also a requirement to declare as either a Democrat or Republican, with, the stipulation that the voter could only switch parties periodically.

Tonight-Dec 14,2010, -I revisited the site and found that-as I have already mentioned-that t the registration requirement was gone,however, when I punched the vote button I still had to pick Democrat or Republican Ballot. I am very intrigued by this site.

It is apparently an attempt at a new kind of public opinion polling. Polling that bypasses the established pollsters,the media, and special interest groups,and instead, goes directly to the American people!

It is the opinion of this blogger that if this new experiment in opinion polling takes off that it may well become an invaluable asset to bloggers,as well as, main stream media types. I would encourage anyone who is conservative-or even liberal for that matter- to be sure and check out  Vote for Democracy and let your opinion be counted.

Oh by the way as of this writing the "Polls are open"!


Monday, December 6, 2010

Democrats should follow J.F.K.'s lead on taxes

The democrats in Congress would do well to study a little of their own history as it regards tax cuts and spend a little time watching this clip.Today we find ourselves in the midst of the worst recession since the great depression. Unemployment is the highest it's been in more than twenty years,and,yet there are those in Congress who would like to raise taxes and add further injury to the economy!

They fail to understand that government does not create anything-other than onerous laws and regulations-it only consumes. The true job creators are...

  • Consumers who spend hard earned dollars on goods and services.
  • Those with capital who create jobs by financing new,and ,existing economic ventures.
When the government takes money away from these two groups there is less money available to be spent by both consumers and capitalists on true economic stimulus!

Contrary to his Democrat progeny J.F.K understood that if you want to grow the economy you have to cut taxes on everybody. The Kennedy tax cuts lead this nation into unparalleled prosperity through most of the 1960's Alas our politicians once again lost their way in the late sixties and into the seventies and thought the way to grow the economy was to tax and spend.

Unfortunately they failed to realise that the "people" and not the government are the true engine of economic growth. Fortunately for America  the "people"- in their wisdom- elected another man that knew the best way to rev up the economy was to lower taxes on both working people-as well as-entrepreneurs-his name was Ronald Reagan.

Today it was announced that President Obama and Republicans on the Hill had reached a compromise on extending the Bush cuts. Yet the Democrats  were said to be angered at this turn of events and could well try to throw a monkey wrench into the whole thing.

If they decide to try and let the whole thing roll over into next year it may well be one of the dumbest things they have done in some time. This country needs to demand real tax reform now,the Democrats would be much better served if they would take a look at this slice of history and learn from it,and America would be better positioned to start recovering from the disaster it has been in for far too long now.

Thursday, December 2, 2010

Mitch McConnell,Senate Republicans, put brakes on Reid's socialist agenda

Senate majority leader Mitch McConnell-joined by all 42 members of Congress-have effectively put the brakes on Harry Reid's agenda to pass amnesty for illegal immigrants,pass the new START treaty with Russia,not to mention the mad dash to repeal "Don't ask Don't tell".

He rightfully points out that the people want real action on extending the Bush era tax cuts-as well as-doing something to create an economic atmosphere in the country conducive to job creation. Now- most certainly- is not the time to raise taxes,and, that is exactly what a any kind of repeal of the Bush tax cuts would do.

Especially egregious is the idea of raising taxes for individuals or corporations making over $250,000 per year. This would be extremely harmful to-what everyone agrees is the engine of the economy-small business.

There are scores of businesses in this nation that are considered "small" that make well in excess $250,000 raising taxes on these companies at best might lead them to maintain the status quo,at worst it could drive them out of business!

As for the Democrats constant desire to tax wealthier Americans to death. Poor people do not create jobs,invest in factories or sign paychecks,rich people do! As talk radio host Sean Hannity is famous for saying... I've never had my paycheck signed by a poor person".

The best thing the Democrats could do-in this session- is renew the Bush Tax cuts,at least for the next three years,do what it takes to keep the government running, and look for every opportunity to get the government's hands out of "We the People's" pockets, and the government's nose out of our business!!

Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Still Here...

This time of the year is very hard. I do reasonably well through ten out of every twelve months; with the exception of a mild pity party here and there, I tend to be fairly irrepressible. Can't keep a good woman down, you know. Staying busy - mentally more than physically, of course - helps a great deal.

The political climate of the past few years hasn't helped much. It's created a mild, constantly thrumming anxiety I can sometimes feel in my bones…a sense of impending doom often heightened to a nearly obsessive wail by the helplessness I personally feel when dealing with the physical challenges I face daily, challenges to which I had to adapt at what will probably prove to be the midpoint of my life. I've never considered myself anything other than utterly intractable, obdurate, stubborn beyond all reason. As long as I can remember, I've been the kind of person that, once my mind is made up, digs in. This characteristic has gotten me in nearly as much trouble as it has ever helped me, and I always wished I could be just a bit more flexible.

As the adage goes: Be careful what you wish for…

One of my very favorite pieces of Scripture is Philippians 4:13. "I can do all things through Christ which strengthens me." (AKJV) What I lack, He provides. When my mind, heart and spirit become so mired in black that I can't move, can't breathe…I pray. He has never failed to answer my call - even when His answer wasn't the one I sought.

This year, everything is almost better, for the first time in seven years. The anniversary of my accident is two weeks away now, and I can feel that black despair waiting to seize me up again. As I pray, I'm overcome with a conviction that He has something very specific for me to do, and I understand quite well that the hardscrabble changes wrought in my mind and body will help me to do it, even if I don't understand why or how. But everything, by the same token, is also almost worse.

High school athletes punished for expressing belief in God and thanks for His abundance. Atheists urging people of faith to "celebrate reason" during the holiday season. A government agency violating the civil liberties of millions of Americans because political correctness prevents them from following safety protocols proven to actually work. Politicians refusing to listen to their constituents, deliberately misconstruing recent midterm elections to justify pushing ahead with a progressive agenda the people DO NOT want. A wannabe terrorist INDEPENDENTLY deciding to murder innocents - including CHILDREN - and being defended by liberal twitbots who claim the federal agents responsible for preventing such a heinous act are actually responsible for entrapping the "beautiful young man" and creating the free society SO VERY TERRIBLE it has spawned a counterculture of misguided youths who feel they simply must strike it down in the name of islam. Yeah, that makes no sense to me, either; but amazingly enough, it's true.

We'll never get through to these people. Anyone who can believe something like that last needs real divine intervention, an authentic "come to Jesus" moment that I don't know how to provide. It's all I can do right now to crawl out from under the covers each day.

So for now, that will be my prayer. I'll try not to be so quiet in the coming days - I promise - and I'll pray that the truly misguided see the light.

Much love, my friends...

Sunday, November 28, 2010

Bush was right to call Iran and North Korea part of an Axis of Evil

Until now I have stayed away from posting anything from the wiki leaks fiasco! It is the opinion of this blogger that the Wiki leaks folks should be arrested,and, their sight shut down-after all D.H.S. is already shutting down domains that share copyrighted material illegally-obviously all the files they are sharing are stolen classified documents!!

But I could not ignore this article from -dare I say it-The New York times...

"Iran Fortifies Its Arsenal With the Aid of North Korea"

In this article the authors assert that Iran has obtained fro m North Korea missiles capable of striking the capitals of Europe and even-this might not be so bad- take out Moscow !

Former President George Bush was widely ridiculed for having called  Iraq,Iran,and north Korea an "Axis of Evil". In fact the BBC reported his "controversial" assessment of these rogue states in this lurid headline...

"Bush's 'evil axis' comment stirs critics"

saying that ...
             "Mr Bush's bellicose remarks about North Korea, Iran and Iraq have raised concerns in Europe that the war on terrorism may spread in terms of geography and nature"

Seems to me that Mr. Bush has been proven right!! In the last few days we have seen the idiot ruler of North Korea shell a South Korean Island-killing two civilians and two South Korean Marines-destroying property and terrorizing the world!

In the mean time the tyrannical government of Iran has suppressed all forms of dissent,killed an innocent teenage girl, and set that country back 60 years!!

Now if that isn't evil I don't know what is!!

The left criticized Mr Bush for being "bellicose" and yet they are strangely silent when the murderers in Iran and North Korea perpetrate their crimes. It is true that they report-with seeming reluctance- these events ,but, they never launch into the same sort of personal attack,or, character assassination, that they reserved for Bush-or for that matter-any conservative that stands up and calls these psychopaths what they are evil- go figure!

Yes as the world stands on the precipice of war. As North Korea gives a new definition to "Bellicosity", and, Iran procures more powerful missiles-obviously with the intent to load them with nuclear warheads- it appears to this writer that George Bush was right to call these rogue regimes exactly what they are "An Axis of Evil"!!!

Saturday, November 27, 2010

Time to take North Korea to the wood shed

The Lunatic Leader of north Korea
The time has come for the idiotic leader of North Korea to be taught a tough and painful lesson. It's time for the United States and South Korea to take o'l Kim -Ill in the head- Jung to the proverbial wood shed.

In the good old "great fly over country" when a child acts like a defiant brat that child is grabbed up by the scruff of the neck and given a good sound whipping!

Yeah I can hear all the left coasters and the wimps on the east coast saying "my God that's child abuse" ,but, by golly it's usually pretty effective,and, you likely won't have to do it again!!

Well guess what folks for some time now the chicken s@#t country that we call North Korea has been acting like a sorry little spoiled brat bully,and, the only way to deal with a bully is to haul off and let him have it right in the face! That is exactly what needs to be done to North Korea. They a need a good swift kick right between the legs.

Some time ago in an earlier post I had this to say concerning this low life thug Kim Ill...

"The only thing thugs like him, and Saddam Hussein, and Al quida, or however the hell you spell those freaks name,understand is force,brutal, unrelenting, merciless force."
North Korea has used merciless force on unarmed innocent civilians!! Without any warning at all they loaded up their artillery and senselessly started shelling a portion of the sovereign nation of South Korea!!! Enough is enough. Our President has called for the South to "exercise restraint".

Would Mr. Obama exercise restraint if someone started shelling the U.S. mainland? I hope the hell not!! North Korea has been threatening the world for too long it is way past time to take the tin horn dictator known as Kim Ill and his lousy little horror show of a backward country to the wood shed and whip their butts with the full force of the combined military might of this country, South Korea, and any one else who cares to get a piece of the action!!!

Tuesday, November 23, 2010

A Thanksgiving tribute

In the name of God, Amen. We whose names are underwritten, the loyal subjects of our dread Sovereign Lord King James, by the Grace of God of Great Britain, France and Ireland, King, Defender of the Faith, etc.

Having undertaken, for the Glory of God and advancement of the Christian Faith and Honour of our King and Country, a Voyage to plant the First Colony in the Northern Parts of Virginia, do by these presents solemnly and mutually in the presence of God and one of another, Covenant and Combine ourselves together into a Civil Body Politic, for our better ordering and preservation and furtherance of the ends aforesaid; and by virtue hereof to enact, constitute and frame such just and equal Laws, Ordinances, Acts, Constitutions and Offices, from time to time, as shall be thought most meet and convenient for the general good of the Colony, unto which we promise all due submission and obedience. In witness whereof we have hereunder subscribed our names at Cape Cod, the 11th of November, in the year of the reign of our Sovereign Lord King James, of England, France and Ireland the eighteenth, and of Scotland the fifty-fourth. Anno Domini 1620

As our thoughts begin to turn to the the upcoming Thanksgiving holiday most of us are preoccupied with travel plans,thoughts of turkey and all the trimmings, and getting together with family and friends. Most of us will take little time to think about the Pilgrims-outside of some stereotypical images we have of them-who held the first thanksgiving-and- what bearing their lives and sacrifices mean to us.

The first Anglo Saxon colonists to this country were a hardy and intrepid bunch of deeply devoted Christians, seeking freedom to practice their faith unfettered and unadulterated by European culture. They also set the stage for American self determination. Their "May Flower Compact is the first of this county's founding document. It was a compact among them selves-a contract if you will with each other-to lay a framework for how they would deal in and amongst themselves, to create order,secure tranquility, and set up a mode of self governance that would eventually find it's culmination in our Constitution.

It is only fitting- at this time of giving thanks for all we have-that we reflect on the great gift of freedom and self determination that these men and women suffered and sacrificed for,and,handed down to us. So this Thanksgiving take time to give thanks for them,the Mayflower Compact, and the example of liberty and freedom that they set for us all. 

Wednesday, November 17, 2010

We need tax reform now! The FairTax plan for national prosperity

As was pointed out in a previous post the direction of the debate in America over the "Bush tax cuts" needs to be turned toward the real problem which is the need to scrap the current tax code and replace it with a fairer,more viable, alternative!

Some are proposing that we reduce the income tax, impose a consumption tax, and increase the cap on the amount of income to be taxed for social security. This is just plain wrongheaded and dangerous. We don't need to add another tax on top of the income tax,and,we sure as heck don't need to increase the amount of our incomes that is taxed for social security, Medicare, or anything else. Proposals such as these will do absolutely nothing to grow the economy,and return this country to prosperity.

What will work is the simple seven point plan for economic security,and,prosperity proposed by Fair
This plan calls for...

  • eliminating individual income tax.
  • eliminating payroll taxes.
  • eliminating estate,and,gift taxes.
  • eliminating capital gains taxes.
  • eliminating the alternative minimum tax.
  • eliminating the self employment tax.
  • eliminating corporate income taxes.

and replacing them with a national consumption tax of 23 percent of new retail spending.

If individuals are allowed to keep all the money they earn more will be available for discretionary spending.
If the rich and poor alike are allowed to keep what is theirs more dollars will be available to be spent on purchasing new goods and services,creating more wealth,investing in business, etc etc

Most importantly if individuals and corporations are freed from capitol gains,and,corporate taxes billions more will be available to build plants, create jobs,lower prices, and the list goes on and on. Further more if this country were to abolish corporate income taxes this country becomes the most attractive place on the face of the globe to do business. It could well be that "Made in America" could replace the "Made in China" logo.

That is a plan for national prosperity-as well as -real change that we all should be able to agree with!

Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Tax reform now! Forget the Bush tax cuts!!

The big question of the day-since the midterm elections has been- "will the Bush tax cuts be extended?" Why even ask this question? The real issue is that the entire tax code needs to be scrapped! In fact,instead of stressing over whether or not to extend the Bush era tax cuts, why not take a look at revolutionary reform of the current tax code,as well as ,abolishing the I.R.S. as we know ?!!

This nation was founded because the people grew sick of the tax burden imposed upon them by the King of England and the abuse of power that was used to collect the  taxes imposed upon them by the King.

Today we find ourselves in a similar situation-hence the Tea Party movement-the King of England had turned a deaf ear to the concerns of the Colonists-much as our present government has ignored the will of the people-and he paid a dear price-much the same as those politicians who most recently  chose to ignore the people-both of them lost power.

The history of this nation is one of a people wary of taxation. In fact Thomas Jefferson had this to say about taxes...
"To take from one, because it is thought his own industry and that of his father has acquired too much, in order to spare to others who (or whose fathers) have not exercised equal industry and skill, is to violate arbitrarily the first principle of association, "to guarantee to everyone a free exercise of his industry and the fruits acquired by it."
Prior to the Tea Party movement another movement had already begun in America. A movement who's aim was to scrap the current tax code,abolish the I.R.S. and, totally reform the way taxes are collected in America!

That movement is the FairTax movement. We The People have spoken! now is the time for the newly minted representatives of the people to consider a whole new course for this nation! A course based on fairness. A course based on traditional American principles. A course based upon the idea that the people do not exist to support the government, but, that the government exists to serve the people!

The time has come to consider the FairTax!!

Here are some other informative links to check out

Have you heard of the FairTax?

History of the U.S. tax system

It's an American Thing

Sunday, November 14, 2010

Rockmelt the melding of browsing and social networking!

For the past week their has been a new browser available that promises to revolutionize the way a significant number of people view the web-as well as -social networking sights that browser is Rockmelt.

Backed by the creator of Netscape,Marc Andreesen,Rockmelt is the brain child of two plucky entrepreneurs Tom Howe and Eric Vishria.

According to Rockmelt's blog... 
"RockMelt does more than just navigate Web pages. It makes it easy for you to do the things you do every single day on the Web: share and keep up with your friends, stay up-to-date on news and information, and search. And of course, RockMelt is fast, secure, and stable because it’s built on Chromium, the open source project behind Google’s Chrome browser. It’s your browser – re-imagined and built for how you use the Web."  

and the experience of this blogger  is that it delivers quite well on this promise. Given that fact that Rockmelt is still in beta form -from the perspective of this very thrilled user-it does a wonderful job of melding the social networking power of facebook and twitter into a totally new web browsing experience

The two greatest attributes of-Rockmelt are what are called edges-one on the left the on the right-that bring together your favorite RSS feeds on the right and your favorite facebook friends on the left. Now one can see what your friends are face booking about-as well as tweeting- and never leave the page you're working on.

There are also other features-too numerous to mention in this post- that make this new kid on the block worth checking out. However -in the humble opinion of this blogger- if you are a regular user of facebook and twitter and do a lot of research and work on the web you will not be disappointed in Rockmelt. In fact I like it so well it has become my browser of choice for posting my blog,as well as,surfing the web.

Indeed Rockmelt is the melding of browser and social network into a whole new animal the "social browser"!!

Thursday, November 11, 2010

Salute to veterans 2010

This video is posted to say thank you to our brave men and women who have sacrificed so very much so that we and even other peoples can live free!
                                 Thank you all so very very much.

Tuesday, November 9, 2010

The mystery missile. Could it have been fired accidentally?

An apparent missile launch-caught on tape-has turned into an event that can only be described as "bizarre".

Yesterday evening a CBS affiliate in Los Angeles caught on tape a missile-what some are calling an ICBM-being launched 35 miles off the west coast near Los Angeles.

At the time of this writing no one in the Pentagon  is admitting that any branch of our armed services was behind the launch. What they have said is that it was not a "threat to our national security",and, that it was not from a "foreign military".

The Pentagon is now saying that what was caught on tape was likely an "aircraft". Please! There is no way that what -even the casual observer can tell is a rocket-was caught on tape is an "aircraft"!!

This is obviously a missile case closed! What is not apparent is why was it launched,and, who launched it? It seems that this may well have been an accidental launching of an American ICBM,and if so, that means that it was destroyed sometime after launch,and, that there may well be a warhead lying somewhere at the bottom of the Pacific ocean somewhere between California and Alaska!

Examine the evidence. Absolutely no one in the U.S. military is claiming this thing,yet the government services are saying it is not a threat and didn't come from a foreign military. That leaves-by default-only one other source the U.S. military.

If this missile had been launched by a private organisation-as some have suggested- they would surely have put out a press release by now. If it had been hobbyists surely they would have been noticed before they could launch simply because this thing is obviously a very large rocket. The foreign component seems unlikely because there is just so much hi tech gadgetry on the floor of the Pacific Ocean-that is designed to track subs- that it would seem impossible that an enemy sub could get that close to our shores!!

Time will likely show that this was an unintended launch of -what could well be a nuclear-missile. This sort of thing has happened before-remember the cruise missile carried by a B52 over Iran-this is likely a scandal,as well as, a cover up in the making

Wednesday, November 3, 2010

We The People give the Democrats a drubbing of historic proportions

That's right-We The People-gave the liberal Democrats in the house of Representatives a drubbing, nay, a beating that they should not soon forget! If they do forget it will be at their own political peril. Come to think of it those who got elected last night would do well to heed the lessons of this election!!

We the people are a very tolerant,forgiving, and long suffering people. We are,and,always have been more likely to suffer abuses than to turn to revolution. However when pushed to a certain point the people of this country always have ,and, will rise up and push back against a government out of control.

The founders of this nation chaffed for a long time under the yoke of British tyranny until they could take it no longer and were forced by circumstances to rise up and violently throw off the chains of the oppressor.

Thank God that in their wisdom-as well as being guided by God- they gave us the Constitution that we have today which makes possible a bloodless revolution like we witnessed last night-Nov. 3,2010-and make no mistake a revolution it was.

After a long series of abuses by the Democrats in the house-as well as the Senate-lead by Nancy Pelosi and Harry Reid the people said enough is enough and threw the bums out!!!

The Founding fathers sought to constrain and regulate the Government. Theses people sought to constrain and regulate us!!

The founders felt that Government existed to serve the people. They thought the people exist to serve them!!

They were oh so wrong and learned a very hard lesson . DO NOT IGNORE THE WILL OF THE PEOPLE!!

Take heed Republicans and Tea Party politicians who will soon be heading to Congress the eyes of the people are upon you. The people of this great nation have spoken ,and, they have said take heed of the Constitution, respect the will of the people, and most of all, do what is in the best interests of this nation,and, not your own narrow political interests.

Saturday, October 30, 2010

So now we work for them: Scary new national ad from Citizens Against Government Waste

Citizens Against Government Waste-or C.A.G.W.- has produced a new campaign add that should scare the beejeezus out of us all! It deals with the fact that all the money we have recently borrowed for so called stimulus came from the Chinese.

The name of the video is "Chinese Professor".  It shows a smug Chinese college professor-from the not so distant future- lecturing his students about how three great civilizations fell,these being the Greek, Roman and American civilizations. His premise is they fell because they forgot the "principles" that made them great!

Never was a truer statement made-especially as it concerns present day America-this country in recent years has almost totally abandoned the principles upon which it was founded. These being the principle of limited government,almost unbridled individual freedom and the freedom for anyone or organization with a good idea and capital to create products and services for profit.

We became the envy because individuals were free to dream,create, and strive for the stars without interference from the government. We became the envy of the world because the government got off the backs of the people and allowed them to work, produce and create and keep the fruits of their labor for themselves. We became the envy of the world because individuals were allowed to pool their capital and create goods and services that satisfied the needs of the public at large without the government taxing, and, regulating it to death.

Today however is a different story now the -all knowing- government seeks to guide and control every aspect of our lives. Those in power think that government creates jobs,and that, throwing money at any problem will solve it. That basically is the whole premise of the failed stimulus,that the government can borrow tons of money from China,take over the economy,dictate to the individual, and miraculously the economy will heal itself and prosperity will break out everywhere.

Nothing could be farther from the truth. We have began the trip down the road to fascism-the condition where corporations are privately owned but dictated to by the government-and it cannot end well.

The Chinese are becoming what we used to be at the beginning of the twentieth century. They are becoming the economic powerhouse of the world and they must be laughing their arses off at us.

If their is not a radical change in the direction of this country we will indeed be working for them,not as free men, but as slaves,and they will be laughing all the way to the bank!!

Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Time to tell the New National Socialists to "Pack up and get out!!"

TPBF found this at another Blogspot blog "Our Lives,Our Fortunes,Our Sacred honor" It's a video produced by Sharp Elbows St Louis.

Seems these intrepid bloggers-and I'm proud to say fellow Missourians-had the moxie to send Russ Carnahan a Representative from Missouri three hundred boxes so he could "pack up and get out"!!

Conservatives rejoice! Our time has come. The "New National Socialists"-A.K.A. the Democratic Party-have revealed themselves for what they are,scheming,lying,kniving,elitist snobs. They hold the average citizen in disdain,and look down their noses at us common peasants.

For much too long they have arrogantly ignored the will of the people. However the people will be heard. Come November third quite a  few of these folks will-God willing-be packing up and getting out of Washington to make room for a new class of Citizen Legislators. The American Revolution lives on!!

Long live Our republic. Long live the Constitution. Long live the United States of America!

Thursday, October 21, 2010

An open letter to NPR concerning the unjust firing of Juan Williams

I would like to preface this by saying I am a conservative. Juan Williams and I would have some very strong differences of opinion. However I have always had a great deal of respect for Mr. Williams.

He has always-from what I have seen and heard-spoken what he believed to be the truth. He is a man of his convictions and does not shift positions depending on the prevailing political winds. What NPR has done to this man-for simply speaking honestly- is unconscionable!

Political correctness is a cancer that is eating away our freedom. Political correctness came out of Leninist and Stalinist Russia. It is an idea that you dare not speak an opinion that is contrary to what the "Party" line is. That party need not be the "Communist Party". It can be modern American Liberalism,current progressive thought or even conservative orthodoxy.

If I were on an airplane and saw some folks of Mideastern descent dressed up like jihadi's I would be nervous too!

I was once on a flight from San Diego shortly after Sept. 11. In fact it was one of the first flights after the no fly ban had been imposed following Sept. 11

There were six men on that flight of obvious Arab,or,Mideastern descent. Two were seated at the front of the cabin,two in the middle,and two near the rear. I was most definitely nervous. The flight crew were nervous too. About forty minutes into the flight all the passengers were ordered to stay in their seats for the rest of the flight and then the flight crew chose what they deemed to be loyal citizens to stand in a criss cross pattern in the isle to prevent anyone from storming the cockpit.

Bottom line it wasn't little old ladies from Pokeepsi that are spreading death and mayhem around the world,it is,Muslim fanatics,and it is only natural to be nervous about wondering if the guy in a white robe with a turban,or,a woman with a burka on your flight might want to kill you for being an infidel. After all it is a prime directive of Islam to kill the infidel wherever you may find him!!

Monday, October 18, 2010

Nancy Pelosi:My Job to get Democrats elected

In the video above one can see- Nancy Pelosi-a woman I once called a tyrant in "An open letter to Nancy Pelosi"-say her "priority is to get Democrats elected to congress! It seems she has all but forgotten that Her job is to Represent and serve the people of her district in California! Her first,foremost,and, ever present priority should be serving and representing her constituents,not,scoring points for fellow Dems.

After that outlandish statement she goes on to state that Her time is money and-with what can only be described as hubris and arrogance-say's..."whether I get a larger majority in my district is beside the point"...this is arrogance in the extreme!!

It appears that Nancy is taking for granted that she will get a majority of the vote in her re-election bid. Does Queen Nancy know something the rest of us don't? I know all the pundits of the MSM seem to think their is no sense in covering this race-after all how could John Dennis possibly win-and it is quite apparent that Pelosi thinks she has been anointed to that position,but, it ain't over till it's over!

There is still plenty of time before the election,and,the only poll that really counts is the one on November second. Pelosi's arrogance-and apparent lust for power-may well be her undoing

In recent times Pelosi's favorable rating have been dropping like a rock and it appears that Dennis may have as high as a 22 percent backing by likely voters with 17 percent undecided. Keep in mind that what poll results are available may be underestimated. The major organizations seem to be ignoring the race.

In recent elections the polls have often been wrong  with challengers delivering stunning upsets to incumbents that the pollsters and pundits thought were shew ins.

Ms Pelosi would do well to reign in her arrogance-as well as taking her re-election for granted- this is an election year like none seen for a very long time. The natives are restless-so to speak- and Queen Nancy could well find herself in the unemployment line!!
One can only hope

Saturday, October 16, 2010

Strange that no one seems to be following John Dennis vs Nancy Pelosi

It seems that no one has the time or inclination to follow the race for California district 8 the house seat held by Nancy Pelosi! Just try finding poll results for John Dennis vs. Nancy Pelosi. They are virtually nonexistent.

(By the way be sure and watch the Queen of arrogance in the video at the bottom of this post)

The most recent poll to be found at the time of this writing comes from a site called Birch tree Sustainable Studios. This is a poll done by an amature and the individual that did it even gives this disclaimer...

"I want to state up front that this poll is an extremely tiny sample size for an amateur poll of 14 surveys. A little background on how I conducted the poll, I placed ads in the 8th Congressional District via Facebook linking it to SurveyMonkey. As you can see by the ad to your left it was well designed, as I achieved a 16% survey completion rate which is very good for a randomized survey. I targeted that ad to San Franciscoians over the age of 18. I had to cancel my survey before it achieved 'scientifically' valid results because it was getting expensive running an ad in a market where CPMS were routinely over $3"
It seems a little odd that it is so hard to find information about the campaign of John Dennis against Nancy Pelosi. One would think by watching the Marxist propagandists in the MSM that Pelosi wasn't even running for re-election this year much less being opposed!!

Why has there been such silence about this race? It seems there was a bit of a dust up over a Dennis campaign commercial likening Pelosi to the "Wicked Witch of the West" from The Wizard of Oz...

However for all intents and purposes it seem john Dennis is a nonperson. Could it be that the queen of arrogance has worked with her minions in the liberal press to spike this story? It's enough to make on wonder.

Take time to watch "Her Arrogance" proclaim that she hasn't got the time to debate her opponent! Rather HER priority is to get Democrats elected to national office.

Whatever happened to representing the people of your district Queen Nancy? Watch Her Arrogance in the video below!!

Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Thirty eight black Republicans running for national office the most under reported story of the 2010 political season

In what is without a doubt the most under reported story of the 2010 political season it seems that there are no less than 38 black Republicans running for national office. That's right 38-three for Congress thirty five for the House-how is it that the "Old Media" has missed this? Then again how is it that the "New Media" hasn't picked up on this?

This blogger has to admit he missed it himself. If not for the Laura Ingraham Show-and her guest today Michael Steele-this blogger would have been clueless! In fact Steele made a statement in June concerning the historic amount of black Americans running for office this year on the federal,state,and local level...(click here for the full list).

This is amazing! The Republican party historically was the party of black Americans until the 30's when somehow the party of slavery-the Democrats-managed somehow to win them over to their side. What followed is a sad story of liberal philosophy and theories almost singlehandedly destroying the fabric of the American black social community. In fact through the endless entitlement mentality of the Democrats black Americans-as well as a multitude of other races-have been enslaved by dependency on the all-mighty government!

Hoorah! for these great Americans of color who have rejected the victim mentality of the Marxist Progressives-regressives actually- and have taken a stand for freedom,individual liberty,and the founding principles of this nation!

These are truly historic times that we are living in. It is clear that the people of this nation have had enough and after-the only poll that counts in- November the political discourse in Washington is quite likely going to change radically. We have the chance to have a whole new class of citizen legislators going to Washington and when they arrive-the professional political elite of- both parties are going to have a rude awakening as  these new representatives of the people make their mark!

The American people are a long suffering people-however-they will not tolerate abuses endlessly. The pols in Washington have awakened a sleeping giant and they are going to learn a valuable lesson in democracy from none other than "We the people"

Yes "We the people" red,black,yellow,white,what have you are rising up and taking OUR government back!

Long live freedom, long live democracy and long live the United States of America!!

Update: Check out this excellent article at "theblogprof"

Monday, October 11, 2010

MTV's phony Obama townhall meeting:Actors wanted

Obama gets book thrown at him. Where is the media coverage on this?
What has American politics come to? It seems that Barack Hussein Obama is so desperate for followers that he has actually turned to Hollywood to provide him with a receptive audience for a scheduled MTV town hall meeting.

The Drudge report had this link this morning to a site called with a job posting seeking actors for....

" PRESIDENT OBAMA TOWN HALL, DC MTV, BET, and CMT (prods.) are casting the audience for A Conversation with President Obama, a town hall meeting with President Obama."
As of this posting Drudge is showing a link to Jake Tapper's ABC News page titled "Casting Call for Audience of Obama’s MTV Town Hall?"

Is this what it has come to for "O"? Traditionally Presidents have had their party hand out tickets to the general public for this sort of thing, but, not Barack, seems the Prez is so insecure that he has to have the audience vetted ahead of time to make sure no one asks any- what can we say-uncomfortable questions.

Barack Obama is a one term wonder. He is another Jimmy Carter! This guy knows that He and his minions Pelosi and Reid -as well as- a large number of incumbent Democrats have had it come November.

It is truly sad that it has come to this. Having to handpick what amounts to actors to stage a phony "town hall event" in order to prop up his failed socialist policies.

The American people are waking up. They will no longer be hoodwinked by this pretender and his lackeys in the Democratically controlled Congress.

By the way... the pic at the top of this page shows a book being thrown at Obama during a rally in Philadelphia! Where oh where is the MSM on this one?? When W had a shoe thrown at him-by a disgruntled Iraqi- the media was all over it!! However Barack gets a book thrown at him by an American audience and not a word!!

This blogger had to depend on a British news source "Mail Online" for this information. Can anyone say "LAPDOG PRESS"!! That is what the "traditional American Media" has become a lapdog for Obama.

It used to be that the MSM used to claim to be fair and unbiased. I say I prefer "Fair and Balanced".

Thursday, September 30, 2010

One Nation March now that's astroturf

I'm almost ashamed to admit that this morning i was watching msnbc when Tameron Hall brings on Ed Shultz to talk a bout an event that he is going to host called the "One Nation March"-asked by Tameron what it was about Ed responded-is a chance for progressives to show "they oppose everything the Tea Party stands for"!!

Wow! I so wish i could have recorded this unbelievable comment by this liberal,progressive,nut. I take his statement to mean that he-Ed Shultz- also opposes all that the Tea Party stands for. Lets take a look at that. What exactly has the movement called the Tea Party-or taxed enough already-stand for?

Number one:  lower taxes! evidently old Ed and his robots on the left like giving their money to the government to be thrown down a rat hole.

Number two: A return to the Constitution and the founding principles of this nation,individual freedom,religious liberty,and freedom of speech, to name but a few.

Number three: This is the most important limited government tightly controlled by the people,and, therefore more responsive to the people!

Yes it appears Ed and his fellow liberal lackeys in the labor movement-like the guy in the video above-the NAACP-and all the other so called progressive organizations that will round up their members and use some of Soros's billions to bus them to Washington hate freedom, want more taxes, and believe that "group rights"  trump "individual rights" . Worse yet they obviously think that it is okay for the government to totally run roughshod over the American people,ignore their voices, and cram any thing they damn well please down the voters throat!!.

Well from where I stand  all I can say about all these progressive loons,and, their "One Nation March" is now that's AstroTurf!!!