Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Korea Threatens World!

"Merciless punishment beyond imagination!" That is what North Korea has threatened to any who dare to stand up to their outrageous behavior of the last,not just days,but years. How long is the world, let alone the United States, gong to put up with the juvenile antics from this lunatic? Reportedly the Russians are preparing the public in their eastern provinces for nuclear war!
As I listened to the news this morning their were some quotes from certain world leaders that, made me think, they wish this would all just go away. Well I've got news for you folks this isn't going away. The only thing thugs like him, and Saddam Hussein, and Al quida, or however the hell you spell those freaks name,understand is force,brutal, unrelenting, merciless force.
The Democrats in this country ridiculed our former President for naming Iraq, Iran, and North Korea, the "Axis Of Evil". One leg of the Axis is gone but the other two are still standing, and more capable now, of mischief, than ever before.
I propose a solution to this " North Korean" problem. It's time for a coalition between ,America Russia,China, South Korea, and Japan. The Chinese could mass their military on the Korean's northern border. Have Russia form up on their western side, America and South Korea to the south, and The United States Navy, as well as The Japanese Navy, off their eastern coast.
Then tell them in no uncertain terms, either they stop this rush to war, or we,The United States will put the same shock and awe that George Bush put on Bagdad, right square on their heads.
If they refuse to heed this warning, then shock and awe baby! If, however, they still have one nuke left, and unwisely use it, then all the "Coalition Powers" would unleash their full conventional arsenals loose on them!
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