Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Super laser could make Star Wars missle defense possible

In a post by  Polipundit titled "Navy breaks record with futuristic laser" it looks like Ronald Reagan's dream of a strategic missile defense could well be on the road to becoming a reality.

According to this post the Navy has succeeded in blasting a cruise missile out of the sky using what used to be called a "Buck Rodgers" ray gun!
A ray gun by the way that can eat through 20 feet of steel per second!

This is nothing short of mind boggling At a time when we see a rogue state like Iran on the verge of developing a nuclear weapon,and,China is on the ascendancy militarily,it seems to this blogger as though we need Star Wars-as the Strategic Defense Initiative- was euphemistically named-more than ever.

But more than ballistic missile defense this thing could revolutionize the way we can defend against any kind of missile or air attack. Furthermore it can be tuned to different wavelengths as well as powers, and be used for communication as well as detection.

When SDI was first proposed naysayers said it was impossible to shoot down ballistic missiles. Well it seems this breakthrough has proven them wrong. Once again Reagan was right,and,because he had the foresight to start this nation on the path that would lead to this super laser it seems his dream of a "Star Wars Missile Defense" may well soon become a reality!
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