Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Enough with global warming already


Once again we find ourselves in the proverbial deep freeze with record cold temperatures and plenty of snow. Heck places saw a white Christmas for the first time in history,and,what is the response of the liberal whacked out media? Well of course it's global warming!

If the weather gets hot it's global warming. If the weather gets cold it's global warming. What the hay if the weather does nothing its global frickin warming!

Enough with the global warming already!! This has got to be the biggest fraud-perpetrated upon the entire world-in the history of man! What really gets me in a lather about this is that we have had former E.P.A experts say that data and information that disagrees with global warming dogma are being suppressed.

We have had "damning e-mails" proving the key scientific supporters of global warming theory distorted ,and or,falsified data about global warming,as well as,plenty of scientific evidence that seems to prove that global warming is a cyclical event rather than a man made phenomonon,and,yet we continue to be told that the current rash of terrible winter weather world wide is global warming!

Consider these quotes from the New York Times....

For a more detailed explanation, we must turn our attention to the snow in Siberia...
... As global temperatures have warmed and as Arctic sea ice has melted over the past two and a half decades, more moisture has become available to fall as snow over the continents. So the snow cover across Siberia in the fall has steadily increased...
 ...Most forecasts have failed to predict these colder winters, however, because the primary drivers in their models are the oceans, which have been warming even as winters have grown chillier. They have ignored the snow in Siberia...
... It’s all a snow job by nature. The reality is, we’re freezing not in spite of climate changebut because of it.
Here it is! We have record cold and it's because the world is getting hotter? Is it just me or does it seem as though highly educated people who should be able to apply some common sense to this subject are getting stupid?

The fact is that temperatures have not increased at all for at least 15 years. The level of the oceans has not increased,and in fact the north pole is larger now than it was in 2006!(see images below).

Note the purple line shows where the "median"line is for the north polar ice cap! the picture on top is from Dec.6,2010 the one on the bottom is from Sept.26,2006. Yet we are still being told the north pole is melting and that we have to prepare for rising oceans etc.etc.blah blah blah!

Is it so hard to make a simple observation from life that all things run in cycles! Night turns to day,winter to spring,youth into age,life into death,high tide low tide,and on,and,on,and on.

To make my point check out this article about Greenland a place that is not now green at all but white.
I call it "When Greenland wa green". It comes from http://explorenorth.com/library/weekly/aa121799.htm and documents how the Vikings once settled there and were able to grow abundant crops,but,in time it became to cold to grow their crops and eventually they left. Here is a quote from that article...

The next migration came from the east, following "Erik the Red" Thorwaldsson's exploration of the southern coast of Greenland between 982 and 985 AD. In 986, he led a group of Viking families from Iceland, and settled at Brattahlid, traditionally known as Qassiarsuk (route map). The climate at this time was very warm, much wamer than it is today, and crops were able to do well. It seems likely that the name "Greenland" was given to the country, not just as wishful thinkful, but because it was a climatic fact at that time
It's all about cycles ,and,it's high time that the common sense majority of people push back against the senseless minority that is trying to push their global warming religion down our throat and say "Enough with global warming already!!!