Saturday, October 16, 2010

Strange that no one seems to be following John Dennis vs Nancy Pelosi

It seems that no one has the time or inclination to follow the race for California district 8 the house seat held by Nancy Pelosi! Just try finding poll results for John Dennis vs. Nancy Pelosi. They are virtually nonexistent.

(By the way be sure and watch the Queen of arrogance in the video at the bottom of this post)

The most recent poll to be found at the time of this writing comes from a site called Birch tree Sustainable Studios. This is a poll done by an amature and the individual that did it even gives this disclaimer...

"I want to state up front that this poll is an extremely tiny sample size for an amateur poll of 14 surveys. A little background on how I conducted the poll, I placed ads in the 8th Congressional District via Facebook linking it to SurveyMonkey. As you can see by the ad to your left it was well designed, as I achieved a 16% survey completion rate which is very good for a randomized survey. I targeted that ad to San Franciscoians over the age of 18. I had to cancel my survey before it achieved 'scientifically' valid results because it was getting expensive running an ad in a market where CPMS were routinely over $3"
It seems a little odd that it is so hard to find information about the campaign of John Dennis against Nancy Pelosi. One would think by watching the Marxist propagandists in the MSM that Pelosi wasn't even running for re-election this year much less being opposed!!

Why has there been such silence about this race? It seems there was a bit of a dust up over a Dennis campaign commercial likening Pelosi to the "Wicked Witch of the West" from The Wizard of Oz...

However for all intents and purposes it seem john Dennis is a nonperson. Could it be that the queen of arrogance has worked with her minions in the liberal press to spike this story? It's enough to make on wonder.

Take time to watch "Her Arrogance" proclaim that she hasn't got the time to debate her opponent! Rather HER priority is to get Democrats elected to national office.

Whatever happened to representing the people of your district Queen Nancy? Watch Her Arrogance in the video below!!