Monday, January 16, 2012

Outrage in New York: Former Marine's second amendment rights violated.

credit: New York Post/Steven Hirsch
I found this today over at "The Blaze .com" it's a story of a former Marine who was arrested-and imprisoned- while visiting New York City!

Apparently this young man is a loyal,honest,law abiding citizen, whom the city of New York has decided is a threat to society!!

According to the article on the Blaze...

"It has not been lost on the public that a man who is both highly trained with weapons, and highly trusted by Uncle Sam, would now face several years in prison for an honest mistake with absolutely no negative outcome. Nobody was injured, nothing was damaged — it does not appear that anyone at the site of the incident was even particularly alarmed."
Yeah you read that right this young man faces at least 3and 1/2 years in prison! Why because he carried a licensed handgun into the Empire State building. As he was buying a ticket to the building  he realized he was  still packing a handgun and sought to check his gun in-when he did so-he was subsequently arrested and spent two days in the slammer for nothing more than exercising his Second Amendment rights under the Constitution  

It seems this young man is a jeweler who was carrying gold to New York to be melted down by a gold refiner.
He was carrying a licensed gun for personal protection. Well hell yeas if i were to go to New York with gold I would want a little protection myself.

What really ticks me off about this story is that this man is a third generation Marine,highly trained in the use of firearms,trusted by the government of these United States,as well as, someone who has honorably serves these United States.

This is nothing short of an outrage. The second amendment clearly spells out the right of citizens to "HAVE and BEAR arms" hello! How much longer will the people of these United States tolerate having their rights trampled underfoot by theses politically correct assholes?

Perhaps if New York City-and the entire east coast- would respect the Constitution maybe, just maybe, there would not be the level of crime and violence that plagues that part of the country.

If this story makes you mad then take action. Sound off against this outrage against this honorable man visit Free Ryan Jerome at In addition you can e-mail Bloombergs office  and city D.A  Cyrus Vance and demand that they follow the Second Amendment and stop this outrage today!