Monday, August 2, 2010

Hypocritical NAACP revisited

I like this photo-but- the NAACP hates it. they claim its a sign of Tea Party hared,racism, and bigotry!

It's all a part of their Campaign Against hate! They even have a new website, I hadn't seen, before that has a montage of ,tea party, pictures on it that they just have their panties in a wad about.

Well, I have one question for these hypocrites, where were you when the left was spewing so much, hate, vitriol, and threats of violence against George W. Bush!?

Check this picture out that I found after a simple search for "protests against George Bush"
Compare that to the Cream of Nothing pic posted above and the lampoon of Obama seems pretty lame. I mean they were constantly likening Bush to a chimp, or Hitler, or I don't know what . I can't begin to name or describe some of the trash I saw displayed about Bush,let alone the death threats, heck Obama has had it pretty easy.

I have to admit that when I see the posters of Obama as the Joker I cring, or the pics of him looking like a pimp smoking a J, this sort of thing does a disservice to the Tea Party and Conservative cause!

That said I have not seen near the vitriol and out right hate projected against Obama that I have seen directed at Reagan, Bush Sr. or W.

Where you you -NAACP- when film directors were making films about the assassination of Bush-hoping and praying -someone would be inspired to take up a gun and do it?

Where were you when people were openly calling for his death, and others were publicly wishing Cheney would drop dead from a heart attack?

Where were you when McCain supporters were afraid to put McCain bumper stickers on their cars for fear of retribution from blacks. (My wife actually forbid me from putting one on our van fearing violence) where in the h--l were you?

Seems to me your much bally hooed "Campaign against hate: is nothing more than rank hypocrisy!!