Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Roy Blunt trounces Robin Carnahan in Missouri Primary.

Well it seems the results of Missouri's vote on Prop C has gotten conservatives excited, but, there is some other news from the "Show Me State" that also bodes ill for the Democratic Party com November.

According to the Missouri Secretary of State web site Roy Blunt -the Republican Candidate for U.S. Senate- garnered 409,798 votes compared to Carnahans 264,733 votes.

Blunt earned 70.9% of republican votes where as Carnahan had 83.8% of the Democratic vote. If one takes theses numbers and add them to the more than 70% percent vote that Prop C got then I would say the natives are very restless in Missouri. Matter of fact-it is my opinion- that Carnahan and -anyone or anything- connected to Obama, the Democratic party, and their socialistic liberal agenda is going to go down in flames come November.

The Democrats in congress thought that all the protests against-as Sarah Palin would say-their "Hopey changy thing" was just "AstroTurf" well Queen Nancy what do you think now?

In Missouri races for Us Reps. the Republican Candidate for Missouri District 2 got 71,424 votes compare to the Democrat candidates votes of 24,092 and it goes on and on.

If Missouri is-as the news media like to say-a "bell weather state- then I think come November conservatives could have control if not two houses then at least one house of Congress.