Monday, September 6, 2010

Democrats fleeing Obama,Reid,and Pelosi like the plague

Here are two great examples of Democratic candidates for congress seeking to distance themselves from the far left,extremist,leaders of their party,Pelosi,Reid and Obama!

Really- as a conservative- you have to love this,Democratic candidates who Pelosi once called her "majority makers", seeking now to cast themselves as conservative independents! To watch these videos one might think they were Reagan Republicans running for office.

Where oh where is James Carville and his claim that the Democrats would rule "The Next Generation"after the election of Barack Hussein Obama! In fact Carville was so bold as to say this...

“A Democratic majority is emerging,” Carville declares. “This majority will guarantee that the Democrats remain in power for the next forty years.”
 I bet old James would love to take them words back. What James and the rest of the radical left failed to take into account was the inherent love of freedom in the American people. As the public watched in horror at the mad grab for power that the democrats made-and the out of control desire to control every aspect of our lives-after the election they recoiled from Obama's "hope and change" and the Tea Party movement was born.

Now as a result of this "populist" movement Democrats of all stripes are suddenly trying to cast themselves as ,conservative,independent,and anything but Democrat.

The people of this great nation are waking up from their apathy and lethargy. The silent majority is silent no longer, and come November,and after that 2012 the political landscape will be radically changed by a political tsunami the likes of which Pelosi,Reid,Obama, and James Carville never seen coming.

The will of the people IS the supreme law of the land!!