Thursday, September 30, 2010

One Nation March now that's astroturf

I'm almost ashamed to admit that this morning i was watching msnbc when Tameron Hall brings on Ed Shultz to talk a bout an event that he is going to host called the "One Nation March"-asked by Tameron what it was about Ed responded-is a chance for progressives to show "they oppose everything the Tea Party stands for"!!

Wow! I so wish i could have recorded this unbelievable comment by this liberal,progressive,nut. I take his statement to mean that he-Ed Shultz- also opposes all that the Tea Party stands for. Lets take a look at that. What exactly has the movement called the Tea Party-or taxed enough already-stand for?

Number one:  lower taxes! evidently old Ed and his robots on the left like giving their money to the government to be thrown down a rat hole.

Number two: A return to the Constitution and the founding principles of this nation,individual freedom,religious liberty,and freedom of speech, to name but a few.

Number three: This is the most important limited government tightly controlled by the people,and, therefore more responsive to the people!

Yes it appears Ed and his fellow liberal lackeys in the labor movement-like the guy in the video above-the NAACP-and all the other so called progressive organizations that will round up their members and use some of Soros's billions to bus them to Washington hate freedom, want more taxes, and believe that "group rights"  trump "individual rights" . Worse yet they obviously think that it is okay for the government to totally run roughshod over the American people,ignore their voices, and cram any thing they damn well please down the voters throat!!.

Well from where I stand  all I can say about all these progressive loons,and, their "One Nation March" is now that's AstroTurf!!!