Monday, October 18, 2010

Nancy Pelosi:My Job to get Democrats elected

In the video above one can see- Nancy Pelosi-a woman I once called a tyrant in "An open letter to Nancy Pelosi"-say her "priority is to get Democrats elected to congress! It seems she has all but forgotten that Her job is to Represent and serve the people of her district in California! Her first,foremost,and, ever present priority should be serving and representing her constituents,not,scoring points for fellow Dems.

After that outlandish statement she goes on to state that Her time is money and-with what can only be described as hubris and arrogance-say's..."whether I get a larger majority in my district is beside the point"...this is arrogance in the extreme!!

It appears that Nancy is taking for granted that she will get a majority of the vote in her re-election bid. Does Queen Nancy know something the rest of us don't? I know all the pundits of the MSM seem to think their is no sense in covering this race-after all how could John Dennis possibly win-and it is quite apparent that Pelosi thinks she has been anointed to that position,but, it ain't over till it's over!

There is still plenty of time before the election,and,the only poll that really counts is the one on November second. Pelosi's arrogance-and apparent lust for power-may well be her undoing

In recent times Pelosi's favorable rating have been dropping like a rock and it appears that Dennis may have as high as a 22 percent backing by likely voters with 17 percent undecided. Keep in mind that what poll results are available may be underestimated. The major organizations seem to be ignoring the race.

In recent elections the polls have often been wrong  with challengers delivering stunning upsets to incumbents that the pollsters and pundits thought were shew ins.

Ms Pelosi would do well to reign in her arrogance-as well as taking her re-election for granted- this is an election year like none seen for a very long time. The natives are restless-so to speak- and Queen Nancy could well find herself in the unemployment line!!
One can only hope