Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Hypocritical Muslims offended at burning of Quran while they are guilty of far worse

Recently their has been much said,and written, about Americans protesting the Ground Zero Mosque,as well as,the plans for a Florida church to burn the Quran.

Their has been much hand wringing,mostly by the leftists in the so called "Main line media". There is so much concern that the "Muslim world will be offended". Why do we worry so much about offending people who have done horrific-and I mean horrific-things to Christians in the name of Islam.

While juvenile Muslims take-once again- to the streets of the world in frenzied protest-it is we who should be offended!

I have spoken out against the GZM, however I think the Florida church is casting Christianity in an ill light at best-and endangering our soldiers at worset.

What we should really be protesting,and,demanding the media pay attention to is the systematic killing,persecution,and murder of Christians worldwide by Muslims not to mention the  countless acts of desecration by Muslims of Christian Holy sites as well as the Bible itself. Take time to consider this recent commentary from a little known publication called the "Pakistan Christian Post"... 
were firing and killing accused Christians on door steps of HighCourts"     
"The implementation of Islamic laws of Apostasy and Blasphemy in Islamic Republic of Pakistan was an end to religious freedom and harmony among different religious communities. The Muslim majority used blasphemy law against Christians on business rivalry and personal grudges. The victimization of Christians suddenly turned in social crisis when capital punishment was legislated on blasphemy laws.There was one person named Joseph Francis who was visiting blasphemy victims in police stations and jails when their relatives were in hiding on fear of Muslim extremists. He was providing legal aid assistance and appearing in court hearings of blasphemy victims when Muslim radicals
or this... "Australia : Muslim Students Urinate, Spit On Then Burn Bible"
or this...Muslims burn bibles everywhere

Christians in Gaza Fear for Their Lives as Muslims Burn Bibles Jun 18, 2007 ... Hamas Muslim extremists are burning bibles, destroying crosses and terrorizing the tiny population of Christians in the Gaza strip.

Take time to get informed. We should be taking to the streets in civilized,peaceful protest against what the Muslims of the world are doing to Christians. Christians have been murdered,raped, tortured and systematically eradicate by Muslims the world over. Countries that were once predominantly Christian such as Lebanon and Pakistan-to name but a few-are now overwhelmingly Muslim and now that the Muslims have the majority they show very little of the tolerance they demand from us.

It is high time we quit acting like Dhimmi's and stand up and demand the end of persecution of our Christian and Jewish brothers and sisters at the hand of the Islamofacists!!