Saturday, October 30, 2010

So now we work for them: Scary new national ad from Citizens Against Government Waste

Citizens Against Government Waste-or C.A.G.W.- has produced a new campaign add that should scare the beejeezus out of us all! It deals with the fact that all the money we have recently borrowed for so called stimulus came from the Chinese.

The name of the video is "Chinese Professor".  It shows a smug Chinese college professor-from the not so distant future- lecturing his students about how three great civilizations fell,these being the Greek, Roman and American civilizations. His premise is they fell because they forgot the "principles" that made them great!

Never was a truer statement made-especially as it concerns present day America-this country in recent years has almost totally abandoned the principles upon which it was founded. These being the principle of limited government,almost unbridled individual freedom and the freedom for anyone or organization with a good idea and capital to create products and services for profit.

We became the envy because individuals were free to dream,create, and strive for the stars without interference from the government. We became the envy of the world because the government got off the backs of the people and allowed them to work, produce and create and keep the fruits of their labor for themselves. We became the envy of the world because individuals were allowed to pool their capital and create goods and services that satisfied the needs of the public at large without the government taxing, and, regulating it to death.

Today however is a different story now the -all knowing- government seeks to guide and control every aspect of our lives. Those in power think that government creates jobs,and that, throwing money at any problem will solve it. That basically is the whole premise of the failed stimulus,that the government can borrow tons of money from China,take over the economy,dictate to the individual, and miraculously the economy will heal itself and prosperity will break out everywhere.

Nothing could be farther from the truth. We have began the trip down the road to fascism-the condition where corporations are privately owned but dictated to by the government-and it cannot end well.

The Chinese are becoming what we used to be at the beginning of the twentieth century. They are becoming the economic powerhouse of the world and they must be laughing their arses off at us.

If their is not a radical change in the direction of this country we will indeed be working for them,not as free men, but as slaves,and they will be laughing all the way to the bank!!

Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Time to tell the New National Socialists to "Pack up and get out!!"

TPBF found this at another Blogspot blog "Our Lives,Our Fortunes,Our Sacred honor" It's a video produced by Sharp Elbows St Louis.

Seems these intrepid bloggers-and I'm proud to say fellow Missourians-had the moxie to send Russ Carnahan a Representative from Missouri three hundred boxes so he could "pack up and get out"!!

Conservatives rejoice! Our time has come. The "New National Socialists"-A.K.A. the Democratic Party-have revealed themselves for what they are,scheming,lying,kniving,elitist snobs. They hold the average citizen in disdain,and look down their noses at us common peasants.

For much too long they have arrogantly ignored the will of the people. However the people will be heard. Come November third quite a  few of these folks will-God willing-be packing up and getting out of Washington to make room for a new class of Citizen Legislators. The American Revolution lives on!!

Long live Our republic. Long live the Constitution. Long live the United States of America!

Thursday, October 21, 2010

An open letter to NPR concerning the unjust firing of Juan Williams

I would like to preface this by saying I am a conservative. Juan Williams and I would have some very strong differences of opinion. However I have always had a great deal of respect for Mr. Williams.

He has always-from what I have seen and heard-spoken what he believed to be the truth. He is a man of his convictions and does not shift positions depending on the prevailing political winds. What NPR has done to this man-for simply speaking honestly- is unconscionable!

Political correctness is a cancer that is eating away our freedom. Political correctness came out of Leninist and Stalinist Russia. It is an idea that you dare not speak an opinion that is contrary to what the "Party" line is. That party need not be the "Communist Party". It can be modern American Liberalism,current progressive thought or even conservative orthodoxy.

If I were on an airplane and saw some folks of Mideastern descent dressed up like jihadi's I would be nervous too!

I was once on a flight from San Diego shortly after Sept. 11. In fact it was one of the first flights after the no fly ban had been imposed following Sept. 11

There were six men on that flight of obvious Arab,or,Mideastern descent. Two were seated at the front of the cabin,two in the middle,and two near the rear. I was most definitely nervous. The flight crew were nervous too. About forty minutes into the flight all the passengers were ordered to stay in their seats for the rest of the flight and then the flight crew chose what they deemed to be loyal citizens to stand in a criss cross pattern in the isle to prevent anyone from storming the cockpit.

Bottom line it wasn't little old ladies from Pokeepsi that are spreading death and mayhem around the world,it is,Muslim fanatics,and it is only natural to be nervous about wondering if the guy in a white robe with a turban,or,a woman with a burka on your flight might want to kill you for being an infidel. After all it is a prime directive of Islam to kill the infidel wherever you may find him!!

Monday, October 18, 2010

Nancy Pelosi:My Job to get Democrats elected

In the video above one can see- Nancy Pelosi-a woman I once called a tyrant in "An open letter to Nancy Pelosi"-say her "priority is to get Democrats elected to congress! It seems she has all but forgotten that Her job is to Represent and serve the people of her district in California! Her first,foremost,and, ever present priority should be serving and representing her constituents,not,scoring points for fellow Dems.

After that outlandish statement she goes on to state that Her time is money and-with what can only be described as hubris and arrogance-say's..."whether I get a larger majority in my district is beside the point"...this is arrogance in the extreme!!

It appears that Nancy is taking for granted that she will get a majority of the vote in her re-election bid. Does Queen Nancy know something the rest of us don't? I know all the pundits of the MSM seem to think their is no sense in covering this race-after all how could John Dennis possibly win-and it is quite apparent that Pelosi thinks she has been anointed to that position,but, it ain't over till it's over!

There is still plenty of time before the election,and,the only poll that really counts is the one on November second. Pelosi's arrogance-and apparent lust for power-may well be her undoing

In recent times Pelosi's favorable rating have been dropping like a rock and it appears that Dennis may have as high as a 22 percent backing by likely voters with 17 percent undecided. Keep in mind that what poll results are available may be underestimated. The major organizations seem to be ignoring the race.

In recent elections the polls have often been wrong  with challengers delivering stunning upsets to incumbents that the pollsters and pundits thought were shew ins.

Ms Pelosi would do well to reign in her arrogance-as well as taking her re-election for granted- this is an election year like none seen for a very long time. The natives are restless-so to speak- and Queen Nancy could well find herself in the unemployment line!!
One can only hope

Saturday, October 16, 2010

Strange that no one seems to be following John Dennis vs Nancy Pelosi

It seems that no one has the time or inclination to follow the race for California district 8 the house seat held by Nancy Pelosi! Just try finding poll results for John Dennis vs. Nancy Pelosi. They are virtually nonexistent.

(By the way be sure and watch the Queen of arrogance in the video at the bottom of this post)

The most recent poll to be found at the time of this writing comes from a site called Birch tree Sustainable Studios. This is a poll done by an amature and the individual that did it even gives this disclaimer...

"I want to state up front that this poll is an extremely tiny sample size for an amateur poll of 14 surveys. A little background on how I conducted the poll, I placed ads in the 8th Congressional District via Facebook linking it to SurveyMonkey. As you can see by the ad to your left it was well designed, as I achieved a 16% survey completion rate which is very good for a randomized survey. I targeted that ad to San Franciscoians over the age of 18. I had to cancel my survey before it achieved 'scientifically' valid results because it was getting expensive running an ad in a market where CPMS were routinely over $3"
It seems a little odd that it is so hard to find information about the campaign of John Dennis against Nancy Pelosi. One would think by watching the Marxist propagandists in the MSM that Pelosi wasn't even running for re-election this year much less being opposed!!

Why has there been such silence about this race? It seems there was a bit of a dust up over a Dennis campaign commercial likening Pelosi to the "Wicked Witch of the West" from The Wizard of Oz...

However for all intents and purposes it seem john Dennis is a nonperson. Could it be that the queen of arrogance has worked with her minions in the liberal press to spike this story? It's enough to make on wonder.

Take time to watch "Her Arrogance" proclaim that she hasn't got the time to debate her opponent! Rather HER priority is to get Democrats elected to national office.

Whatever happened to representing the people of your district Queen Nancy? Watch Her Arrogance in the video below!!

Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Thirty eight black Republicans running for national office the most under reported story of the 2010 political season

In what is without a doubt the most under reported story of the 2010 political season it seems that there are no less than 38 black Republicans running for national office. That's right 38-three for Congress thirty five for the House-how is it that the "Old Media" has missed this? Then again how is it that the "New Media" hasn't picked up on this?

This blogger has to admit he missed it himself. If not for the Laura Ingraham Show-and her guest today Michael Steele-this blogger would have been clueless! In fact Steele made a statement in June concerning the historic amount of black Americans running for office this year on the federal,state,and local level...(click here for the full list).

This is amazing! The Republican party historically was the party of black Americans until the 30's when somehow the party of slavery-the Democrats-managed somehow to win them over to their side. What followed is a sad story of liberal philosophy and theories almost singlehandedly destroying the fabric of the American black social community. In fact through the endless entitlement mentality of the Democrats black Americans-as well as a multitude of other races-have been enslaved by dependency on the all-mighty government!

Hoorah! for these great Americans of color who have rejected the victim mentality of the Marxist Progressives-regressives actually- and have taken a stand for freedom,individual liberty,and the founding principles of this nation!

These are truly historic times that we are living in. It is clear that the people of this nation have had enough and after-the only poll that counts in- November the political discourse in Washington is quite likely going to change radically. We have the chance to have a whole new class of citizen legislators going to Washington and when they arrive-the professional political elite of- both parties are going to have a rude awakening as  these new representatives of the people make their mark!

The American people are a long suffering people-however-they will not tolerate abuses endlessly. The pols in Washington have awakened a sleeping giant and they are going to learn a valuable lesson in democracy from none other than "We the people"

Yes "We the people" red,black,yellow,white,what have you are rising up and taking OUR government back!

Long live freedom, long live democracy and long live the United States of America!!

Update: Check out this excellent article at "theblogprof"

Monday, October 11, 2010

MTV's phony Obama townhall meeting:Actors wanted

Obama gets book thrown at him. Where is the media coverage on this?
What has American politics come to? It seems that Barack Hussein Obama is so desperate for followers that he has actually turned to Hollywood to provide him with a receptive audience for a scheduled MTV town hall meeting.

The Drudge report had this link this morning to a site called with a job posting seeking actors for....

" PRESIDENT OBAMA TOWN HALL, DC MTV, BET, and CMT (prods.) are casting the audience for A Conversation with President Obama, a town hall meeting with President Obama."
As of this posting Drudge is showing a link to Jake Tapper's ABC News page titled "Casting Call for Audience of Obama’s MTV Town Hall?"

Is this what it has come to for "O"? Traditionally Presidents have had their party hand out tickets to the general public for this sort of thing, but, not Barack, seems the Prez is so insecure that he has to have the audience vetted ahead of time to make sure no one asks any- what can we say-uncomfortable questions.

Barack Obama is a one term wonder. He is another Jimmy Carter! This guy knows that He and his minions Pelosi and Reid -as well as- a large number of incumbent Democrats have had it come November.

It is truly sad that it has come to this. Having to handpick what amounts to actors to stage a phony "town hall event" in order to prop up his failed socialist policies.

The American people are waking up. They will no longer be hoodwinked by this pretender and his lackeys in the Democratically controlled Congress.

By the way... the pic at the top of this page shows a book being thrown at Obama during a rally in Philadelphia! Where oh where is the MSM on this one?? When W had a shoe thrown at him-by a disgruntled Iraqi- the media was all over it!! However Barack gets a book thrown at him by an American audience and not a word!!

This blogger had to depend on a British news source "Mail Online" for this information. Can anyone say "LAPDOG PRESS"!! That is what the "traditional American Media" has become a lapdog for Obama.

It used to be that the MSM used to claim to be fair and unbiased. I say I prefer "Fair and Balanced".