Sunday, June 27, 2010

People are being raped on America's southern border. It's time for the federal government to do it's job

This video is highly disturbing. I found this at after using this search term on google-The war on America's southern border -there are some excellent articles listed on this page that really shed light on how bad the situation is on our border with Mexico. Suffice it to say that Mexico is being a really bad neighbor.

An excellent site to visit is a blog called "Stand Up America" and the article "War on the southern border".
Consider this quote from that article...

"Just this week, next to the home of U.S. Army Intelligence training base Ft Huachuca, the United States has been invaded by foreign enemies. These enemies are Narco-terrorists, illegal aliens, criminals, etc. Sadly, Americans have been informed to stay clear from Buenos Aires National Wildlife Refuge"

This is unbelievable American citizens are banned from a national wildlife refuge-some 3500 acres to be exact-because it is effectively under the control of Mexican drug thugs rather than the Federal government. Mr. Obama bears a heavy burden of responsibility here-as well as -every congress man or woman in this nation. They have sworn solemn oaths to "protect this nation against all enemies foreign and domestic".

Well from where I set they have all failed at upholding that oath. Instead we see them constantly wringing their collective wrists worrying about not being politically correct while our countrymen in the border states suffer. I've got news for them their inaction on illegal immigration, and, the border problem, is becoming politically incorrect darned fast!!

Meanwhile the main stream media is in a tizzy over Arizona's new anti illegal immigrant legislation. Missouri has had a very tough new group of laws to combat this problem for years(for more on Missouri's laws click here). I live in Missouri and can tell you our laws have made it very difficult for illegals to live here. Under Missouri law The Missouri Highway Patrol can demand proof of legal residency from anyone they arrest. If a person is here illegally they are handed to the feds for deportation!

If you are an illegal in Missouri all state benefits are off limits to you. You cannot get state aid , get college tuition from the state or enroll in our state health care plan. Believe me we see a whole lot fewer Mexicans roaming the streets in Missouri now days. It is high time that our President take action on this.

Here's what Barack should consider. In the earl y 1900's we had a similar problem with Mexico. Then President Taft sent the U.S.Army to Texas to secure the border. Later Woodrow Wilson sent a Missouri boy John Pershing, along with 500,000 soldiers down into Mexico to take car of the problem. It was taken care of and for most of the 20th century there were no major issues with this area. But then in the 60's the libs started letting the illegals in. A drop became a trickle and now the trickle has become a flood!

Mr. President it is time to dispatch a large contingent of American troops to our southern border and get this situation under control. Failure to do so may well lead to disaster!! Mr. President please put a stop to the raping and killing on the border with Mexico social justice demands it!!!