Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Hillary's report to the U.N on the state of human Rights in America

Well chalk up another historic first for the Obama administration! For the first time our State Dept-headed by Hillary Rodham Clinton- has submitted a report on the state of Human Rights in America to the High Commissioner of  Human Rights at the U.N.

What is interesting is that we are reporting to a commission who has counted such illustrious defenders of human rights as The Peoples Republic of China, Libya, Russia, Algeria, Saudia Arabia, to name just a few, in it's membership.

There are some parts of this report with which I can agree and find interesting . This report starts by stating that America was founded on the principle that Mankind is endowed with unalienable rights. I have to ask though why has this administration -as well as Congress- seemingly hell bent on trampling those rights?

The report then covers what is the mission statement of the Constitution "To form a more perfect union" Why has this administration worked almost tirelessly to divide the people?

This report goes on to extol what has made this country great ,respect for individual liberty, dignity, and human rights, in fact it even has this passage with which I cannot disagree...
"The principles enshrined in the Constitution and the system of government that it prescribes—including the checks and balances between the legislative, executive, and judicial branches, as well as the reservation of significant authority and autonomy for the fifty states joined together in a federal system—have been the basic building blocks of a government of the people, by the people, and for the people "
Then why have this administration and Congress made a habit of undermining the Constitution, defying the will of the people and labeling as extreme anyone who dare question them?
From this point on it begins to sound like a Democratic Party fundraising letter presenting a litany of pet bills and projects of the Democratic Party past present and future. It also heaps mounds of praise on our glorious leader Barack Hussein Obama! To be continued.

Thursday, August 26, 2010

Allen West wins big in Florida primary chalk one up for the Tea party another blow to the MSM

Virtually ignored by the leftist media Allen West candidate for Congress from Florida's 22nd district
won a respectable victory over his opponent Ron Klein in  the Florida Primary Tuesday night. Yet how many people have even heard of him? I first learned of Mr. West from a post on this blog by my co-contributor Movefearlessly.

This simply amazes me. If this guy was a liberal newcomer up against a conservative the MSM would have been all over him. However turns out Mr. West is a conservative candidate-and has been endorsed by the Tea Party-so heaven forbid the left wing media say a word about him.

This is exactly the reason I started blogging. It makes me mad as hell to have those idiots promote themselves as fair and balanced-and I ain't talkin Fox News here- with a straight face.
Consider this quote from MSNBC's "First Read" concerning the Florida Primary...
"The latest movement in Florida: We’re convinced that Florida’s three-way Senate contest will be the most fascinating -- and unpredictable -- Senate race this fall. Here are some of the developments after Tuesday’s primaries: The Meek campaign issued press releases that highlighted Crist previously calling himself a conservative, trying to blunt Crist’s appeal among Democrats… After Meek’s primary victory, the Democratic Senatorial Campaign Committee released a statement praising Meek’s win, but didn’t name his opponents as it had done after past primaries… And Marco Rubio released his first general-election TV ad, which appeared to be an obvious attempt to gain support beyond his GOP base. Lots of maneuvering by all three sides… By the way, meet Rick Scott, the GOP nominee for governor in Florida, on today's “Daily Rundown.”
Not one word about this fine man not one. I hope this guy wins big in the general election it'll be interesting to see how the MSM try to twist him into being some kind of terrorist,racist, right wing mobster. Be even better to see him get to Washington and have a chance to help put Obama,Reid and Pelosi where they belong,in the unemployment line!!!

Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Beltway Blips replaced by a new Beta site Thoora.com

In an earlier post I broke the news that Belt way Blips had disappeared from the Internet without explanation.Now I am breaking the  news that Beltway Blips has been replaced by a new Beta site calling itself Thoora.

Thoora has this head line on their landing page "Discover what the world is talking about" and uses twitter feeds to discover what is causing the most buzz on the Internet and in the blogosphere.

Here's how it works...

Thoora aims to turn how we obtain ,and,view our news.This looks to become the next big social network phenomenon. Stay tuned for further updates ,and,remember if this site becomes big remember you heard it first here.

Beltway Blips disappears with no explanation

Thank you for your interest, but the website you are trying to visit is no longer being supported

That-to my surprise-is what I found as I tried to log on to "Beltway Blips" last night. Beltway Blips a site that aggregated and posted blog posts from around the Internet inexplicably disappeared last night. Just yesterday I read their news letter telling who the top posts were for their site in the month of August but when I tried to login to their site last night this is all I could find.

Anything associated with Ball Hype, Show hype or Daily Radar has simply become nonexistent. I did find a post from the blogger behind the site,Louis Gray, saying he had taken a job with My6sense.

Just an observation. As someone who recently joined Beltway Blips it would have been nice to have been told in the newsletter they were shutting down. For now just consider me confused. As for Beltway Blips it looks like a good site has gone down the drain. I can only imagine that there are a bunch of bloggers scratching their heads this morning

Sunday, August 22, 2010

Here's images from The Stand Up Arizona event the MSM will never show

(Warning this video contains some explicit language that some may find offensive)

I found this over at The Jimmy Z Show it shows a black man-and great American- by the name of Ted Hayes an activist who supports Arizona's immigration law delivering an impassioned-and I mean impassioned-speech in defense of the Arizona law.

This guy is amazing. There is a point when Mr.Hayes tells these tea party type people that they have moved closer to blacks than blacks have moved to them. He calls out both blacks and Latinos for their own racism.

The main stream media would have us all think that the grassroots movement-which has many faces-called the "Tea Party" movement is racist this video proves that to be a lie. This is about all Americans-whether red,black,white,yellow, or whatever coming together to secure this country against what is-in essence- a foreign invasion.

This is a powerful video and not only is it time for Arizona to stand up,but, all of America to stand up, and , say this is our country and we won't let you take it away!

Friday, August 20, 2010

The Left owes George Bush and our military an apology

                   (Warning some of the conversation from Maddcow is baloney)
A chapter in American history is drawing to a close-Operation Iraqi Freedom-and the people of Iraq have been given the opportunity to create for themselves a democratic republic. Yet talking heads like Rachael Maddow(I call her Maddcow) still can't bring themselves to admit that -not only was "Iraqi freedom" a success but so too was the "surge" that finally broke the back of the insurgency.

True there is still a lot of random violence on the Iraqi street,but, there is a hell of a lot of that right here in our own country. We don't have ieds going off-yet-there are more people killed in our cities on a given day than in Iraq.

What the M.S.M still cannot accept is that the world is a better place because of this operation. One of the worst tyrants in history-a lunatic on the par with Hitler and Stalin-has been removed not only from power-but literally from this world. A place that potentially could have become an incubator for al-kaida has been shut down and that band of deviant rogues have been forced to take up shop elsewhere.

The brave men and women who have fought the good fight in Iraq deserve better than what they have gotten from the likes of Maddow et al. This war could have been wrapped up sooner if the MSM hadn't become an Alie to the terrorists in Iraq, Through their one sided and twisted coverage of the war during the Bush years they gave aid and comfort to this nation's enemies and-I believe- emboldened the insurgents- as well as giving them fodder for anti-American propaganda.

George Bush-though flawed in domestic policy- stuck to his guns and would not back down. If he had buckled to Maddow and her ilk in the leftist media there would have been a blood bath in Iraq. This isn't even taking into account some of the nonsense spouted by Reid, Pelosi and Obama-as well as -other Democrats!

Yeah the MSM Pelosi, Reid, Obama and all the nattering naysayers of negativism on the left owe George Bush AND our fighting men and women one hell of a big apology!!

Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Remember who we are by Krista Branch

This is a fantastic video. We really do need to remember who we are. Americans-blessed by God- to be free and to spread freedom. Let freedom ring!!

Latest addition to the Music of Freedom page.

Sunday, August 15, 2010

Ground Zero Mosque:Carrying on the Islamic tradition of desecrating other peoples Holy Ground

The Dome of the Rock-an icon of Islam-also a glaring example of Islamic desecration of a Holy site precious to both Jews and Christians. To many Americans the real estate near ground zero is hallowed ground. One has to ask the question why is it so imperative to build a huge mosque so close to where nearly 3000 people died in an attack by faithful adherents to Islam.

Yes the people who took down the twin towers were truly faithful Muslims. They took seriously the commandments of the Koran to kill -what Islam considers infidels-any one who will not submit to Islam. You see that is the dirty little secret of our times Islam does not mean peace, it means, submission, the Koran calls for any who will not submit to it's dictates to die.

Yet our politicians -mostly on the left-keep trying to apologise for the truly extreme nature of Islam. What do you suppose would happen if we wanted to go build a Southern Baptist church in Mecca, and not just an ordinary church, but a mega church? I'll tell you what would happen the Muslim world would come unglued and we would see huge demonstrations on television of angry Muslims wanting to kill the "infidel dogs"-remember how they came unglued over the cartoons of Mohammad-yes the Muslim world would once again show it's true colors.

Islam is a danger to our country-and Wahhabism in particular-America it's time to stand up and recognize that Islam is not a religion it is an extreme political ideology masquerading as a religion.

Thursday, August 12, 2010

Bill with no name one giant pork barrel!

Architect of the Capitol

What started as a bill to tax CEO bonuses,then morphed into an aviation bill, has now-it seems- turned into a massive bailout of the teachers,firefighters, and police unions-and God knows- what else. I first heard of the "Bill with no name" over at CNSNews.

The more I researched this the more confusing it became. This bill is a never ending labyrinth of special interest amendments and pork barrel spending. Here is a link that lists all the major actions taken on this bill with amendments. (Click here to read)

What follows is a mere sampling of some of the baloney-excuse me pork-in this bill
the first I'll mention is laudable-yet I would say questionable-its a proposal "To reduce the deficit by establishing discretionary spending caps " another i found interesting was an amendment
"To establish an earmark moratorium for fiscal years 2010 and 2011" seems to me if this had been taken seriously the rest of this can of legislative garbage would not exist!

One has to really wonder what the heck planet these people are on! The bad thing is-that as citizens get more engaged-and read theses things- the politicians can't believe that things like the "Tea Party"movement aren't real! Bills like this are why the "Read the Bill" movement is picking up steam.

Take a moment to follow the links on this page and get educated. They say crafting Bills in Congress is a lot like making sausage. That well may be true but if Congress were a sausage factory the F.D.A. would be forced to shut them down for producing a severely contaminated product!

Sunday, August 8, 2010

Boo Hoo hoo"Chuck Rangle I tried to make a deal....But GOP wanted trial".

Rep. Charles Rangel told Harlem leaders Saturday he signed a plea deal on ethics charges but that the GOP pushed for a trial

The New York Daily News is reporting that Chuck Rangle tried to cut a plea deal with the House ethics committee but that GOP members but a quash on the deal.

What ya trying to hide Charlie? This,to me is like trying to plead the fifth, if you do it's like an automatic admission of wrong doing.

In my opinion its becoming clearer and clearer that Mr. Rangle has been up to no good. Rangle has had a lot of bad publicity of late-beginning in 2008- when he faced charges of failing to pay taxes, was charged with violating House rules by accepting gifts from corporate interests to living in rent stabilized apartments in New York city. (Click here for more)

Now o'l Chuck is crying that maybe, just ,maybe this could have all been swept under the rug except for the evil old GOP! Ha what the heck ever happened to draining the "swamp"? Whatever happened to the most "transparent and ethical" congress in history?

These liberal hypocrites are starting to make me sick. It's time for the "voters" to "drain the swamp"!! It's high time Pelosi,Reid,and Rangle-as well as any other dems of their ilk- to hit the road!!
People its time conservatives,libertarians, and conservative democrats take our nation back and throw any of theses bums out,of any political stripe, who won't live under the laws they pass for the rest of us,and who, won't follow the Constitution !

Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Roy Blunt trounces Robin Carnahan in Missouri Primary.

Well it seems the results of Missouri's vote on Prop C has gotten conservatives excited, but, there is some other news from the "Show Me State" that also bodes ill for the Democratic Party com November.

According to the Missouri Secretary of State web site Roy Blunt -the Republican Candidate for U.S. Senate- garnered 409,798 votes compared to Carnahans 264,733 votes.

Blunt earned 70.9% of republican votes where as Carnahan had 83.8% of the Democratic vote. If one takes theses numbers and add them to the more than 70% percent vote that Prop C got then I would say the natives are very restless in Missouri. Matter of fact-it is my opinion- that Carnahan and -anyone or anything- connected to Obama, the Democratic party, and their socialistic liberal agenda is going to go down in flames come November.

The Democrats in congress thought that all the protests against-as Sarah Palin would say-their "Hopey changy thing" was just "AstroTurf" well Queen Nancy what do you think now?

In Missouri races for Us Reps. the Republican Candidate for Missouri District 2 got 71,424 votes compare to the Democrat candidates votes of 24,092 and it goes on and on.

If Missouri is-as the news media like to say-a "bell weather state- then I think come November conservatives could have control if not two houses then at least one house of Congress.

Monday, August 2, 2010

Hypocritical NAACP revisited

I like this photo-but- the NAACP hates it. they claim its a sign of Tea Party hared,racism, and bigotry!

It's all a part of their Campaign Against hate! They even have a new website, I hadn't seen, before that has a montage of ,tea party, pictures on it that they just have their panties in a wad about.

Well, I have one question for these hypocrites, where were you when the left was spewing so much, hate, vitriol, and threats of violence against George W. Bush!?

Check this picture out that I found after a simple search for "protests against George Bush"
Compare that to the Cream of Nothing pic posted above and the lampoon of Obama seems pretty lame. I mean they were constantly likening Bush to a chimp, or Hitler, or I don't know what . I can't begin to name or describe some of the trash I saw displayed about Bush,let alone the death threats, heck Obama has had it pretty easy.

I have to admit that when I see the posters of Obama as the Joker I cring, or the pics of him looking like a pimp smoking a J, this sort of thing does a disservice to the Tea Party and Conservative cause!

That said I have not seen near the vitriol and out right hate projected against Obama that I have seen directed at Reagan, Bush Sr. or W.

Where you you -NAACP- when film directors were making films about the assassination of Bush-hoping and praying -someone would be inspired to take up a gun and do it?

Where were you when people were openly calling for his death, and others were publicly wishing Cheney would drop dead from a heart attack?

Where were you when McCain supporters were afraid to put McCain bumper stickers on their cars for fear of retribution from blacks. (My wife actually forbid me from putting one on our van fearing violence) where in the h--l were you?

Seems to me your much bally hooed "Campaign against hate: is nothing more than rank hypocrisy!!

Sunday, August 1, 2010

Missouri Democratic Party all fired up over Joe The Plumber ad!

  In the waning days of the primary campaign in Missouri the Democratic party of Missouri is all fired up over a Joe the Plumber ad in support of Republican Senate candidate "Joe Perguson". I first learned of this story the "Prime Buzz" section of he KC Star online.

In a complaint filed with the FEC they allege that o'l Joe produced the ad with the help of a Missouri organization-ran by a conservative African American blogger-known by the name of "The Black Sphere". It also states that joe didn't identify who approved the ad_and further more -GASP- he didn't register himself as a "Political Committee".

What a crock of baloney. This is exactly what is so screwed up about so called "campaign finance reform". It is an horrendous infringement on the right to free speech.

The first amendment is all about political and religious speech. The framers of the Constitution intended that there be no limits on political speech or religious exercise, and yet, the campaign finance laws we have now can be used to stop someone like Joe the Plumber from expressing his support for a candidate he likes. This is just plain old wrong.

In the opinion of this blogger the only campaign finance laws there should be is disclosure in how much some one or organization gave. After that there should be no limits or restrictions. If one candidate has gotten all their money from one special interest or organization, and, another candidate has gotten their money from the grass roots, then let people decide in the free market of ideas who to support.

Don't get all fired up and try to use stupid laws  to silence those who oppose you!