Thursday, August 12, 2010

Bill with no name one giant pork barrel!

Architect of the Capitol

What started as a bill to tax CEO bonuses,then morphed into an aviation bill, has now-it seems- turned into a massive bailout of the teachers,firefighters, and police unions-and God knows- what else. I first heard of the "Bill with no name" over at CNSNews.

The more I researched this the more confusing it became. This bill is a never ending labyrinth of special interest amendments and pork barrel spending. Here is a link that lists all the major actions taken on this bill with amendments. (Click here to read)

What follows is a mere sampling of some of the baloney-excuse me pork-in this bill
the first I'll mention is laudable-yet I would say questionable-its a proposal "To reduce the deficit by establishing discretionary spending caps " another i found interesting was an amendment
"To establish an earmark moratorium for fiscal years 2010 and 2011" seems to me if this had been taken seriously the rest of this can of legislative garbage would not exist!

One has to really wonder what the heck planet these people are on! The bad thing is-that as citizens get more engaged-and read theses things- the politicians can't believe that things like the "Tea Party"movement aren't real! Bills like this are why the "Read the Bill" movement is picking up steam.

Take a moment to follow the links on this page and get educated. They say crafting Bills in Congress is a lot like making sausage. That well may be true but if Congress were a sausage factory the F.D.A. would be forced to shut them down for producing a severely contaminated product!
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