Sunday, August 15, 2010

Ground Zero Mosque:Carrying on the Islamic tradition of desecrating other peoples Holy Ground

The Dome of the Rock-an icon of Islam-also a glaring example of Islamic desecration of a Holy site precious to both Jews and Christians. To many Americans the real estate near ground zero is hallowed ground. One has to ask the question why is it so imperative to build a huge mosque so close to where nearly 3000 people died in an attack by faithful adherents to Islam.

Yes the people who took down the twin towers were truly faithful Muslims. They took seriously the commandments of the Koran to kill -what Islam considers infidels-any one who will not submit to Islam. You see that is the dirty little secret of our times Islam does not mean peace, it means, submission, the Koran calls for any who will not submit to it's dictates to die.

Yet our politicians -mostly on the left-keep trying to apologise for the truly extreme nature of Islam. What do you suppose would happen if we wanted to go build a Southern Baptist church in Mecca, and not just an ordinary church, but a mega church? I'll tell you what would happen the Muslim world would come unglued and we would see huge demonstrations on television of angry Muslims wanting to kill the "infidel dogs"-remember how they came unglued over the cartoons of Mohammad-yes the Muslim world would once again show it's true colors.

Islam is a danger to our country-and Wahhabism in particular-America it's time to stand up and recognize that Islam is not a religion it is an extreme political ideology masquerading as a religion.
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