Wednesday, September 11, 2013

9-11-2001 Twelve years later

Never forget 9-11-2001 or 9-11-2012
Well it has been a while since I have haunted the pages of this blog,but,on the twelfth anniversary of 9-11-2012 and the first anniversary of 9-11-2012 I felt it proper and necessary to write down my thoughts and remembrances of those days.

I'll start with Sept 11,2001. At that time I was a student in seminary in Kansas City Missouri. I had no classes the day before and my first class on that fateful Tuesday morn was not until 10:00 am.
So I left my home -approximately 125 mile from KC around 6:00 am.

The trip was uneventful. At that time the only talk station I could get all the way to KC was a local NPR station that I found out later was not broadcasting live that morning. I had no idea of what was happening as I traveled to my destination. I arrived in KC around 9 o'clock that morning. It was a wonderful day. Not a cloud in sight-but -a strange sight met my eyes as I pulled into the parking lot on campus.

I looked into the sky and saw a contrail in the sky in the form of a perfect circle-I later found out it had been left by a jet circling waiting to land at KCI airport- I didn't think much about it as I was a short distance north of the city airport in Kansas City and a little east of Kansas City International. As of yet I still did not know what was happening .

I went to my room turned on the T.V with the sound muted and began studying. It wasn't until nine forty five when I turned up the sound and actually looked at the picture that I had my first clue that something was not right in America!

I simply could not believe what I was seeing it appeared that jet airliner had just hit one of the towers at that moment I heard Katy Curic telling me I was watching a replay of just that  a plane hitting the World Trade Center! I thought I had been seeing a preview of some Hollywood movie-and- thought wow these special effects re getting too good. Unfortunately it was not a special effect it was the real thing.

Over the next hours I sat transfixed watching the news filled with horror,grief,anger,and sorrow. I raged and prayed and wept at what I saw happening to my countrymen.

 It is a day I will never forget. I could write a book about the things I saw and experienced that day alone. The only comfort in the whole day came at Chapel at noon that day. My fellow students and I ,along with faculty and staff gathered in the Chapel to seek God and to pray for the victims of this horrific event.

There were students there from Africa,Europe,China all over the world,but,on that day, in that hour, we were all Americans. This account barely scratches the surface of that day,and,the days that followed. Time has brought a certain amount of closure,but,the wounds of that day still seem fresh all these years later.

Flash forward to Sept.11,2012 I don't remember when I first heard about Benghazi. It was probably sometime on the 12 0f Sept last year. One thing I do recall is thinking this is what happens when you have a weak President in the White House. This was the culmination of a President trotting the globe apologizing for all the supposed sins of America. This was the expected outcome from a President that projected an image of weakness rather than strength. I felt as though this would never have happened under George W. Bush,and if it had, it would have been met with a swift and decisive response.

Instead what we got was a cover up, lies,smokescreens,and out right propaganda from this corrupt administration! And still the smokescreen continues. The latest is this Syrian debacle. It has most assuredly done what it was intended to do,take America's attention off from Benghazi,the NSA scandal, the IRS scandal and all the other scandals of this administration .

In Benghazi we saw the unbelievable as a President did nothing for hours as an American Ambassador and three other brave American heroes died. Obama,or someone in his administration-told forces that could have helped to stand down while other assets that could have been brought to bear on the situation were never called in.

If the truth ever comes out while this man is still President I believe it will lead to his impeachment. I was proud of the way George Bush handled 9-11-2001. I have been sickened by what has happened in Obama's America since 9-11-2012!