Sunday, March 13, 2011

Freedom for Libya

We have all seen the images on t.v. people all over the middle east rising up against tyranny and demanding freedom! First in Tunisia,then in Egypt,Bahrain,Yemen,and then Libya. We have seen the images of thousands upon thousands of ordinary rank and file people getting courage and becoming bold enough to demand that the dictators that have ruled their lives leave and allow them to be free!

These are exciting times. We are witnessing a sea change in the thinking of people in the Muslim world. I believe that they are rejecting what Al-Qaeda-has been preaching-and have instead embraced the ideals of freedom and self determination that we cherish so highly!

I have watched the pundits on television wring their hands with worry that if the United States becomes involved in another Islamic country it would work against us. Hog wash! In Libya the people-ordinary people-old men-young men-and women-have stood up against a tyrant and are demanding freedom!

America has a golden opportunity here to win the hearts and minds of a Muslim world that has rejected the ideology of Al-Qaeda, and instead has embraced,the fundamental ideals of freedom and self determination,that are the bedrock of all republics.

Now is the time for America,Europe,and the entire free world, to stand with the freedom fighters in Libya,impose a no fly zone,and provide air support to the people of Libya in their fight for liberty and freedom.

Failure to act  on our part may  well open a door for Al-Qaeda-to exploit the situation-convince the people we care nothing of freedom for them-and allow Al-Qaeda to win the war of ideologies!