Tuesday, January 10, 2012

I like to fire people too!

Well, well, well, the lame stream media is at it again. Yes the meisters of spin are in overdrive twisting and taking out of context the words of Mitt Romney who said"I like to fire people".

It was all over the morning shows...
                 "Romney makes mistake on campaign trail"
or some drivel like that. Give me a break by now we all know Mitt was talking about firing his insurance company!

This is what's wrong-not with politics-but journalism! Instead of just reporting the story in its context and allowing people to decide for themselves they chose to try to fool people into thinking Mitt loves nothing better than to fire working people and then laugh at their misfortune.

What intellectual dishonesty! For the sake of full disclosure I admit right here that I am no fan of Mitt Romney. I think he is a great guy,a good upright moral man,but,I don't want him to be President. With that said neither can I sit idly by while the media distort what Romney said. in regards to insurance companies he was saying he likes to have the choice not to retain their services.

Hell who doesn't. If the restaurant I go to doesn't serve me well I'll go somewhere else. Oh my God I just fired that establishment!

Come to think of it it is the same in the real world-as I heard on the radio today- haven't we all worked wit h some jerk we wish we could fire?

Its time we be honest with each other we all like to fire people. I like to fire people and I can think of three people I would really like to fire,Barack Obama,Harry Reid,and Nancy Pelosi and if I have to vote for Romney for that to happen, I will! I know Mitt will like firing them now lets see if our other candidates want to too.

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