Thursday, January 5, 2012

After The Tea Party: Revolution,The Solutions Revolution!

What comes after the Tea Party? Revolution!! So say's Herman Cain in his latest video launching his new campaign "Cain Solutions Revolution"!! Wow he is back and back big time!

Herman is inspiring,defiant, and sounding a rallying call for all true conservatives to stand up and be counted!
Cain say's "We the people are coming and we want our power back".

Well said Herman. We the people are sick and tired of politicians who think they can manipulate us. Who think that we are just pawns in their power game!

The sleeping giant of the American populace is indeed awake and we want real change. Not the phony change of the Obama regime but the change that  will come when we return to the founding principles of this great republic.

Cain calls for a revolution,for history to repeat,in other words for We The People to stand up and let All the politicians, both left and right, that it is We The People who call the shots.

His is a clarion call for all those who love this country to put our elected officials on notice that real change in this country comes from the bottom up not the top down!

We don't need a nanny state telling us what is good for us. Rather we demand a government that will respond to the will of We The People!

Herman begins this video by saying "they think we are stupid". In other words the liberal media, the Democratic party ,and so called progressives,both left and right. perceive us as mindless sheep who are easily led.

Nothing is further from the truth! It is indeed time to stand up and demand that our elected representatives in Washington do what we say not the other way around!!
I urge all who read this to visit today and become a part of the Cain Train and participate in this new American Revolution where We The People will stand up to the new dictator in Washington and demand our power back!!

P.S. It is patently obvious by now that the Liberal media smear campaign involving the phony bimbos that smeared Mr.Cain was nothing more than tawdry muckraking and character assassination! Period!

Those women claimed it was not political. B--lsh-t. Where is Madame Gloria Allred and her pack of flusies now? Herman is a man of character and integrity who was lynched by the liberal media. I say Herman get back in the race! You can still win this thing!
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