Thursday, May 27, 2010


I'm not going to write the post that's been eating at my heart and mind for most of the week; for one thing, I'm furious, and I have a very difficult time articulating in a sane and thoughtful manner when I feel this way. I will say: the fact that our Commander-in-Chief has decided against a visit to Arlington on Memorial Day in favor of a visit to Chicago (REALLY?? NOW you decide to honor your promises?) is distressing. Unseemly. Decidedly UN-presidential.

I love Memorial Day, and at the same time it's a holiday that hurts. It is incredibly appropriate that we observe the amazing sacrifice made by so many for the freedom we enjoy today. We should always remember that FREEDOM is not FREE - it is bought and paid for with the blood, sweat, and tears of those who cannot bear oppression. It is preserved by those whose courage and valor are greater than their love of comfort and wealth. The men and women who serve in our armed forces - directly AND indirectly - certainly at the least deserve a holiday commemorating the sacrifices they and their predecessors have made.

But to many people, this is a just another three-day weekend. Time to party, right? Yes, actually, it is - that, and a bit more. Celebrate your freedom by sharing it with your loved ones. Enjoy the get-togethers, barbecues, parties...and remember the sacrifices that purchased them.