Sunday, January 24, 2010

America Is Going To Do It Again

"Americas going to do it again". What a great song by Charlie Daniels. It resonates from another day when our enemies -as well as the usual crowd on the left- had written America off and were convinced we had seen our best day's. It was a time much like now.

The economy was bad, the Soviet Union appeared invincible, and many were sure they would start a war to destroy us. We were fractured and torn by the aftermath of Watergate and the Vietnam War.But then something happened that changed the course of our history: the Iran hostage crisis. America came together in a new surge of patriotism. Ronald Reagan ran for President and tapped into this new surge of national unity,and, eventually became president.

Today we have a somewhat similar situation. Many on the left have said -once again- that our best days are behind us and we are going to have to accept a lower standard of living. Add to that the fact that the Democrats in the last election misread the will of the people and thought that conservatism is dead. James Carville even said that the Democrats would rule politics for the next sixty years.

Alas now as then the nay sayers are wrong. America has reawakened, the people are coming together, and it may well be that we are witnessing a resurgence of conservatism. I have really been buoyed by the recent republican and conservative victories in what are very very blue states.

This is a time ripe for a person with the vision for, and faith in., this country similar to that of Ronald Reagan. I believe that just as in the previous times of trial this nation will rise to the occasion. We will stand as one against those who would ridicule and mislead this nation. We will stand as one against the naysayers, our enemies, and a government that has gotten a bit arrogant. And just as we did then America will do it again!

Thursday, January 21, 2010

A New American Revolution

A new American Revolution! That my friends is-what we are witnessing-a revolution akin to the one that swept Ronald Reagan into office.

On Jan 19 2010 Scott Brown became the first conservative elected to a Massachusetts senate seat in so long that a huge chunk of the population cannot remember a time when a Kennedy did not occupy the seat!
This was a stunning and impressive victory with huge implications for the nation. It represents the ongoing, and rapidly growing, disgust with Washington and the outright baloney they are trying to foist on the American people.

Browns victory represents the natural outcome of the town hall and tea party protests of the spring and summer of 2009! Indeed it is a bell weather of things to come for the Democrats and perhaps even some republicans in Congress. The message is clear ignore -and hold in contempt- the people at your own peril.

HA HA! I love it. Pelosi Reid and his highness B. Obama are now stymied in their attempt to cram socialised medicine down the throat of America. Serves theses arrogant s.o.b's right!

I for one am rooting whole heatedly for this new American Revolution and hope to see a whole lot more of the same come fall!!!! Ooh Rah!!!

Just an old school conservative Freedomlover.

Sunday, January 17, 2010

The Kennedy Seat?

Here he is the "Lion of the Senate". O'l Teddy himself. I kind of miss Ted he was a liberal you could love to hate well his politics anyway not the person. Since his passing all the speculation has been if the Dems can retain the :Kennedy seat".

The Kennedy seat?! It drives me nuts every time someone in the liberal media refers to the Senate seat of the people of Massachusetts as the "Kennedy seat"! True it has been occupied by a Kennedy for nearly 60 years or longer. but the seat is the people's seat not the property of one family or political party.

I actually was surprised some one of the Kennedy clan didn't make a run for it. It was my feeling that at least one of them would think they had some hereditary right to it. I bet Ted is spinning in his grave at the prospect of a Republican taking his FORMER seat and quite possibly helping to stop the healthcare bill that Kennedy fought so hard for.

One can only hope that Scott Brown can succeed where so many others have failed and change the "Kennedy seat" into a Massachusetts seat occupied by a Republican!

Monday, January 4, 2010

Global Warming? HAH!

Well here's my first post of the new year. The final installment in a three part series on global warming. As I write this it is near zero or even below, and ,is some of the coldest weather we have had for some time. I can't help but think global warming? Hah!

Since globalwarminggate I have done a little research on this subject and have learned that the weather seems to follow a 30 year pattern oscillating from warm to cold. It seems to me we are going back into a period of cooling as has been mentioned in the previous articles. I may be wrong but I'm willing to bet we have more colder winters ahead.

Yet Al Gore and his Democrat allies in congress are still talking about pushing a Cap and Tax bill through Congress in spite of the fact that more and more people don't want it. This shows the obstinate and arrogant character of Gore and company. In the wake of Climategate they are like this ice trapped on a spiders web. They have been undone by their own web of lies, half truths, and propaganda.

The last two or three summers here in my neck of the woods have been unusually cool and now it seems the winters are poised to become colder too. To which I once again say "global warming? Hah!!