Monday, January 4, 2010

Global Warming? HAH!

Well here's my first post of the new year. The final installment in a three part series on global warming. As I write this it is near zero or even below, and ,is some of the coldest weather we have had for some time. I can't help but think global warming? Hah!

Since globalwarminggate I have done a little research on this subject and have learned that the weather seems to follow a 30 year pattern oscillating from warm to cold. It seems to me we are going back into a period of cooling as has been mentioned in the previous articles. I may be wrong but I'm willing to bet we have more colder winters ahead.

Yet Al Gore and his Democrat allies in congress are still talking about pushing a Cap and Tax bill through Congress in spite of the fact that more and more people don't want it. This shows the obstinate and arrogant character of Gore and company. In the wake of Climategate they are like this ice trapped on a spiders web. They have been undone by their own web of lies, half truths, and propaganda.

The last two or three summers here in my neck of the woods have been unusually cool and now it seems the winters are poised to become colder too. To which I once again say "global warming? Hah!!
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