Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Congressman Alan Grayson: STFU


Hey Alan Grayson STFU that was your advice on MSNBC to Dick Cheney perhaps you should quit whining about a citizen of Florida exercising her Constitutional rights and read the Constitution!!

You arrogant Democratic S.O.Bs don't get it do you. The people of these United States are fed up with your stubborn self serving lying and conniving ways. They are sick to death of a government that has become the most unresponsive government to the will of the people in American history. They are tired of a Congress that seems hell bent on destroying the economy of this nation!

There was a reason why there were such large protests all over this country this past summer. The people have weighed you and your ilk in the scales and have found you wanting!! They have held you up against the standard of the Constitution and have seen you violating it. The people have spoken with a mighty voice and have been ridiculed as terrorists, Aryan supporters, fanatics,and worse.

Get this through your Neanderthal skull The People -as in We The People remember that phrase from the Constitution-are going to throw you and your fellow liberal bums out on your keesters in 2010. You will be humbled and your childish request to have Eric Holder jail an innocent critic will be your lunatic legacy and you will be a total laughingstock-but wait-you already are!!!

P.S. are you going to report me to Eric Holder too? Go ahead make my day and at the same time make my my blog famous!!!! By whining and crying the web site MYCONGRESSMANISNUTS.COM has probably had a million times more exposure than if you had kept your mouth shut, but then your not very good at Shutting the f--- up are you?

Post Script: on Dec. 30 2009 this post was visited by someone from the D.O.J. Perhaps Grayson has sicked Eric Holder and his minions on me. Ah well there is still freedom of speech

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