Monday, December 21, 2009

The Climate Change House of Cards Part 2

In an article from Capitalism Magazine entitled "We'd Better Be Right on Climate Science" former Astronaut and and Harvard trained geologist makes the following statement...

"Where is all the carbon dioxide produced by burning of fossil fuels? Geoscientists have long known that atmospheric carbon dioxide cycles through the oceans every five to 10 years, not every 200 years as claimed by the United Nations’ Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change. Furthermore, for every fossil-fuel carbon dioxide molecule added to the atmosphere, the ocean eventually soaks up about 50 carbon dioxide molecules. These observational facts mean we cannot cause the ballyhooed doomsday assumption of a “doubling of atmospheric carbon dioxide.”
Here's another shining example of how people have been lied to by the advocates of global warming as a fact. They claim that we are pumping all this carbon into the environment that stays there for years, thereby changing the climate.
The global warming crowd is playing on the ignorance of most people about real science. Note the part that says "Geoscientists have long known" that carbon is eliminated by our environment every five to ten years. That's not even taking into account the tons of carbon that gets locked up in every plant, tree, and shrub that grows and lives on Mother Earth.
We've been told that carbon is a pollutant! How in the heck can people swallow this tripe. Hell carbon -as we were all taught in elementary school- is a building block of all life. You would think the green crowd would welcome more carbon as it actually leads to increased growth of trees and such. Further more people and animals can survive some pretty warm temperatures. But just a small drop in temperature can kill us real quick.
I suspect there is more of an anti-capitalist- agenda a foot here. Why are they in such an hysterical rush to push through rules and regulations that will severely effect the economies of the industrialized world? It seems to me that what may be happening is the global elite want to live like kings while we-the ignorant unwashed- will be reduced to serfs and slaves.
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