Sunday, February 6, 2011

Happy Birthday Mr. President:Ronald Reagan's 100th

As you can tell by the title of this video Ronald Reagan was a true believer in the Idea that America can do anything it sets it's mind to do! In a sense he was championing the idea of "Yes We Can" long before O'bama and company co-opted the term.

While Ronald Reagan was President he was widely reviled in the media,and,called bellicose,stubborn,ignorant,reckless and even worse Today while watching the liberal media fawn over Reagan I sensed a wistful longing for this great man of vision to somehow return.

Here was a man who believed in the highest ideals of the American experiment that if free people were left to their own devices under minimal restraint from government their was no limit to what those people could achieve.

When Democrats and their servants in the media claimed America's best days were behind her Reagan countered by saying America's best days were yet to come.

When the Gipper first entered the Presidency America was in a situation similar to the one we find ourselves in today. The economy was in a depression and we were perceived by the world to be fading away and becoming increasingly  irrelevant.

Reagan changed all that. Through his unwavering belief in American exceptional ism  He challenged us to pick ourselves up, dust ourselves off, and be proud once more to be Americans and believe that we could reach for the stars and take control of our own futures.

There was no end to Reagan's faith in the power of the individual while always insisting that people could better solve the ills of the nation than any government program or agency.

He was the first President in a long time to invoke the original vision of our Founding Fathers, and ,was always a great Champion of those enduring values and ideals of individual freedom and responsibility,combined with a faith in God,and,a belief in the common sense of free men that lead this country to greatness.

So what would Ronald Reagan think of today's politics? I believe he would tell us once more that our greatest days are yet ahead. I believe he would be delighted with the Tea Party movement and their call to returning to our founding principals,and, most of all he would challenge us to look to ourselves for the solution to this country's problems,and, not the government.

America today needs a big dose of that Reagan optimism,common sense,and call to renewed American exceptional ism!