Monday, January 23, 2012

Cain may be out but 999 is still alive!

Herman Cain may well be out of the Presidential horse race but his 9-9-9 tax proposal is not.

It is high time for people of all political persuasions to demand real solutions from our elected officials in Washington.
  I have spoken here in the past about tax reform. In particular the Fair Tax.
If you consider yourself a Tea Party person-or are just plain tired of the tax code mess-then you need to get behind this proposal!

We all need to demand from ALL the candidates that they get behind this simple,common sense,and truly progressive idea for reforming the way we do taxes in America.

Now some have said that Cain's 9-9-9 plan for tax reform won't work. To that I say bullony! It worked out pretty well in Russia. Yep thats right Russia! And not only Russia but about 19 nations in total have instituted flat taxes,and, in most cases they have had good success with them.

Maybe a flat tax will work in America,maybe it won't,but I think it is well worth a try. It is my opinion that if we could let every American keep more of his or her own money that is a good thing.

If we can reduce corporate rates to 10 percent this country becomes a very attractive place for manufacturers to come and do business,and if ,you add in a flat national sales tax on new goods then everybody gets skin in the game because even people in the underground economy start paying taxes

Monday, January 16, 2012

Outrage in New York: Former Marine's second amendment rights violated.

credit: New York Post/Steven Hirsch
I found this today over at "The Blaze .com" it's a story of a former Marine who was arrested-and imprisoned- while visiting New York City!

Apparently this young man is a loyal,honest,law abiding citizen, whom the city of New York has decided is a threat to society!!

According to the article on the Blaze...

"It has not been lost on the public that a man who is both highly trained with weapons, and highly trusted by Uncle Sam, would now face several years in prison for an honest mistake with absolutely no negative outcome. Nobody was injured, nothing was damaged — it does not appear that anyone at the site of the incident was even particularly alarmed."
Yeah you read that right this young man faces at least 3and 1/2 years in prison! Why because he carried a licensed handgun into the Empire State building. As he was buying a ticket to the building  he realized he was  still packing a handgun and sought to check his gun in-when he did so-he was subsequently arrested and spent two days in the slammer for nothing more than exercising his Second Amendment rights under the Constitution  

It seems this young man is a jeweler who was carrying gold to New York to be melted down by a gold refiner.
He was carrying a licensed gun for personal protection. Well hell yeas if i were to go to New York with gold I would want a little protection myself.

What really ticks me off about this story is that this man is a third generation Marine,highly trained in the use of firearms,trusted by the government of these United States,as well as, someone who has honorably serves these United States.

This is nothing short of an outrage. The second amendment clearly spells out the right of citizens to "HAVE and BEAR arms" hello! How much longer will the people of these United States tolerate having their rights trampled underfoot by theses politically correct assholes?

Perhaps if New York City-and the entire east coast- would respect the Constitution maybe, just maybe, there would not be the level of crime and violence that plagues that part of the country.

If this story makes you mad then take action. Sound off against this outrage against this honorable man visit Free Ryan Jerome at In addition you can e-mail Bloombergs office  and city D.A  Cyrus Vance and demand that they follow the Second Amendment and stop this outrage today!

Wednesday, January 11, 2012

The end of America times are getting ready to become real tough

 Click here to learn more
Recently I watched a video from It was a video at showing in very simple easy to understand terms that the wheels are about to come off the American bus,and, very soon if something doesn't change real quick.

In fact it may already be to late. In the words of the video you will see at this site what is about to happen to this nation will threaten our freedom,security, and our very way of life.

The way we work,where we live,and in essence everything we do is about to radically change because we have spent way more money than we have and are printing worthless money at an astonishing rate.

Soon we may even see the dollar quit being the reserve currency of the world,at which time, America's money will be worth nothing,and, to put it mildly our asses will be cooked.

Please take time to visit these links,watch the video,and get prepared for the economic disaster that will rock this nation.Then if you don't like the idea that we may see the end of America check out this link outlining "How to stop the end of America"

God bless and may God save America

Tuesday, January 10, 2012

I like to fire people too!

Well, well, well, the lame stream media is at it again. Yes the meisters of spin are in overdrive twisting and taking out of context the words of Mitt Romney who said"I like to fire people".

It was all over the morning shows...
                 "Romney makes mistake on campaign trail"
or some drivel like that. Give me a break by now we all know Mitt was talking about firing his insurance company!

This is what's wrong-not with politics-but journalism! Instead of just reporting the story in its context and allowing people to decide for themselves they chose to try to fool people into thinking Mitt loves nothing better than to fire working people and then laugh at their misfortune.

What intellectual dishonesty! For the sake of full disclosure I admit right here that I am no fan of Mitt Romney. I think he is a great guy,a good upright moral man,but,I don't want him to be President. With that said neither can I sit idly by while the media distort what Romney said. in regards to insurance companies he was saying he likes to have the choice not to retain their services.

Hell who doesn't. If the restaurant I go to doesn't serve me well I'll go somewhere else. Oh my God I just fired that establishment!

Come to think of it it is the same in the real world-as I heard on the radio today- haven't we all worked wit h some jerk we wish we could fire?

Its time we be honest with each other we all like to fire people. I like to fire people and I can think of three people I would really like to fire,Barack Obama,Harry Reid,and Nancy Pelosi and if I have to vote for Romney for that to happen, I will! I know Mitt will like firing them now lets see if our other candidates want to too.

Now watch the rest of the story

Thursday, January 5, 2012

After The Tea Party: Revolution,The Solutions Revolution!

What comes after the Tea Party? Revolution!! So say's Herman Cain in his latest video launching his new campaign "Cain Solutions Revolution"!! Wow he is back and back big time!

Herman is inspiring,defiant, and sounding a rallying call for all true conservatives to stand up and be counted!
Cain say's "We the people are coming and we want our power back".

Well said Herman. We the people are sick and tired of politicians who think they can manipulate us. Who think that we are just pawns in their power game!

The sleeping giant of the American populace is indeed awake and we want real change. Not the phony change of the Obama regime but the change that  will come when we return to the founding principles of this great republic.

Cain calls for a revolution,for history to repeat,in other words for We The People to stand up and let All the politicians, both left and right, that it is We The People who call the shots.

His is a clarion call for all those who love this country to put our elected officials on notice that real change in this country comes from the bottom up not the top down!

We don't need a nanny state telling us what is good for us. Rather we demand a government that will respond to the will of We The People!

Herman begins this video by saying "they think we are stupid". In other words the liberal media, the Democratic party ,and so called progressives,both left and right. perceive us as mindless sheep who are easily led.

Nothing is further from the truth! It is indeed time to stand up and demand that our elected representatives in Washington do what we say not the other way around!!
I urge all who read this to visit today and become a part of the Cain Train and participate in this new American Revolution where We The People will stand up to the new dictator in Washington and demand our power back!!

P.S. It is patently obvious by now that the Liberal media smear campaign involving the phony bimbos that smeared Mr.Cain was nothing more than tawdry muckraking and character assassination! Period!

Those women claimed it was not political. B--lsh-t. Where is Madame Gloria Allred and her pack of flusies now? Herman is a man of character and integrity who was lynched by the liberal media. I say Herman get back in the race! You can still win this thing!