Saturday, August 1, 2009

Its an American Thing!

The Fair Tax. You might be wondering who's behind this? Is it the crazy left wing liberals? Maybe it's the wild eyed extremists on the right? My favorite by the way since I am one:). Or is it those loony libertarians?

Well with apologies to every one I just offended, the answer is non of the above! That's right none of the above. This transcends party. Fairtaxer's don't fit any predetermined mold. We come from all walks of life, rich, poor, upper class, middle class.

Some Own their own business, others work in factories, or in the medical field. No it's pretty hard to pigeonhole fair tax folk. Like the tea party protesters we represent a broad cross section of America, liberal, conservative, libertarian and everything in between.

That is what the fair tax is all about. It's an American thing, and , not about politics at all. It's about taking back control of our government, and returning power back to the people-and not the pols-where it belongs.

It's about keeping more of what is ours and not "spread the wealth" If you are sick and tired of the politicians in Washington burning YOUR money then the Fair Tax is for you.

If your tired of the attitude amongst our so called representatives that our substance is theirs not ours. Then the Fair Tax is for you.

If you just want to see this country return to the principles of freedom, liberty, and individual initiative upon which it was founded, then by all means go to today and sign up, volunteer, or contribute, so that our children will have a chance to live as free men and women!

Oh by the way it's time to demand: Freedom!
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