Friday, July 31, 2009

Bail out Mania!

Oh my God! I'm still not sure I want this picture on my site.

However it seems our old friend Dan Rather wants the government to intervene, and "save" journalism!

Lets take a look at Dan-in his own words- if you will.

Rather proposed a special White House commission to research a viable future for the media

A special White House Commission? Let me see here. Did the founders of this Great country put a White House committee for the media-or whatever- in the Constitution? NO! And not just No! But Hell No!

This smacks of a call for censorship. If the -quote unquote- "Traditional Media"- i.e in our time worn out liberal rags -can't make it in the modern world TO BAD!

This is about free market principles. If people like your product, they buy it,if they don't ,they go somewhere else.

Well guess what, for some time now people have CHOSEN to go somewhere else. They have decided to go to the blogosphere, they have chosen talk radio, they have chosen Fox News.

To sum it up people are sick and tired of the worn out nonsense, and outright propaganda of the so-called "Mainstream Media". They're tired of the lies, the bias, and the hypocrisy!
They're tired of liberal talking heads claiming to be "unbiased" when they clearly have a left wing agenda.

If you doubt this, look at the "love fest" the liberal media has going on for Obama!

People are tired of this crap! At least Fox news, Talk Radio, and Conservative bloggers admit they have a bias.

Take me for example I'm unabashedly biased toward the right. For myself I would have a lot more respect for these fools if they would just come clean and say "I'm a liberal and damn proud of it".

Conservatives aren't afraid to let the world know where they stand! Libs should start being proud and honest that they are libs. Otherwise they're just liars.

Bottom line new technologies have come along. People have alternatives to print media. Either they adapt and survive, or they die!

At one time we had people who made wagons. They made fine products,but one day a new product came to town, the car. People loved it and Detroit was born.

The wagon makers either started making cars or they went out of business.

The last thing we need is a government bailout of the media. And we darn sure don't need Washington telling me and you what to read or write!!!

End of story. Freedom!
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