Thursday, May 27, 2010


I'm not going to write the post that's been eating at my heart and mind for most of the week; for one thing, I'm furious, and I have a very difficult time articulating in a sane and thoughtful manner when I feel this way. I will say: the fact that our Commander-in-Chief has decided against a visit to Arlington on Memorial Day in favor of a visit to Chicago (REALLY?? NOW you decide to honor your promises?) is distressing. Unseemly. Decidedly UN-presidential.

I love Memorial Day, and at the same time it's a holiday that hurts. It is incredibly appropriate that we observe the amazing sacrifice made by so many for the freedom we enjoy today. We should always remember that FREEDOM is not FREE - it is bought and paid for with the blood, sweat, and tears of those who cannot bear oppression. It is preserved by those whose courage and valor are greater than their love of comfort and wealth. The men and women who serve in our armed forces - directly AND indirectly - certainly at the least deserve a holiday commemorating the sacrifices they and their predecessors have made.

But to many people, this is a just another three-day weekend. Time to party, right? Yes, actually, it is - that, and a bit more. Celebrate your freedom by sharing it with your loved ones. Enjoy the get-togethers, barbecues, parties...and remember the sacrifices that purchased them.

Monday, May 24, 2010

Support Matthew Burke for Congress and help stop Cap and tax!

I found this great video from the Heritage foundation over at The FreedomPost. This is a blog produced by Matthew Burke. Mr. Burke was the very first follower of this blog and I am honored to have him as one.

I was originally drawn to his blog by a post titled "What ever happened to limited government."
If you are a citizen of the state of Washington I strongly urge you to vote for Matthew Burke. I believe he will go to Washington and work to pull this country BACK to it's founding principles!!

That said please watch the video above. It exposes the truth of "Cap and Trade" that, if enacted in whatever pernicious form it will eventually take, it will kill the economy, kill jobs, and make us all beholden to the entitlement crowd in congress known as Democrats. Once again I call on anyone who reads this and cares about this country to contact their congressman or woman and demand they vote against this Job killing, economy killing piece of nonsense or else be voted out of office.

Sunday, May 23, 2010

The American Power act. Just another Washington power grab!

"Moving to a low-carbon economy must pro

tect the most vulnerable populations in the United
States, including low-income families that are particularly affected by volatility in energy prices.

If unchecked, the impact of climate change
will include widespread effects on health and welfare,including— increased outbreaks from waterborne diseases more droughts;diminished agricultural production severe storms and floods;
heat waves;wildfires; and a substantial rise in sea levels, due in part to — melting mountain glaciers ;shrinking sea ice; and thawing permafrost The most recent science indicates that the changes described in paragraph (11)(G) are occurring faster and with greater intensity than expected..." (Read the Bill here)


IMPACTS" section 2 of the American Power act-or as I like to call it the give more power to Washington act- the newest iteration of cap and tax being pushed by John Kerry in the Senate.

Whoever really wrote this nonsense is laying out the foundation for regulating carbon emissions in this country. However they once again rehash a litany of so called scientific evidence that has largely been discredited. what really glares at me is the term "Climate Change". Whatever happened to "Global Warming "? It's gone away because the left knows it doesn't exist.

I'll agree that evidence suggests that for some time in the 80's and early 90's temperatures were going up, but in recent time, we have seen record low temperatures all over the globe, as well as, snow and ice events in places where there is no memory of such things!

With that said consider this quote from "American Roundtable... " Most scientists do not believe human activities threaten to disrupt the Earth’s climate. More than 17,000 scientists have signed a petition circulated by the Oregon Institute of Science and Medicine saying, in part, “there is no convincing scientific evidence that human release of carbon dioxide, methane, or other greenhouse gases is causing or will, in the foreseeable future, cause catastrophic heating of the Earth’s atmosphere and disruption of the Earth’s climate.” (Go to for the complete petition and names of signers.) Surveys of climatologists show similar skepticism"...(read more here).

In fact there seems to be quite a bit of evidence that non of the imaginary climate change bogymen listed in the above mentioned section of the "American Power Act" will actually come to pass. What in the world are they trying to protect us from? Evidently nothing more than the Weather and that's been a constant since God created the world. Fact is it is the height of hubris to believe that such an infinitesimal creature as man has changed the climate of an entire world!

No I suspect that what this is all about is making more people dependent on the federal government-look at the mention of protecting low income folks from high energy prices-and increasing Washington's control over every aspect of the economy!!

I've said it before and I'll say it again, this country did not become great by central planning, this country became great from a very limited government,and private, and personal, initiative. I call upon any who read this to contact their congress man or woman and demand they vote against this misguided attempt to grow the power of the federal government!

Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Cap and Trade. Washingtons attempt to create a new economy!

Well cap and trade, or more properly called, cap and tax, has once again reared it's ugly head. Thanks to good old John Kerry a new iteration of this nightmare of government abuse of power is starting to wind it's way through the Senate.

It is euphemistically called "The American Power Act". Give me a brake it should really be called surrender of all power and control to the government act!

This thing is a real turkey. My opinion of what I've seen of it is that it is a bail out Al gore's carbon tax trading company act. After all Al Gore and his cronies stand to make BILLIONS trading carbon credits.

This is where the idea of the government seeking to completely remake the economy of this country comes in. A brief perusal of just some of the section titles makes it abundantly clear that by the end of the day our economy will be transformed from a capitalist free market economy into a n economy totally planned and run from Washington. This IS NOT how this country became great.

We became great because in the beginning the Constitution provided a free and stable place for the PEOPLE to create a new economy that became the envy of the world. Let me say that again the greatest economy in the history of the world was created in this country as a result of FREEDOM not government central planning.

The soviets tried this "central planning" of the economy thing and that ended in horrific failure. Do we REALLY want to travel down that same dead end road? I think not. Please -if you read this- take the time to check out the bill at and search for S.1733. My next several posts will be about this piece of crap and why we should all call our Senators and demand they vote against it. Also below is a very interesting video where Obama says he will bankrupt the coal power industry!

Monday, May 17, 2010

Hello World

Hello to all, you may or may not have heard me mentioned on this blog before. I am Eugene's oldest son Travis. My dad has asked for some contributors to this blog, so I thought I would take some time and try and get a few of my thoughts out on the web, although in time he may regret allowing me to do this.

A little background on me, I am 27 years old, spent 4 years in the Marine Corps and am now working in IT as a systems administrator for a financial institution in southwest Missouri. I am divorced and remarried and have 2 wonderful children.

I used to consider myself a Republican, but recently I have begun to rethink my party alignment due to the general hypocrisy and broken state of the party, their inability to maintain conservative values, and my general disagreement with them on many social issues. I did vote for one "Barack Hussein Obama" as you will often hear him referred to on this blog, but have been generally disappointed with his performance thus far. Where does this leave me? I would say it leaves me with millions of other Americans. Disappointed in the 2 party system after watching power voted to one party or another with the same outcome; nothing changed for the better and complete disregard for the will of the people. I think it is time for a real change in this country and am hoping we have some politicians who can do it come the next election.

Consider this an introductory post. I intend to post some things on this blog that may be contrary to the beliefs of its creator, I hope you will at least take the time to read and consider them.

Saturday, May 15, 2010

Who is John Galt?

"This country wasn't built by men who sought handouts. In its brilliant youth, this country showed the rest of the world what greatness was possible to Man and what happiness is possible on Earth.

Then it began apologizing for its greatness and began giving away its wealth, feeling guilty for having produced more than its neighbors. Twelve years ago, I saw what was wrong with the world and where the battle for Life had to be fought. I saw that the enemy was an inverted morality and that my acceptance of that morality was its only power. I was the first of the men who refused to give up the pursuit of his own happiness in order to serve others. "
                                                            John Galt

Since my co-contributor movefearlessly joined this blog I have been intrigued by this persons reference to Atlas Shrugged by Ayn Rand I have heard it referenced in the past,but having never read the book I really didn't know what was being talked about. Since the post "When will Atlas Shrug" I have researched this novel, and have found that in many ways I may be a kindred soul of Ayn Rand. I have a very, very strong belief in the power of the individual, and of individual freedom.

What I have learned so far is that it seems we are living -quite literally- the nightmare of bureaucratic nonsense- that Rand depicted in her novel.

"The depiction portrays a society based on oppressive bureaucratic functionaries and a culture that embraces the stifling mediocrity and egalitarianism of socialistic idealism."

Even as I write this Obama and his redistributionist friends in Washington are hard at work trying to make this bleak vision of a once future America a reality. Unfortunately we have been traveling on the "Atlas Shrugged" path for to long.

I still have much to learn about this provocative novel, but from what I have already learned, it is almost prophetic! I challenge you-the reader- to research this phenomenon and I think you too will conclude that it is quite possible that Atlas is already shrugging.

Friday, May 14, 2010


Lt. Col. Allen West is running for election in Florida's District 22. A third-generation military man with a love of God and country, he is an all-around Republican rockstar, and I sincerely hope he waxes the floor with his competition in November.

This man is a true conservative. He's a straight shooter, unafraid to tell the truth and completely unapologetic when it comes to standing up for his principles. I'm sure my husband will forgive me for saying I love this man!

One of the insidious diseases currently eating away at our country is the pressure to be politically correct. I've spent part of my day reading one report after another covering this offensive "monster Mosque" being proposed for construction in the shadow of the former World Trade Center. Quite honestly, I don't see how any American can consider the project anything other than an abomination. I won't say anything else about it (I'd hate to break yet another no-profanity vow), other than this: being politically correct will only get us killed.

Take a few minutes to watch this video, and I think you'll understand why I wish I could cast a vote for Lt. Col. West this fall, and why I think all of us might eventually have the opportunity to vote for him in the future. The beginning of the clip is his answer to a question about the "perversion" of Islam by Jihadists. He doesn't pull any punches, doesn't bat an eye, lays out the cold hard truth clearly and eloquently. This man is a statesman rather than a politician, and electing candidates like him will help us set our country back on the right path.

Thursday, May 13, 2010

Protecting freedom of speech through censorship?

"Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion, or prohibiting the free exercise thereof; or abridging the freedom of speech, or of the press; or the right of the people peaceably to assemble, and to petition the Government for a redress of grievances."

This is one of the most fundamental of our freedoms. The right of the "People" to have unlimited freedom of political speech. It is true I cannot stand in a theater and shout fire. We don't have the freedom to slander a person, or make false allegations, but, when it comes to political speech the Constitution is quite clear there are to be NO limits.

Enter McCain Fiengold. The odious so called campaign finance law. This peice of crap law should never have been ratified. I remember Bush signing it and thought how could he? I know Bush thought it would be struck down immediately, but, alas it was not. Thankfully it has since been put to rest thanks to a lawsuit by a group called "Citizens United".

In this watershed case for first amendment rights Obama's new pick for the Supreme Court argued against allowing corporations to publish books or pamphlets advocating the election or defeat of a political candidate,and, whats more, Mr. Obama thinks this protects the rights of citizens. I beg to differ. In the case of Citizens United this was a non profit that wanted to release a documentary critical of Hillary Clinton. the government said no!

Now Barack wants the women who fought to uphold this censorship law appointed to the Supreme court and even says ...
"Last year, in the Citizens United case, she defended bipartisan campaign finance reform against special interests seeking to spend unlimited money to influence our elections. Despite long odds of success, with most legal analysts believing the government was unlikely to prevail in this case, Elena still chose it as her very first case to argue before the Court. I think that says a great deal not just about Elena’s tenacity, but about her commitment to serving the American people. I think it says a great deal about her commitment to protect our fundamental rights."

Supposedly this law was supposed to stop for profit corporations and labor unions from unduly influencing elections. But I ask the question why can't these groups be allowed to have political opinons? This was a red herring from the get go! What is truly disturbing is the prohibitions against corporations from exercising their first amenment rights is that it was possible tha news papers, radio broadcasts, and other form of speech produced by "corporations" could be restricted!. My golly almost everything we see, read or hear is is produced by a "corporation".

This sort of thing is very dangerous. If the government can shut up corporations then they can shut you and I up too. They already drool at the thought of silencing talk radio and conservative bloggers. Now comes Barack wanting this woman on the Supreme Court, a person who see's nothing wrong with censorship.

Folks the Supreme court has already ruled against personal freedom enough. In the last several years their have been a lot of cases that have eroded our freedom, and ,one in particular, that basically wiped out personal property rights.

We don't need Barack Obama's version of protecting our rights we need justices who will uphold the Constituion as it was written by the founders. We don't have too much freedom, rather, more and more, we have too little. We sure as heck don't need our "rights" protected by censorship!

Monday, May 10, 2010

When will Atlas Shrug?

I've been MIA for most of the past week, in a funk of my own creation. I'm an avid reader; since I could walk and talk, I've loved books of all genres. I was one of the nerds who delighted in literature assignments, usually the weirder the better.

Many moons ago, I read Ayn Rand's Atlas Shrugged. This was near the end of the Reagan era, when capitalism and patriotism were on the rise, and to me it was just another interesting novel - a fascinating source of grief that I tried to work into a challenging semester load. Last week, I decided to re-read it. What a source of grief again, for entirely different reasons!

I admit I had a difficult time with Rand's creepily prescient work. Many times I had to put the book down as I cried, overcome with an anxiety approaching ice-cold fear. We are headed for Rand's societal meltdown. And unbelievably, it's not that far in the future.

Turning things around is going to take a lot of work from all of us. We need to get informed -- which won't be easy if the current administration is successful in locking down the Internet -- and we need to get involved. Above all, we need to replace as many liberal politicians as possible come November. Our government is strangling production in this country. These people do not produce jobs, do not generate income, accomplish nothing effectively. And they continue to cry "You HAVE to!" as they conspire to steal from future generations under the guise of entitlement spending.

We must stop it, now.

Or Atlas WILL shrug.

Faisal Shazad: American Traitor

What a shmuck! Faisal Shazad is, in addition to being an inept terrorist,an American citizen who has committed treason against his country.

Sunday I watched the talking heads in the liberal media wring their hands wondering what we should do with the likes of Shazad. Well seems pretty clear to me quit trying theses people as regular criminals, and begin charging them as what they are, traitors!

Here is a definition of treason... "Violation of allegiance toward one's country or sovereign, especially the betrayal of one's country by waging war against it or by consciously and purposely acting to aid its enemies...A betrayal of trust or confidence" (source: West's Encyclopedia of American Law)

Treason is also defined under American law as ..."engaging in a conspiracy to overthrow, put down, or to destroy by force the Government of the United States, or to levy war against them."(source Legal Information Institute) So there it is this guy is nothing more than a traitor, and as such, should be stripped of citizenship, as provided by law, and then tried in a court martial as an enemy combatant and executed.
Thats what should have been done to one of the first modern American traitors in the War on Terror "Johnny Bin Laden" A.K.A John Walker Lindh. There has been a lot of nonsense written about how he was on a spiritual journey. But it was a journey that led him to raise arms against American forces. In the wake of 911 this guy joined the enemy and fought against his country. He should have been tried for treason and shot.

It seems common sense is dead in this country. Could you imagine if an American had joined the third Reich, fought against Americans, been captured and then brought here to stand trial as a citizen during WW2, and only been sentenced to 20 years in prison? no I think he would have been called a traitor in that time and treated as such.

We need to get some intestinal fortitude in this country and treat these people for what they are dirty rotten traitors, dogs in the manger if you will biting the hand that feeds, and get rid of them post haste.

In my view any one who goes to Pakistan, Afghanistan, or wherever, trains with Al Kaieda,The Taliban, or any other extremist group at war with America, is a traitor. Why do the libs,the press, and our politicians have such a hard time with this? We don't need to reinvent the wheel? If we just follow precedent from other wars these folks are enemy combatants that's it plain and simple! I say shoot them at dawn!!!

Friday, May 7, 2010

A.P Reports: Series of failures led to rig blast

The A.P is reporting that a series of failures led to the blast, and ultimate sinking, of the oil rig in the Gulf of Mexico.

When the disastrous explosion, and subsequent sinking, of the ill fated "Deep Water Horizon oil rig was first reported my gut reaction was "this has got to be sabotage! Yet I wondered could this have been just one horrific chain of events that led to this enormous catastrophe?

I suspected sabotage because of the timing. After all Barack had just announced that we would expand off shore drilling, and for sure a lot of fanatical environmentalists had to have had their panties in a wad.

I even thought about raising the question in a post but decided to wait and see what would be turned up as this accident was investigated. I'm glad I did.

According to the A.P. a bubble of methane gas blew out, exploded, and caused the demise of this rig as well as several unfortunate roughnecks on the rig.

The news from the associated press states that "the first thing workers noticed was the seawater in the drill column suddenly shooting back at them, rocketing 240 feet in the air. Then, gas surfaced Then oil".
The article goes on to quote a former oil field worker as saying: "What we had learned when I worked as a drill rig laborer was swoosh, boom, run," Bea said. "The swoosh is the gas, boom is the explosion and run is what you better be doing."

I can attest that this is indeed true. I worked as a roughneck in the oilfields of Wyoming back in the 1980's and things can happen damn fast on an oil rig. I have personally experienced having gases from deep inside a well blow in my face. Nothing as bad as what happened in this incident.

Yes whoosh, boom, and run like hell, is more like it. If a well blows out there are thousands of feet of drill pipe coming out of the ground ,flying into the air, and sooner or later, falling back to earth all around you! the bad thing on an ocean rig is there isn't much of any place to run.

It's true that a lot of things had to fail for this disaster to happen, but you know what, given enough time it's bound to happen. Remember the space shuttle Columbia? There were a lot of fail safes in place, but, they all failed and people died.

Unfortunately every so often sh-t happens. Apparently this was one of those times and unfortunately 11 workers lost their lives and a lot of damage was caused to the environment. Does this mean we need to stop all off shore drilling? NO! It means we need to learn from the failures and mistakes that happened here, improve our systems, and move on. America NEEDS the energy.

Thursday, May 6, 2010

An Original American Radical

Thomas Jefferson an original American radical. If o'l Tom were alive today he would probably be branded an "extremist"

Thomas Jefferson, scholar, diplomat, revolutionary,scientist,president. In many was a man born out of time. A genius whose ideas and thoughts still shape our world generations after his death.

This intellectual giant was part of a class of extraordinary men who dreamed of freedom and made it happen. Guided by the principles of the word of God, and the Bible's emphasis on freedom, these men-not only dreamed of-but brought into existence-freedom unmatched in human history.

These men dreamed a dream of freedom, of self determination, and an ideal that said "government is but a necessary evil"

What would Mr. Jefferson think of some of the events happening in our time.? Would he say that those who are angry over government usurpation of power-as well as -a total disregard for the Constitution- are extremist,out of control, an angry mob?

I think he would, but he would say such things, from the public's point of view. He would realize that the people-in their wisdom- were rightfully outraged by the shenanigans of a rogue government.

Listen to Thomas Jefferson in his own words.

"The happiness of governments like ours-wherein the people are truly the mainspring-is that they are never to be despaired of. When an evil becomes so glaring as to strike them generally-they arouse themselves-and it is redressed"

This man had a head on his shoulders. He realized that the driving force of this nation was not the government but the people.

He knew that all real progress, change, security and freedom, lay not in governmental control, but in the wisdom and genius of the people.

Today we have a government that seems to have forgotten that the people are the master. Mr. Jefferson understood that the true role of government was to serve the people, and to provide, an atmosphere, where they could achieve Their goals and aspirations, not bow, scrape,and serve, an out of control government.

Where would Thomas Jefferson stand today, squarely on the side of townhallers, and teaparty people, and anyone else who yearned for freedom and SELF determination,not government fiat.

Sunday, May 2, 2010

Wanted contributors to Todays Politics By Freedomlover

Hello from the freedomlover. I created and publish Todays Politics by freedomlover. I have thought for some time that it would be nice to have an extra writer or two for my blog.

I'm looking for a blogger with strong conservative views. However I will not tolerate hate,bigotry, racism or vulgar, adult or what I deem inappropriate material on my blog.

If anyone is interested I will create a page with your name, title you would like to appear on page ,etc, etc.
I would then send you a google e-mail granting you publishing rights on Todays Politics by Freedomlover.

If you are interested visit or click on the title of this post and click on the contact me link send me an e-mail with your e-mail adress and a link to your work or e-mail me an example of your work. I look forward to working with a select number of you on Todays Politics By Freedomlover.

Speak out for Freedom!!