Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Cap and Trade. Washingtons attempt to create a new economy!

Well cap and trade, or more properly called, cap and tax, has once again reared it's ugly head. Thanks to good old John Kerry a new iteration of this nightmare of government abuse of power is starting to wind it's way through the Senate.

It is euphemistically called "The American Power Act". Give me a brake it should really be called surrender of all power and control to the government act!

This thing is a real turkey. My opinion of what I've seen of it is that it is a bail out Al gore's carbon tax trading company act. After all Al Gore and his cronies stand to make BILLIONS trading carbon credits.

This is where the idea of the government seeking to completely remake the economy of this country comes in. A brief perusal of just some of the section titles makes it abundantly clear that by the end of the day our economy will be transformed from a capitalist free market economy into a n economy totally planned and run from Washington. This IS NOT how this country became great.

We became great because in the beginning the Constitution provided a free and stable place for the PEOPLE to create a new economy that became the envy of the world. Let me say that again the greatest economy in the history of the world was created in this country as a result of FREEDOM not government central planning.

The soviets tried this "central planning" of the economy thing and that ended in horrific failure. Do we REALLY want to travel down that same dead end road? I think not. Please -if you read this- take the time to check out the bill at and search for S.1733. My next several posts will be about this piece of crap and why we should all call our Senators and demand they vote against it. Also below is a very interesting video where Obama says he will bankrupt the coal power industry!

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