Sunday, August 1, 2010

Missouri Democratic Party all fired up over Joe The Plumber ad!

  In the waning days of the primary campaign in Missouri the Democratic party of Missouri is all fired up over a Joe the Plumber ad in support of Republican Senate candidate "Joe Perguson". I first learned of this story the "Prime Buzz" section of he KC Star online.

In a complaint filed with the FEC they allege that o'l Joe produced the ad with the help of a Missouri organization-ran by a conservative African American blogger-known by the name of "The Black Sphere". It also states that joe didn't identify who approved the ad_and further more -GASP- he didn't register himself as a "Political Committee".

What a crock of baloney. This is exactly what is so screwed up about so called "campaign finance reform". It is an horrendous infringement on the right to free speech.

The first amendment is all about political and religious speech. The framers of the Constitution intended that there be no limits on political speech or religious exercise, and yet, the campaign finance laws we have now can be used to stop someone like Joe the Plumber from expressing his support for a candidate he likes. This is just plain old wrong.

In the opinion of this blogger the only campaign finance laws there should be is disclosure in how much some one or organization gave. After that there should be no limits or restrictions. If one candidate has gotten all their money from one special interest or organization, and, another candidate has gotten their money from the grass roots, then let people decide in the free market of ideas who to support.

Don't get all fired up and try to use stupid laws  to silence those who oppose you!