Sunday, August 8, 2010

Boo Hoo hoo"Chuck Rangle I tried to make a deal....But GOP wanted trial".

Rep. Charles Rangel told Harlem leaders Saturday he signed a plea deal on ethics charges but that the GOP pushed for a trial

The New York Daily News is reporting that Chuck Rangle tried to cut a plea deal with the House ethics committee but that GOP members but a quash on the deal.

What ya trying to hide Charlie? This,to me is like trying to plead the fifth, if you do it's like an automatic admission of wrong doing.

In my opinion its becoming clearer and clearer that Mr. Rangle has been up to no good. Rangle has had a lot of bad publicity of late-beginning in 2008- when he faced charges of failing to pay taxes, was charged with violating House rules by accepting gifts from corporate interests to living in rent stabilized apartments in New York city. (Click here for more)

Now o'l Chuck is crying that maybe, just ,maybe this could have all been swept under the rug except for the evil old GOP! Ha what the heck ever happened to draining the "swamp"? Whatever happened to the most "transparent and ethical" congress in history?

These liberal hypocrites are starting to make me sick. It's time for the "voters" to "drain the swamp"!! It's high time Pelosi,Reid,and Rangle-as well as any other dems of their ilk- to hit the road!!
People its time conservatives,libertarians, and conservative democrats take our nation back and throw any of theses bums out,of any political stripe, who won't live under the laws they pass for the rest of us,and who, won't follow the Constitution !