Tuesday, November 9, 2010

The mystery missile. Could it have been fired accidentally?

An apparent missile launch-caught on tape-has turned into an event that can only be described as "bizarre".

Yesterday evening a CBS affiliate in Los Angeles caught on tape a missile-what some are calling an ICBM-being launched 35 miles off the west coast near Los Angeles.

At the time of this writing no one in the Pentagon  is admitting that any branch of our armed services was behind the launch. What they have said is that it was not a "threat to our national security",and, that it was not from a "foreign military".

The Pentagon is now saying that what was caught on tape was likely an "aircraft". Please! There is no way that what -even the casual observer can tell is a rocket-was caught on tape is an "aircraft"!!

This is obviously a missile case closed! What is not apparent is why was it launched,and, who launched it? It seems that this may well have been an accidental launching of an American ICBM,and if so, that means that it was destroyed sometime after launch,and, that there may well be a warhead lying somewhere at the bottom of the Pacific ocean somewhere between California and Alaska!

Examine the evidence. Absolutely no one in the U.S. military is claiming this thing,yet the government services are saying it is not a threat and didn't come from a foreign military. That leaves-by default-only one other source the U.S. military.

If this missile had been launched by a private organisation-as some have suggested- they would surely have put out a press release by now. If it had been hobbyists surely they would have been noticed before they could launch simply because this thing is obviously a very large rocket. The foreign component seems unlikely because there is just so much hi tech gadgetry on the floor of the Pacific Ocean-that is designed to track subs- that it would seem impossible that an enemy sub could get that close to our shores!!

Time will likely show that this was an unintended launch of -what could well be a nuclear-missile. This sort of thing has happened before-remember the cruise missile carried by a B52 over Iran-this is likely a scandal,as well as, a cover up in the making