Thursday, December 30, 2010

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As we witness one of the harshest winters in memory,and,we have been told by the media,some scientists,and politicians that catastrophic global warming is a forgone conclusion it seems another monkey wrench has been thrown into the gears of the global warming/climate change juggernaut.

What may you ask is this monkey wrench? Dust! That's right dust! Yes according to a site known as Daily Tech   it seems the computer models which the global warming crowd pin so many of their hopes for world destruction on are seriously flawed.

Yes it seems dust may have more of an effect on climate than carbon. Now we have all been told that carbon is going to cause runaway heating of the atmosphere and we all are going to die as the oceans rise and continents turn into deserts,or, whatever chicken little gibberish is in vogue at the minute with the climate change crowd!

In a post in a blog post from Daily Tech entitled "Dust study raises questions concerning warming models"
the author Jason Mick asserts the following...

"Some of the Earth's tiniest naturally occurring particles may have just bred a big mess for climatologists.  New findings reveal that models scientists have long used to estimate the causes and effects of global warming may be dramatically flawed due to errors in one of their most important inputs..."
Yes it seems flawed data has been used to calculate the amount of damage human beings may or may not be doing to the environment! In fact he goes on to state that what recent warming has occurred-and there is no doubt that during the eighties and nineties the earth did warm-may have had more to do with solar activity combined with dust in the atmosphere than with carbon emissions.

 "This is a critical finding because it shows that the Earth's climate may be much more sensitive to solar radiation than previous models have indicated, which in turn casts doubt on anthropogenic warming theory -- the idea that human carbon dioxide emissions bear the primary warming"
Here we are already enacting regulations,and,considering passing laws to limit "global warming" that may well cause severe damage to our economy,and,it's all based on so called science that may or may not be correct!

It seems to me that before we call on this nation's industries-as well as individuals- to radically alter the way they operate-and how we live- we would do well to take a more sober and level headed approach to the question of climate change.

Clearly "climate change" is a cyclical phenomenon. In fact we have a name for it-weather-its that simple the weather of the planet is always changing. Sometimes hot sometimes cold.

Consider this report from England....


In this article the reader learns that this is the coldest winter in England since weather record began in 1659!
Whats more the chilliest English winter was in 1683 and 84 when the Thames froze solid for two whole months.

Whats even more interesting is that the cold spell of the 1600's was preceded by a period from 1000 1500 A.D. that was known as the  Medieval warm period”. 

Dust in the wind,carbon in the atmosphere,fluctuations of solar activity all a part of climate change in other words weather!

The religion of global warming is finished!