The Music of Freedom Page

Here's the first song on The Songs of Freedom Page. This song really speaks to how I feel. I live in the country, and from where I view the world, pretty well sums up my philosophy of life. If that makes me a redneck, then by golly , I'm a redneck. Enjoy!

Number Two is Arlington by Trace Atkins. I've been to Arlington National Cemetary. I cried when I saw the seemingly endless rows of headstones. Headstones of men who gave it all for our freedom. I'm listening to this song as I'm writing this and I'm crying again. Listen and give thanks to God for the men who rest in peace in Arlington.

Number three Some gave all. The title speaks for itself.

In America by Charlie Daniels. Still as true today as in the 80's when this was performed. I gripe and moan about the libs, but, we are all still Americans, and, in a pinch we stand shoulder to shoulder with anyone who thinks we're done. In fact to quote Mr. T..."I pity the fool!"

This should be The Anthem of the Tea Party movement. Enjoy

Remember who we are video by Krista Branch. America we really do need to remember who we are. We are a free people-who by the Grace of God-have been used by Him to spread freedom round the world. Let Freedom ring!

Cry Freedom!!

Jesus laid down His life for our spiritual freedom. Our soldiers have laid down their lives for our political freedom.
Two examples of the greatest love. giving up one's life to save a friend.

Jesus rose again on the third day. Our soldiers will arise again to His glory on the judgement day!

This is a true anthem for all who love sweet sweet freedom!!

Country Strong

This is a solid country song!

Ted Nugent kicks ass!