Thursday, June 28, 2012

Obamacare Stands! Freedom falls!

Time to rally against socialist government!

I must admit that today I am in a state of shock!

I simply cannot beleive that the Supreme Court has upheld the legislative atrosity known as Obamacare.

What's even worse is the Justice Roberts sided with the liberals on the court and kept this thing alive.

Today we have lost our freedom to live our lives as we see fit!

If the governmet can force me to buy health insurance what else can they force us to buy?

Will they impose egregious taxes on anyone who refuses to buy a hybrid car?

Will they mandate what I can eat,what I drink,how much or how little I exercise?

The slippery slope to total government control of all aspects of our lives is real and we just took a very steep slide down that slope.

It is past time for all those who love freedom to stand up and declare "I WILL NOT COMPLY"!!

If millions of us refuse to follow thei mandate it will be impossible for them to arrest us all!

 Civil disobediance must become the order of the day. All of us who love freedom must stand together or we WILL hang seperately

Starting today i am going to start aggitating for a Tea Party Rally in my area to be held to denounce this thing and demand that our leaders listen to the will of the People and repeal this monstrosity.

I beleive that today's decision is going to set the Conservative movement on fire and these damn Progressives have awakened a sleeping giant.

Time for all of us to stand up and fight against out of control government!

Yes today Obamacare stands and freedom falls,but, and this is a big but,Freedom is not dead!

Freedom can never die as long as the fire of freedom burns in our hearts. Let us rekindle these fires,double our resovle, and take our country,our government,and our freedom back!!