Saturday, March 27, 2010

Evidence of Liberal incitement to violence!

As a follow up to my previous post I'm doing something I have never done on this blog, republished the total work of another person. However I felt what this young man had to say was too important, as well as relevant, for what has been happening on the political scene of late, to be missed.

There are links in this article to a Glenn Beck video that is a MUST SEE for ANYONE who cares about the future of this country. Well without any more blather.... enjoy.

You may or may not have heard, but the far left and the drive by media are pushing a major narrative campaign in an attempt to paint the entire tea party movement as a fringe movement that uses violence and racism in its efforts. This effort is being orchestrated by left wing power brokers, and it’s a gross misrepresentation of what is really going on.

The campaign against us started over a few alleged isolated incidents after the health care vote. While these particular incidents are only a small fraction of what Congress deals with all year (do we even need to mention the death threats that Glenn Beck, Sarah Palin and many on the right deal with every day?), we want to be clear in saying that we strongly oppose this type of behavior and we condemn the actions taken against Congress if they turn out to be factual.

There is something happening here, though, that we should all be mindful of. I believe this is being carefully planned. I believe we’re being set up, and this type of behavior is being provoked.

Yesterday, Glenn Beck had one of the most profound segments I’ve ever seen. This might be one of the most important videos of the year. I highly recommend you take the time to watch the video and put forth some serious thought about what Beck is saying.


I think Glenn Beck hits the nail on the head with this segment. There is something in motion that needs us to explode and lose control in order for it to work. We cannot let the people running this country to push us over the edge. We must remain cool, calm, and focused.

The other side uses violence against innocent people, not us. The other side is racist, not us. The other side is angry, intolerant and deceiving, not us.

We’re better than them. Let’s make sure we act like it.

—> The Minority Report Blog has a great post about this as well. Click here to read more.

For Liberty,

-Eric Odom

Thursday, March 25, 2010

Accusations of "Conservative Hate Speech" smacks of Liberal hypocrisy!

I think the picture say's it all. Even as I am writing this the liberal media machine, as well as libs in Congress, are getting their panties in a wad over the alleged hate speech of "Conservatives".

What has them in such a quandary is that since the healthcare disaster some ignorant and misguided people have made rude,vulgar, and outlandish statements and phone calls to some Democrats on Capitol Hill!

The Morning news casts were all up in arms over "death threats" and "hate-speech" being hurled by conservatives against those who supported the health care bill.

Whats really gotten their goat is that some folks in America don't agree with or like their heinous policies! By God how dare anyone defy Barack Obama, Nancy Pelosi, or Harry Reid!

Where was this same outrage when masses of people were calling for the assassination of George Bush? Where the hell is the outrage over pictures on the internet like the one I have posted here calling for the killing of Conservatives? Well guess what there was, and still is, none!!! The libs are gross hypocrites.

 Seems they just cannot tolerate anyone,or anything that has a different point of view and refuses to go along with their crap. It's interesting to do a Google search on "Liberal threats against Conservatives". Or "kill Republicans"

Yes folks it's perfectly all right for huge numbers of liberals to spew hate against Conservatives, but, let one or two crazies say something idiotic about libs and it's every conservative is a potential terrorist. It's time theses pansies manned up and get some balls and quit crying because somebody opposes them.

If Pelosi and company had paid  a little attention to the American people the frustration level in this country wouldn't  be so damned high. Folks are getting pissed off at what they see coming out of Washington, and a feeling of "I'm mad as hell and won't take it anymore" hangs heavy in the political air!

With all that said I join with minority leader Bohner's call for conservatives to vent their anger and frustration in positive ways such as becoming politically active. The best way to deal with these idiots in Washington is to clobber them at the ballot box! As President Lincoln said the ballot IS mightier than the bullet!!

So liberals get of your soapbox and stop being hypocrites when it comes to so called "Hate Speech".

Click here to read a glaring account of Liberal Hypocrisy!!

Sunday, March 14, 2010

Mark Levin to the president and congress... It's about freedom stupid!

In the video on this page talk show host, and constitutional scholar, Mark Levin hits the nail on the head and explains why the American people detest the proposed health care plan, as well as, most everything else the current crowd of Democrats in congress are trying to do!

After seeing this video I thought the Dem's should be told "It's about freedom stupid!! On the talk shows this morning I heard a lot of hand wringing about this healthcare monstrosity. I listened as points were made about how the American people need this turkey whether they like it or not. Much hot air was expended talking about how Washington could regain the trust of the American people.

The libs and the talking heads don't get it. The people have come to loath and distrust the quacks in Washington because they have become arrogant, overbearing and obnoxious. At every turn we see what precious little of our freedom we have left being snatched away or threatened by a Congress and President who Mark Levin describes as not giving a damn about the Constitution.

Unfortunately I think he is right. These clowns care only about gaining more and more power to themselves and the obviously hold the American people in high contempt. Wake up Washington, and especially the Democrats in congress, change your ways or YOU WILL BE VOTED OUT! End of story.

Bottom line here is that we stand at a pivotal point in our history. Many of us believe this could well be the generation that loses the awesome gift of liberty, and that we may indeed one day tell our grandchildren wistfully of what it was, note was,like to live free!!

Mr President AND Congress it's not about YOUR agenda! It's about our FREEDOM!

UPDATE: How do you enforce a health-insurance mandate?(Click here to read more)

Monday, March 8, 2010

Stupid is as stupid does-Or how Nancy and Harry commited political suicide.

Yes stupid is as stupid does. Harry and Nancy aren't stupid people, but, their recent actions could certainly be characterized as stupid, at the best, and outrageous arrogance, at the worst!

Why you ask do I say this. Because of their recent insistence on using reconciliation to ram the pending health care legislation down the people's throat whether the people want it or not. And believe me the people DON'T want this turkey.

The bill at hand is in excess of 2000 pages, is incomprehensible, and represents an unprecedented grab for power by the federal government, as well as, a huge intrusion into the lives of ordinary Americans.

After a long spring and summer of discontent, protests and town hall meetings, some of which threatened to become violent, one would think that Harry and Nancy would have gotten the message. Apparently not!

There is however one problem facing Queen Nancy and Prince Harry. Defecting members of their own party. It appears that Democrats in congress did get the message and have little or no stomach for Reid and Pelosi's suicide mission. Well only time will tell, but, if these two insist on passing this over the will of the American People all one will be able to say is "stupid is as stupid does'!

Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Time to gear up for the Cap and Tax fight!!

Well it appears as though health care is all but dead. Pelosi, Reid and Obama may attempt reconciliation, but I rather doubt it. Even if they are stupid enough to go ahead and become political kamikazes,when the next Congress comes in they will quickly repeal whatever monstrosity that may be put in place .

With all that said I move on to the subject of this article, namely, the upcoming fight for "Cap and Trade" or as I prefer to call it "The kill the Golden Goose that is America Bill". So called because this country really is the goose that layed the golden egg. We have produced more wealth, more knowledge, and more innovation of every type, than any nation, empire or form of government in history.

Yet it seems to me that the liberal Democrats are hell bent on destroying the greatest economy the world has ever known! Consider the following...
Our nation’s electric utility industry

is heading into a “perfect storm.”

While the amount of electricity we

use everyday steadily increases, the capacity to

generate and transmit that power is running

short. In the past, fossil fuel-fired power plants

were the go-to option to meet growing new

demand with proven technology, but looming

federal regulations on carbon dioxide emissions

is changing that. The cost of complying with

new regulations could make electricity less

affordable for everyone (Read More)

I don't know about you, but, my electric bill is already high enough. Right now,more than ever, this country needs every ounce of energy we can get that doesn't come from some Arab state that prays daily for our death as a nation! We need to "Drill Here Drill Now"!! We need to produce all the coal, coal shale, oil sand, and onshore, as well as, off shore drop of oil we can get. We need to build natural gas, coal fired, and nuclear power plants as quickly as we can.

Yet the cap and trade bill will virtually lock up every form of carbon based energy we have. At the same time the liberals, enviro-loonies, and far left Marxists of the Democrat party oppose every alternative form of energy except wind and solar,and in some camps of the left, they oppose even those.

These fools would have us believe that if we will all only cut back, chant ohm, ohm, ohm, and hold hands we can meditate ourselves out of our energy crisis. Hogwash!! If we continue in this way there will be brown outs, blackouts, and severe energy shortages, in our very near future.

If you love this country and want to see it grow, succeed, and prosper, then find out as much as you can about the REAL effects of the Cap and Trade bill, as well as, the phony science of global warming, and I think you will agree, it's time to gear up for a fight against this Cap and Trade nonsense!!