Thursday, March 25, 2010

Accusations of "Conservative Hate Speech" smacks of Liberal hypocrisy!

I think the picture say's it all. Even as I am writing this the liberal media machine, as well as libs in Congress, are getting their panties in a wad over the alleged hate speech of "Conservatives".

What has them in such a quandary is that since the healthcare disaster some ignorant and misguided people have made rude,vulgar, and outlandish statements and phone calls to some Democrats on Capitol Hill!

The Morning news casts were all up in arms over "death threats" and "hate-speech" being hurled by conservatives against those who supported the health care bill.

Whats really gotten their goat is that some folks in America don't agree with or like their heinous policies! By God how dare anyone defy Barack Obama, Nancy Pelosi, or Harry Reid!

Where was this same outrage when masses of people were calling for the assassination of George Bush? Where the hell is the outrage over pictures on the internet like the one I have posted here calling for the killing of Conservatives? Well guess what there was, and still is, none!!! The libs are gross hypocrites.

 Seems they just cannot tolerate anyone,or anything that has a different point of view and refuses to go along with their crap. It's interesting to do a Google search on "Liberal threats against Conservatives". Or "kill Republicans"

Yes folks it's perfectly all right for huge numbers of liberals to spew hate against Conservatives, but, let one or two crazies say something idiotic about libs and it's every conservative is a potential terrorist. It's time theses pansies manned up and get some balls and quit crying because somebody opposes them.

If Pelosi and company had paid  a little attention to the American people the frustration level in this country wouldn't  be so damned high. Folks are getting pissed off at what they see coming out of Washington, and a feeling of "I'm mad as hell and won't take it anymore" hangs heavy in the political air!

With all that said I join with minority leader Bohner's call for conservatives to vent their anger and frustration in positive ways such as becoming politically active. The best way to deal with these idiots in Washington is to clobber them at the ballot box! As President Lincoln said the ballot IS mightier than the bullet!!

So liberals get of your soapbox and stop being hypocrites when it comes to so called "Hate Speech".

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