Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Walker victory a huge victory for America

Scott Walker shows America how to get back on track

Wow! What an awesome day today in Wisconsin!!

Scott Walker's victory against an all out attack by the Progressive Unions(what a big misnomer progressive is) is a huge victory for America!

This is proof positive once again that Conservative policies work!

When walker took office he faced a deficit of 3.6 Billion dollars. What! A deficit of 3.6 Billion! Since taking office he has turned that state around ,and,now Wisconsin is on track to have a $89.5 million dollar surplus by June 2013. This is what fiscal sanity looks like.!

He has created a model for America to follow. This nation has got to get it's fiscal house in order. Taxes must be cut,budgets must be examined and waste eliminated,and special interests- like public sector unions- have to make sacrifices  for the good of this nation.

The liberal media will never report on how this man has saved the state of Wisconsin. I pray that Mitt Romney will follow his lead on a national scale and set this country back onto the path of economic security.  

We all have too much to lose if we don't get this Presidential election right. I earnestly hope that America will follow in the footsteps of Wisconsin and demand that the Wisconsin Model be applied to our national politics and save this nation from economic ruin. 

The future of our children and their posterity hangs in the balance. Come November let us all look to Scott Walker -and-Wisconsin-as an example of how to set our National house in order and prevent -what could be- the downfall of America!

Congratulations Scott Walker! Congratulations Wisconsin,and,may God save America!!

Update: Dateline Wisconsin: A Huge Tea Party Triumph