Monday, March 8, 2010

Stupid is as stupid does-Or how Nancy and Harry commited political suicide.

Yes stupid is as stupid does. Harry and Nancy aren't stupid people, but, their recent actions could certainly be characterized as stupid, at the best, and outrageous arrogance, at the worst!

Why you ask do I say this. Because of their recent insistence on using reconciliation to ram the pending health care legislation down the people's throat whether the people want it or not. And believe me the people DON'T want this turkey.

The bill at hand is in excess of 2000 pages, is incomprehensible, and represents an unprecedented grab for power by the federal government, as well as, a huge intrusion into the lives of ordinary Americans.

After a long spring and summer of discontent, protests and town hall meetings, some of which threatened to become violent, one would think that Harry and Nancy would have gotten the message. Apparently not!

There is however one problem facing Queen Nancy and Prince Harry. Defecting members of their own party. It appears that Democrats in congress did get the message and have little or no stomach for Reid and Pelosi's suicide mission. Well only time will tell, but, if these two insist on passing this over the will of the American People all one will be able to say is "stupid is as stupid does'!
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